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    GN: Slith Title: MVP CARD EXCHANGER NPC Short Description INTRO: To be able to utilize Bloody Branch MVP farming and to make use of Multiple Cards obtain Mechanics: PROS: Multiple MVP Cards will be of use in exchange of points, newbies and old players will have new farm sites to get active CONS: Depends on the Quality Items exchange on each MVP cards points Rules: Each MVP Card has corresponding Points equivalent to exchange on MVP CARD EXCHANGER NPC NPC TRADER for MVP Cards to convert into points - this can be added as well into @points command - Item rotational for points exchange so that people will continuously Farm
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    IGN: Lycisca - Lord Knight Title: Star Wars Cards for the Star Wars Server Short Description INTRO: I think this would be a good way to promote the server, and capitalize on it being within the Star Wars universe. Either we implement custom mobs (e.g. Star Wars mobs) that would drop these cards, or implement a 'Star Wars Card Voucher' which can be given as prizes in some events. Mechanics: Being cards, they should have some viability and use in-game. As with other cards, they are also graded by rarity - some may have normal mob effects, some may have mini-boss effects, while some have MVP boss effects. Rules: Sample Cards (Compound on) [Item Suffix/Prefix]: Normal Cards: Jedi Card (Accessory) [Jedi Knight's] Str +3 Max HP +3% Max SP -5% [ Jedi Class ] Increases damage of Lightsaber Throw by 10% Jedi Knight Card (Headgear) [of Master] Attack +20 Flee -10 [ + Jedi Card ] Additional Str +2 Additional Attack +5 Additional max HP +2% Stormtrooper Card (Accessory) [Unstable] Ranged Atk +4% Hit -20 Flee -10 [ Gunslinger Class ] Ranged Atk +1% Mini-Boss Cards: Bounty Hunter Card [Mini Boss] (Garment) [Exploit] Attack +20, Flee +30 Perfect dodge -15 Each 3 refine rate of the garment allows physical attacks to heal 1% of all damage dealt as HP at a 100% chance [ + Stormtrooper ] Ranged attack +3% Attack +20 Flee +10 MVP Boss Cards: Jabba the Hutt Card [MVP] (Footgear) [of Goliath] Max HP +30% Max SP -25% Movement speed -35% The wearer takes 5% less damage from all incoming magic The wearer takes 10% more incoming physical damage Each refine increases movement speed by 1% Each 2 refine further decreases damage from all incoming magic by 1% Obi-Wan Kenobi Card [MVP] (Headgear) [of Force] All Stats +1 Enables the use of level 4 Force Element (all Force Element effects are removed once the compounded headgear is unequipped) Each headgear refine heals 2 SP every 0.1 seconds [ + Lightsaber weapon ] Increases damage against all elements by 5% [ Jedi Class ] Further increases damage against all elements by 5%
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    IGN: JMAF Title: Trooper’s Tasks / Daily Yoda Short Description: Main objective is to introduce a day-to-day activity for all. Mechanics PROS: Player-friendly; tasks are time-efficient. Provides a sense of responsibility for all, therefore encouraging them to play. Promotes daily login; increases online player count even on an ordinary day. Newfound worth for current unused loots from certain MVPs or mobs. Introduces a new way of profitability for players since requested loots will gain value. Players will gain something useful yet at the same time, it won’t affect the server in terms of money/credit supply. Allows the Dev/Tech team & Staff to be creative and playful, boosting their morale. Increased control towards the market for the Dev/Tech team. New loots or consumables can be introduced by the Dev/Tech team through this. CONS: Might be script heavy or hectic for the Dev/Tech team since this is a daily instance. (if so, weekly instance can be considered) Rules Task/s: Certain items or loots are being requested by an NPC, which in return will hand you the reward(s) for the day. Example: Collect 1 Fireblend, 20 Burning Hearts and 20 Flame Hearts. In return, you will be rewarded with a sufficient amount of Fireproof Potion, 2 Steamed Tongue, etc. The main gist is that a player will hunt for something in exchange for something useful. Said tasks can be done once per day; therefore rewards are claimed only once. (once per Account or IP or/and Mac address if deemed necessary) Additional rewards can be given if a player manages to complete a week or a 7-day consecutive task accomplishment. (or a 4-week streak if weekly instance is considered) Suggestion for Requested Loots may be loots from MVP or mobs which are accessible to all (e.g. Masamune from Incantation Samurai, Sea-Otter fur from Sea Otter). Suggestion for Rewards are consumables or loots of common rarity, so it won’t affect the market that much (e.g. +10 foods, Ygg Boxes, Gloom Boxes). (can also be Account Bound if deemed necessary)
