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  2. can someone plss tell me what is the stats of resistance shad?
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  5. Hello! I am getting an error trying to connect to the Brazil proxy. I have no problem connecting to any other proxy, it seems that the only one not working is the Brazilian one. Any one else is experiencing this issue? Thanks!
  6. This is a different server from the old Dark RO: Force server, as this server is only 1 year old.
  7. Same issue. Email: Tjmdaniel@hotmail.com
  8. We pushed a defended base.. Broke the emp.. and it's not a point? Our e-caller sneaked passed a defended base, ecalled inside the emp room and we broke the emp.. Still not considered attack factor. What's the point of pushing if you're only going to count the kills? So strategy doesn't get complimented? Kills isn't the only factor in a war. Show us how you count the kills. Otherwise you're just siding with certain guilds and say "Oh they have more kills than you" Prove it Prove it.
  9. Hi good morning fellow gamers, i would like to know where can i apply for game streamer? GM Finn told me that i can make a post about my applicatio its just i dont know where to post it Thanks in advance for the response
  10. i have the same issue!! Pleaaaseee.... @Luca
  11. Good evening, I am trying to retrieve an old account for this server, maybe almost 10 years old. I try to register with the same email from 10 years ago but it will not allow me to reset my password. I know my user name as well. I also found an email from 2012 which verifies the account. Will I be able to retrieve my old account?
  12. Yoh

    Kylo Ren Stun

    Yes, KYLO REN stun is not covered by Orc Hero Card.
  14. patay na server na to. wala na nag rereply na admin.
  15. Earlier
  16. Guest

    Account verification

    same no conf email ..
  17. wala na nag rereply na admin hahaha. pinabayaan na server na to.
  18. Guest

    Comunidad Hispana

    Holi, intentaba entrar al chat de Discord, pero el link está roto. cómo los busco?? :c
  19. Since you "FORGOT" to turn it off. So that WOE is Void. Right?
  20. I've just registered as well, and can't login to the game. It says "Account ID blocked by Game Master Team. (4)"
  21. Hi, baru mau mulai main nih.. Masih ada yang main ga ya? Kalau ada, temenin dong, hehe..
  22. 1 by 1 po' pag lagay ng numbers. Sample: 4 3 2 9 1 6 8 2 7 Lagay mo, 4 enter 3 enter 2 enter and so on.
  23. Guest

    biolab quest step 4

    ano po gnawa nyo sa quest sa biolab step4 ayaw nya mag insert kht tama naman nlalagay ko na number sa barrel
  24. Hello, I registered an account last week and did not receive the initial verification email. A couple days later (last Thursday) I requested a new verification email be sent and still haven't received it. I'd like to play on this server, but need some help. Thanks!
  25. Kylo Ren stun goes through ORC HERO CARD?
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