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    • IGN: Alby Full Name: Alby Leyva Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/alby.leyva Star Wars Quote: “Stay on target.” – Gold Five   ******************************************************* Guide:   Obi-Wan Answers: Talk to Obi-Wan Kenobi and take the test. 1st Question: We have broadcasters in major towns. How do people use them? Answer: For buying, selling & trading 2nd Question: What are you going to do if you get scammed, hacked, or cheated by someone? Answer: Submit a Ticket 3rd Question: Which thing is the right to do? Answer: Set-up Vend in the Mall 4th Question: What is allowed during War of Emperium? Answer: Trading friends 5th Question: What is your purpose in DarkRO? Answer: Enjoying the game ******************************************************* First Job to take: SNIPER Pros: - Can kill any monsters including MVP monsters fast with Double Strafe or Normal Attack; - Can kill low-mid HP monsters with AOE skill (e.g. Arrow Shower or Sharp Shooting); - Has a very quick after cast delay of Double Stafe; - Can easily switch weapon element using arrows; - Can farm gold points in the gold room. Cons: - Farming monster drops are not as fast as High Wizards who can kill low-mid HP monsters instantly using large AOE Skills however, I am recommending starting with a sniper in this guide. Leveling and Stats: Time-bound: Following this leveling guide will only take you 14-18 minutes to reach level 255 (can be faster depending on how fast you can read and follow the guide).   Level 1 - 50: Use the Level 1 training box and choose a bow. Once done, equip the trainee set. Starting Stats: Dex = 20 Map: @warp pay_dun00 Monster: Kill any monster Once you reached the level recommended, go back to Prontera (@go 0) and change your job to Archer. Level 51 - 90: Equip your Payon Training bow, go to the mall (@go mall) and find the tool dealer; this is where you'll buy ammunition and awakening potions. Buy 10 pcs Holy Arrow Buy 10 pcs Arrow of Shadow Buy 10 pcs Awakening Potion Starting Stats: Dex = 50 Agi = 50+ Use the field manual 300% in your inventory. Map: @warp pay_dun02 Monster: Kill any monster Skills: Normal Attack or Double Strafe Arrow: Holy Arrow Once you reached the level recommended, go back to Prontera (@go 0) and change the job to Hunter. Level 91 - 110: Starting Stats: Dex = 60 Agi = 110+ Map: @warp gl_prison Monster: Kill Zombie Prisoner and Injustice Skills: Double Strafe and Improve Concentration Arrow: Holy Arrow Once you reached level 100, use the level 100 training box and choose the bow; equip Nomadic Set and Recurved Bow. Level 111 - 200: Starting Stats: Agi = 140 Dex = 60+ (continue to add dexterity up to 240-255) You should have 197 ASPD already with Awakening Potion and Improve Concentration. Map: @warp gld_dun04 Monster: Kill all monsters Skills: Normal Attack and Improve Concentration Arrow: Holy Arrow Use the free Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed if necessary. You may stay and continue leveling at this map up to the maximum level however if you prefer to explore other maps with much faster experience points, proceed to the next map on this guide. Once you reached level 200, use the level 200 training box and choose bow; equip Fancy Set and Tactical Bow then go back again to Prontera (@go 0) and change job to Sniper. Some might say you need to reach level 255 first before you change your job to Sniper however since you only have the free training equipment, I am suggesting changing your job to Sniper already as this will help increase your damage and level up both base and job level at the same time. Level 201 - 255: Starting Stats: Agi = 140 Dex = 240-255 Vit = 1 (start adding Vit for survivability)   Skills: Normal Attack/Sharp Shooting and Improve Concentration Map: @warp abbey03 Monster: Kill all monsters Arrow: Holy Arrow   OR Skills: Normal Attack/Sharp Shooting and Improve Concentration Map: @warp abyss_03 Monster: Gold Acidus Arrow: Arrow of Shadow Use the free Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed if necessary. Once you reached Level 255, reset your stats and follow below newbie farming stats: Str = 80 Agi = 7 Vit = 129 Int = 1 Dex = 255 Luk = 195 You don't need agility for farming as the Tactical Bow adds 80% attack speed; with Improve Concentration and Awakening Potion, you will have the maximum ASPD of 197. Luk adds additional damage and increases the critical rate, Vit for survivability, and