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    IGN: Sniper Luke Title: World Boss Short Description INTRO: To provide new activity and excitement Mechanics: PROS: a. Both New and old players will have new activity/excitement and make server alive(many player will go online not only during WOE/GVG/KOE etc.) b. All guild will be encourage to play since some rewards are useful for main activity of the server which is WOE and GVG CONS: a. Time to be considered so all player around the world (Asian/European/US etc) can play b. carefully judge what will be the item and how many points will be required for each NPC(Points for Joining,Last Hit Point, Guild Points) so World Boss Event will not be saturated easily and not destroy the market Rules: 1.All Players that will join the World Boss will gain points (same with KOE/WOE) and exchange for items (hopefully not only custome items but some random usable(weapon/equip) 2.Player that will last hit the boss will have higher (x1.5 or x2) points and free usable/consumable items maybe 100 ygg box or random 10pcs foods 3.Guild with highest damage will have during the World Boss will gain points and this point can be exchange to specific (new NPC) that contain food buffs (which is usable to WOE/GVG) (this will encourage whole guild to participate since food buffs are difficult to obtain and market price is a little bit higher compare before) 4.Time can be fix or random (maybe 1 in morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening) so everyone will have chance either fix time or random time and maybe just 3 times or 2 times a week 5. PK off on the map during this event since main target is to kill the World Boss Note: 1. World Boss will look like Star Wars Character (Villain) so we can promote our theme which is Star Wars. (hopefully devs can make it) but if not yet just random sprite of MVP Boss 2. World Boss summon mobs and skills so this will be the excitement part (skills can be dodge - this will avoid AFK or Standby)
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    IGN: Jappp - Creator Title: MVP Hunting Point System Short Intro: Every kill of MVP, you can get from 0 to xx Points (depending on difficulty and rarity) just like in Monster Arena, with point sharing. Mechanics: PROS: New players can join to Old players, even with basic items. When a party is using SITH, you can benefit from the skill "FORCE BE WITH YOU" and you can kill MVP faster unlike in soloing. And if you can kill MVP faster, Normal/HE BBG can be more efficient. From my personal experience, I use around 250-280 Bloody Branch in 30mins but with these, It can be more and you have a high chance in getting rare cards and more materials in a span of time. You can get higher points when you kill MVP in the wild. Bond with other players while doing these 😁 CONS: Obviously it is better be done in Public rooms because it is bigger than Private room, so other Players/Party/Guild can do raids. RULES: Just like in Monster Arena, AFK Characters are not allowed x2 points in some time Rank Players with points every month and get special rewards No Dual IP allowed PS: I know my suggestion is not yet polished and might have more PROS and CONS but I'm open for changes and criticism haha! Thank you everyone! DarkRO Rebirth /no1
