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  2. Greetings citizens of the republic! On August 5, 2020 at 3AM (Server Time - GMT+8), we will be conducting a server maintenance which will require a complete server shut down in order to safely perform and implement updates and fixes to the server files. Below are few of the updates included in this scheduled maintenance. New Items Minor THQ Requirement Modifications Some quality of experience improvements And the usual bugs and fixes. The server's engines will be shut down for about 3-6 hours which includes both implementation and testing. We urge you to log off beforehand to avoid account related issues and make all the necessary preparations. We have assigned C-3PO to assist in creating the patch notes and I will be posting his list as soon as the server is back up and self-sustaining. Please take the time to rest or join us in our official communications channels. Facebook Fanpage - https://www.fb.com/DarkRagnarokRebirth/ Facebook Group- https://www.fb.com/groups/DRORebirth/ Discord - https://discord.gg/52cKEgh See you again soon and may the force be with you! -Yoda
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  4. @Marshal, Good day! I think the ISP is not the reason of the delay/lag we are currently experiencing in the server, as you can see players are lagging with some having low pings, high download and upload speeds and even players playing abroad are complaining. Kindly re validate and verify the lag issues to your respective host. Stop with ISP reasons we all know the game was smooth after every server restart. Thank you 😊 0 packet loss but still stop dancing
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  6. Introduction XPRO is a client based on the RoBrowser project by KeyWorld and acts as the update to port it over to mobile devices. It claims to be the most advanced custom RO client ever made and has the advantage of being very lightweight and cross platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS & Android). Step by Step Step 1: Kindly visit https://xpro.vykimo.com/. Use Google Chrome for Android Phones and Safari for iOS. Step 2: Tap / Click the [XPRO] icon. Step 3: Tap the icon at your screen's upper right then choose "Add to Home Screen". Step 4: Go to your Home Screen and open the application (xpro). Step 5: Enter / Input "Dark RO" for the Server Name. Step 6: Wait for it to load-up and press play . Then Login your account credentials: Step 7: Enjoy Playing DarkRO Rebirth Note for iOS: Not all devices are supported at the moment. The application itself might load slow since it is downloading server files from the web server app. We are on Beta-Phase expect errors/bugs occurring. If you are having some ERRORS? / BUGS? PLEASE POST IT HERE CLICK ME TO REPORT ANY BUG/ERROR
  7. Gud day mam/sir can i know if theres update soon to the new aura to. That make in other color like for example ultra instinct light can change color by using aura qpon in the nxt update Thank u l
  8. Basically you are saying the lag is because of the player's fault because they have bad internet. Please see the screenshot below for the results of my speedtest. I have fast internet. So why am I still lagging then? my angel poem
  9. Hello players, The team is well aware of the recent issues with lag and the very persistent FPS Drop issue that has plagued our server and spoiled our fun for several months now. Discussions within the staff regarding these issues have not stopped since the day we formed this new team. We have consulted other server owners and developers but no one has really given us a solid answer. We have several theories regarding this and they will all be explored in due time with the least amount of disruption to the gameplay and overall mechanics of the game. The lag you are experiencing is likely caused by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our server host is detecting high latency coming from them but this does not apply to all. The reports coming from players are very inconsistent with different experiences coming from players of the same ISP. The same holds true with our staff members. However, we are considering that this may also be an issue with our server host due to the fact that they are the only factor that can change since the last maintenance. FPS Drop – UPDATES As mentioned above, we have several suspects and we would be exploring options that will have the least amount of impact to the gameplay. We have noticed in the past even with 8k+ total players online, WoE was somewhat smooth. We are thinking of switching back to our old host because since then, the server files have not received an update that would cause such an issue. This move will allow us to eliminate this theory and if the problem still persists, we can easily and quickly switch back with a short downtime and continue to narrow down the list of possible suspects. As mentioned above, this move may also help solve the issue with lag. XPRO – MOBILE UPDATES The team has not forgotten the mobile players. As for the update, the technical work is practically complete but still requires to complete the final stages of development, which involves several patches and testing. Before the public release, the development team needs to be satisfied with the security and stability of the platform so the mobile platform users can have a fun and smooth experience when they return. Overall, this is the progress. The progress may be slow, but this is something that the team would not like to take any shortcuts. Rest assured that we still have our focus on these issues and have not crosses them out from our top priority list. Thank you for understanding and support. Marshal, Game Master
  10. are you sure the double points is not reflected ingame? Maybe when you finish it will be total .. Wait for it to finish, then look .. I know the point is not every 1minute, you should be able to first 15minutes then automatic 15pts, then in 16minutes plus 1pt. When you finish the koe, you will know the total of x2 pts. If this does not work, you can message GM @James / @Marshal thank you . <3
  11. The 2x woe and koe points systems do not reflect in the game. May we know why? Thanks.
  12. i ddnt get the x2 woe points lmao
  13. Today ~> X2 KoE Points (July 28, 30 & 31) Tomorrow ~> X2 WoE Points (July 29, Aug 01 & 02)
  14. Thank you for this! It's nice to see people understand the amount of work on each of out plates and the decisions we have to make based on the importance of our tasks. I for one am supposed to lead the forum and improve it but the team needed help with other things so I only completed the critical tasks here and helped the team release a successful patch on the 27th. The FPS Drop issue is being discussed and is one of the major issues we are trying to solve. We already have a few suspects and we'll be conducting tests to see which one of them really is to blame. Unfortunately, the best way to test our theories is to test them live and during WoE because it's difficult re-create the exact scenarios during WoE by ourselves. -Yoda
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  16. Yes, and 2 halter boxes.
  17. PLEASE add an effect that if HIGH PRIEST were soul link ( TALIS ) whenever they cast BLESSING, INCREASE AGILITY AND KYRIE ELISION skill, all party members of the HP will receive the buff..
  18. Why can't I attach a photo in forum from my pc?
  19. All x2 event is free for all
  20. Is the X2 gold points only for donators?
  21. just to clarify, $200 gives you (2) job tix? since it's for every $100?
  22. Wrong section. This is a bug report.
  23. Monster Arena x2 points not enabled
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