Str to increase the weight so you can bring more usable items. To get your falcon and platinum skills, go to @warp prontera 130 200. BONUS: You can change your hairstyle, hair color, and cloth color from the Stylist at @warp prontera 170 180. :) ******************************************************* Newbie Farming: Time-bound: 3 - 4 Hours Start by subscribing to our amazing Dark RO Rebirth Streamers: 1. Febreezy Gaming 2. Cha7 3. Neo - CP 4. Apostolo Gaming 5. Gabino Gaming These are the streamers I am currently following but there are more of them that you may encounter later on. Search and follow their FB pages; like share and comment !notify during their live streams and follow their mechanics to join their events or raffles to get a chance to win very useful items and equipment including Valkyrie equipment. Next is to go to the Dark RO Rebirth website (www.dark-ro.com) to vote for the server and earn vote points, you can get 12-16 Vote Points per day and you can do this every 12-24 hours. You can redeem your points at @warp prt_in 132 34 for cool headgears, accessories, and useful items. The activity shop is available in this area as well and you can earn activity points by being active (30 Minutes Playtime = 1 Activity Point). Now let's start your FARMING! :)  Since you're aiming to get the equipment guild requirement for WOE fast. You need to earn your first  Billion Zeny to enter the monster arena (i.e. one of the fastest farming options). Useful Commands: - @aloottype +card (auto loots cards) - @alootid +"Item Name" or "Item ID#" (auto loots specific item) - @whosells "Item Name" (searches a player vending the item you're looking for; coordinates and amounts will be posted on your chat box) *always look for the cheapest*. - @whodrops "item name" (searches for monsters who drops the specific item you're looking for. - @whereis "monster name" (searches for the map where you can hunt the monster you're looking for) - Utilize your shortcut list (Alt+M) for @warp command to help you teleport across the map fast when farming (just like using fly wings) Step 1: Farm at least 2 Million Zeny for pots and flies. Monster: Petite Map: @warp mjolnir_03 Item: Khukri @alootid +Khukri or 13006 (50% Drop Rate) NPC Selling Price: 120,000z Get at least 20 pieces. This will only take you 3 - 5 Minutes. Step 2: Sell those Khukris to a buy/sell NPC. Map: @go mall NPC: Tool Dealer Once you have at least 2 Million zeny, buy 1000 White Potion, 1000 Fly Wing, and 50 Awakening Potion. Stock them in your storage (@storage) and leave at least 150 Fly Wing, 150 White Potion, and 10 Awakening potion in your inventory or as many as you can as long as you're not over 89% in weight. Step 3: Go to Gold Room NPC (@warp prontera 162 152) and pay the 250,000z entrance fee. Equipment: The level 200 free equipment set will do. Armor: Fancy Suit Robe: Fancy Manteau Shoes: Fancy Boots Bow: Tactical Bow Arrow: Holy Arrow Start farming by killing Golden Birds and earn gold points. 1 Gold Point is equivalent to 1 Gold (100,000z NPC Selling Price or 124,000z using Level 10 Overcharge). Golden Birds gives 1-3 Gold Points randomly. With your current equipment, the average gold points you can get per minute is 58, therefore you can earn around 3400 gold points per hour. (This can be a lot faster if you have a complete gold room equipment set however, farming these types of equipment will only delay our target to get your first required equipment for WOE) To get your first billion zeny, farm in gold room for at least 3 solid hours to get around 10,200 - 10,400 gold points. Please note that PK is activated in the map and you can only use a fly wing to dodge aggressive players, also use your white potion to avoid being killed as you will lose all points you have earned once you died. I recommended exchanging gold points regularly every time you have around 1k-2k points to secure your farm. Focus on killing Golden Birds; avoid The Mine Guardians and other players as they might have a complete equipment set. You will have your revenge later on. /gg Final Step: Once you earned a total of 10.2k-10.4k gold/gold points, quickly create a merchant and utilize the overcharge skill by selling those golds for 124%. You can use the extra million zeny to buy cards for the new job (Lord Knight) you will be creating later on to maximize the farming ability in the monster arena. ******************************************************* Mid-Tier Farming: Time-bound: 7 - 8 Hours Step 1: Get