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    IGN: bokSu Title: Bring Back the Old Times No Donate Maps for PVP Short Description INTRO: This is a map where in Newbie and Old player can enjoy at the same time. Just a simple or small map will do. I'm already pvping in Go 15 and 13 for a year and noticed that its not fun anymore. so I would like to suggest a non donate map for those players with no donate items or just a newbie that would like to do PVP can experience and enjoy the fair pvping. Mechanics: Pros: Newbie won't need to farm so much just to catch up with the items to enjoy the PVP Old player with complete gears that find the PK now boring can enjoy and bring back the thrill in this map. It also help the newbie player to play this server even the prices of the items are a bit high. most of my friend recently downloaded this game right away when they see the pvp and the economy. So if we have this map for the newbie and no items. I guess they will have a reason to stay. Cons: Could not find any cons this is for the newbie and old players want to bring back the old times and feel the thrill Rules: All donate items are disabled. No warp command for abusive player Same rules with 15 the only thing would be all donates items are disabled. (Ratemyserver items only)
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    The Development (Players' Suggestion) IGN: (Lil S e x B a l l s & Baby Super Novice) Title: Advance Buy and Sell Short Description INTRO: Your buying and selling experience would not be the same. Using this new method will help a lot of newbie and old players on their buying and selling experience. I am suggesting to create or do a (ZENY) and (Credits/Black Credits) Vending on our awesome market place (@go Mall). The Pros and Cons: Pros: 1. This will eliminate all the toxic people, harassing the seller or buyer to buy or sell their stuff to them. 2. This can also be like Lottie burning credits for the players or seller who wants to sell their items. 3. Creating a new place market specifically for credits vending. (New place to walk around and do shopping will be a fantastic new features for new/old players) 4. They can do a quest before they can vend and sell using credits. This will be another awesome QUEST for players to do and experience; the quest could be like the Credits/Black Credits quest that has expiration. Cons: 1. Players would not like it at first, because it will cost credits when they do the "Vending" or "Auto-trade". 2. It will be a massive change into the script to make individual ZENY and CREDITS purchases. 3. If not implement correctly, this can cause a lot of issue especially with the person selling the items or the buyer. Seller will not get the credits but the items will be gone The buyer will lose its credits/ black credits but no items. 4. There is a small chance that seller would not be happy if admin team decided to put tax higher than 5% or 10%. (recommended: Implement a tax between 1 to 2% on every items being sold). You will see on my screenshot above. If player will vend using credits they will need to make a quest or pay using yellow credits or even better black credits. Mechanics: 3-5 Black Credits to vend and sell for credits. This will allow the other players to buy the items inside the automated vending using their normal credits or black credits. It depends on the Developer or Administrator if they will put TAX (I suggest no TAX as player would not use it) on every purchases. Getting this features will help seller and buyer to get their items be sold and be bought 24/7. This system will also help the server to have over flowing Credits/ Black Credits on the server. Players might or might not know or release that using this system will burn a lot of their credits, but still will help them to sell their unwanted items such as Sealed Original, Sealed Yellow and other costumes that they wish for 24/7 vending. Of course there would be limitation base on our administrator. At the moment most of our donate items and costumes cannot be sold via VENDING system, but when we implement this advance vending system majority of the items specially donates such as Dragon Wing, Valkyrie Helm Tier 1, Valkyrie Armor Tier 2 can now be sold through vending, but it can only be purchased using normal credits or black credits. (NOTE: This system needs to be implemented carefully to avoid potential problems) Conclusion: If this get implemented on server. The server will definitely benefits on the system as it not just burning all the overflowing credits it also help the economy to be more stable. This will take time to be implemented as it involves a lot of scripting new items, new quest, new procedures but it will be very useful on our server.