the following items: 1. +10 Katana (Vending Players or Upgrade): 2 Options: A. Type @whosell Katana and look for the player vending the cheapest +10 Katana and use the @warp command to go to the location. Buying this from other players is considered overpriced as you can easily create one so I highly recommend option B. B. Map: Mall - type @go mall (Look for the Weapon Dealer in the middle), choose swords and buy at least 10pcs Katana; you can buy these for 20,000z then look for the Tool Dealer and choose Smith Tools to buy 100pcs Phracon for 20,000z. Once you have all the materials, go to @warp prt_in 59 60 and meet our friend Hollgrehenn :D. Upgrade your katanas to +10, this will be very easy as it is only a level 1 weapon however, if you're unlucky, just keep on repeating the process until you successfully created a +10 Katana. 2. Doppelganger Card: To Hunt: Map: @warp pvp_n_7-4 Arrow: Holy Arrow Be prepared for other MVP Monsters. To Buy: (Recommended to save time) Mall: type @whosell Doppelganger Card 3. Baphomet Card: To Hunt: Map: @warp pvp_n_7-5 Arrow: Holy Arrow Be prepared for other MVP Monsters. To Buy: (Recommended to save time) Mall: type @whosell Baphomet Card 4. Golem Card: To Hunt: (Recommended) Map: @warp moc_fild11 To Buy: Mall: type @whosell Golem Card 5. Moonlight Flower Card: To Hunt: Map: @warp pvp_n_8-2 Arrow: Crystal Arrow Be prepared for other MVP Monsters. To Buy: (Recommended to save time) Mall: type @whosell Moonlight Flower Card 6. Vanberk Card x2: To Hunt: (Recommended to save zey) Map: @warp ra_san01 To Buy: Mall: type @whosell Vanberk Card 7. Hylozoist Card x2: To Hunt: (Recommended to save money) Map: @warp nif_fild01 To Buy: Mall: type @whosell Hylozoist Card 8. Deviling Card (I highly recommend buying): To Hunt: Map: @warp pay_fild04 or @warp yuno_fild03 To Buy: (Recommended to save time) Mall: type @whosell Deviling Card 9. Wool Scarf - dropped by Banshee: To Hunt: (Recommended to save money) Map: @warp abbey01 10. Tidal Shoes - dropped by Ragged Zombie: To Hunt: (Recommended) Map: @warp abbey02 11. Necklace[1] x2 - Mall Equipment Dealer: 12. Dark Blinker [1] - dropped by MVP RSX-0806 (I highly recommend buying for now): To Hunt: Map: @warp ein_dun02 (respawns once every 125-135 minutes) To Buy: (Recommended to save time) Mall: type @whosell Dark Blinder 13. Cap [1] - dropped by Giearth or any slotted upper headgear of your choice as this is only temporary: To Hunt: (Recommended) Map: @warp mjo_dun02 All the cards and equipment I recommended for you to buy are being sold between 10M-50M each, more than this price range is considered overpriced. If there is nothing available in the mall, try hunting. 14. Phoenix Wing (Optional) - use @guide command, select Quests, and choose Wings, Old Mand Wings, or @warp gonryun 35 21. The Old Man will require you to bring the following materials: 10 Ruby - Dropped by Zombie Master at @warp gld_dun04 10 Opal - Dropped by Zombie Master at @warp gld_dun04 10 Amethyst - Dropped by Penomena at @warp alde_dun03 10 Sapphire - Dropped by Cramp at @warp alde_dun03 10 Topaz - Dropped by Dragon Egg at @warp abyss_02 or @warp abyss_03 10 Aquamarine - Dropped by Dragon Egg at @warp abyss_02 or @warp abyss_03 10 Emerald - Dropped by Mantis at @warp mjolnir_08 After you bring these materials, he will ask you what wings you would like to create. Choose Phoenix Wing and he will ask you to bring the following materials: 300 Flame Heart - Dropped by Marduk at @warp in_sphinx3 200 Shining Scale - Dropped by Isis at @warp moc_pryd04 200 Wing of Red Bat - Dropped by Drainliar at @warp alde_dun03 1 Gem of Force - Dropped by Wootan Fighter at @warp um_fild02 50,000,000z Note: If you run out of zeny, quickly farm in the gold room and just repeat the process. This step will only take you around 30-60 mins if you followed all my recommendations and how fast you can follow the guide; +45 mins - 1 hr with Phoenix Wings. Step 2: Assemble all the items and cards then put them in your storage. Step 3: Create your Lord Knight. Follow the maps on the leveling guide above and you should be able to hit level 255 in just 5-10 minutes using field manual 300% as you can use your katana with Doppelganger Card and Baphomet Card as soon as you turned to Swordsman. Stats: Str = 248 or as long as it is divisible by 10 Vit = 255 Luk = 52 (the rest of your stats points) Step 4: Farm Yggdrasil Berry as you will need this for Monster Arena. The recommended job for this step is High Wizard or High Priest however, you can also use your Sniper with his Sharp Shooting Skill. Map: @warp prt_maze03 Monster: Baphomet Jr. Item: @alootid +Yggdrasil Berry or 607 The average Yggdrasil Berries you can get per minute is 50 therefore, you can get around 1500 pcs in 30 minutes. Once done, stock them in your storage including your Fancy Suit as your Lord Knight will be needing a backup armor. Step 5: Register a new account and do a dual login. Create at least level 1 Novice then transfer 1 Billion Zeny from your Merchant to your Novice from the 2nd account then transfer it back to your Lord Knight. This is another option to transfer zeny unless you will convert your zeny to credits from the Credit Agent @warp prontera 129 213 however, there is a quest to gain access. 1 Credit = 10 Million Zeny 1 Black Credit = 1 Billion Zen You can also exchange your credits to zeny on this Credit Agent. Step 6: Go to the Alliance Commander located in Prontera @warp prontera 162 148 and select lend a hand to enter the Monster Arena Lobby. Talk to the Alliance Captain and pay 1,000,000,000z to be part of the Alliance and enter the arena. Prepare all your equipment and healing items! Bring Yggdrasil Berry and White Potions as many as you can as all monsters in here are very tough (you can restock anytime as you can access your @storage inside anytime). Use your Yggdrasil Berry as your primary healing potion and white potion as back up. Use White Potion (heals 25% of your HP) to sustain small damages and Yggdrasil Berry (heals 100% of your HP and SP) if necessary or if you're in danger. Don't worry about dying as you will not lose any points. There are 3 floors inside: 1st Floor: 1 arena point per monster killed; 2nd Floor: 1-3 arena points per monster killed, access requires a guild and at least 5 party members (You can stay here if the players are not enough to access the 3rd floor); 3rd Floor: 2-4 arena points per monster killed, access requires a guild and at least 10 party members (this is what I recommend). You can easily join a guild and a party in the Monster Arena Lobby. Just pub for a few minutes or PM the best monster arena farmers, their in-game names are Sayan and Ultra. Your mission is to get monster arena badges. 10 Monster Arena Point = 1 Monster Arena Badge With your equipment set, the average monster arena points you can get is 39 per minute. Therefore, you can get around 2,300 points per hour or hit 10,000 points for a total of 4 hours and 17 minutes. It can be much faster depending on how fast your lure is and your rotation around the map. You can check the Arena Badge Shop inside the lobby and the most in-demand items are the option scrolls which can be exchanged for 500 Monster Arena Badges each. Options scrolls are used to upgrade Valkyrie equipment with random additional stats and these scrolls are being sold to other players for at least 20 Billion Zeny each. Getting 2 of these, you will be able to sell them for at least 40B Zeny to buy Valkyrie Armor for 15-18B and Valkyrie Shield w/ Golden Thief Bug Card 14-16B. You can buy the extra zeny for other cool or WOE equipment or continue farming for arena badges until you complete your Valkyrie Set with 2x Nile Rose. Note that you can only stay inside for 3 hours. Once your time is up, you will be automatically kicked out of the arena and you need to wait for 30 minutes (you need to be online) in order to get back inside; the Alliance Captain will require you to pay 25,000,000z to enter again.   Computation: Overall, you only need a total of 12-15 Solid Game Hours to get your (Valkyrie Armor Tier 1 (18B) + Valkyrie Shield w/GTB (16B) up to 20 Hours assuming there are delays on the navigations.   Note: This guide is proven and tested.   WELCOME TO DARK-RO REBIRTH FAMILY! GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY THE GAME! :)  
    • 1. IGN : Zhami 2. Full Name : Joe lerma 3. Facebook Link : https://www.facebook.com/jolerma/ 4. Caption of Artwork : "Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi"   https://i.ibb.co/RTmvgRr/posterize.jpg
    • 1. IGN : Zhami 2. Full Name : Joe lerma 3. Facebook Link:https://www.facebook.com/jolerma/ 4. Caption of Artwork : May the Force be with you!   https://i.ibb.co/MNTDVxx/dark-screen.jpg  
    • 1. IGN: xxCROVAXxx 2. Full Name: Alfred Cervantes 3. Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/alfred.cervantes1 4. Caption of Artwork: "SENTINMENTS OF DARKSIDE"   https://ibb.co/vsRDwqd
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