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    IGN: VergewaltigerMeister / Stalker Suggestion No 1: Title: Proper Definition of REFLECT Short Description: Redefine what "REFLECT" really means. There are many instances that "REFLECT" triggers just about any item or card effect with "when physically attacking" on their item description. This have many players confused since it almost acts like the cards that trigger with the description "when the user receives physical damage". Mechanics: PROS: 1. Such redefinition will give the Attacking/Damager Class more leeway to carry their guild in the case of WoE and have the upper hand in PVP scenarios. They are called killers for a reason, a hitter is deemed useless when reflect damage triggers debuffs such as the likes of dispel, strip weapon and decrease agi. 2. Players would be more creative in using other cards in the game which will also give way for the dev team to consider revamping other cards in game. Everyone will work their brains out, which is a good thing. CONS: 1. If "REFLECT" is properly defined as something pertaining to the likes of "return, mirror, throw-back" , then these auto-cast "when physically attacking" cards would no longer be used by support roles. They are considered support roles for a reason. 2. Backlash from the community, specially for support roles. Rules: Currently there are many auto-cast cards being utilized by players in the server but currently here are the few which are widely known. a) "Wickebine Tres Card" - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Strip Armor on the enemy when attacking. b) "Stormy Knight Card" - Add a 2% chance of auto casting Lv.2 Storm Gust on the enemy when attacking. Has 20% chance of Freezing an enemy when attacking. c) "Maero of Thanatos Card" - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Lv.3 Decrease AGI on the enemy when attacking. ATK+5. d) "Valkyrie Randgris Card" - Add a 1% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Dispel when attacking. Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). Increases Physical Attack Strength by 10%. e) "Metaling Card" - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Strip Weapon on enemy when attacking. f) "Violy Card" - Add a 2% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Frost Joker on an enemy when attacking. If the user has mastered the skill at Level 5, it will cast Lv.5 Frost Joker. g) "Owl Baron Card" - Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on an enemy when attacking. These are being used by players with the notion of taking advantage of the current definition of "REFLECT" in the server. There is also an auto-cast item such as "Force Imbued Blade" which is supposedly only to be triggered "when physically attacking". Please consider the following scenarios that have been observed for a few months now. a) PVP between SinX vs Pally 1) SinX hits Pally with Reflect On 2) Pally triggers Dispel and Strip Weapon even when not hitting (In this case, what happened now can be considered as auto-counter because it triggered the auto-cast of the Metaling and Randgris Card) 3) SinX gets dispelled and stripped rendering him useless. b) WoE Scenarios GVG scenario 1 1) Guild A confronts Guild B 2) Guild A has a Champ that repeatedly body relocates in front of Guild B 3) Hitters/Snipers of Guild B target calls the said Champ unbeknownst to them that this Champ is equipped with a [ T2 Vshield(5% reflect), Maero Thanatos Card, Randgris Card ] 4) Snipers gets debuffed by the Dispel and Decrease Agi of this Champ which was Triggered by the reflect of the T2 Vshield GVG Scenario 2 1) Guild B retaliates against Guild A 2) Guild A's support roles are mostly equipped with Randgris Cards, Owl Baron Cards, T2 Vshield(5% Reflect) and Creators are equipped with Force Imbued Blade 3) Guild B gets in Sharpshoot Range (9 cells) and targets frontline of Guild A. 4) Within less than 10 seconds from Guild B's attack on Guild A, Snipers from Guild B falls one by one due to the fact that they have been dispelled and bolted down by the auto-casts triggered from the T2 Vshields reflect. While some have discovered this as a new type of "META", there has been no whatsoever patch that defined "REFLECT" damage as being the same type of damage with "Physical" damage or Magical Damage. What I would like to suggest is either the proper definition of "REFLECT" damage or the consideration of removing "REFLECT" Damage as part of the triggers for items/cards with "when physically attacking" or "when dealing magical damage".
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    IGN: Gerard Butier Title: CHOICES FOR DONATING. Short Description INTRO: INCLUDE CREDITS in DONATE. Mechanics: PRO : KEEP TO SERVER RUNNING PRO : PLAYERS DONATE NOT JUST ON PROMO PRO : KEEP STAFF HAPPY AND INCREASEMENT OF SALARY PRO : CAN FIX OR TRANSFER TO A MUCH BETTER HOST (PRICY ONES) PRO : PLAYERS WILL ALSO BE HAPPY AND IT WOULD BE EASY TO SELL ITEMS. CONS: ITEMS PRICES WILL DROP DOWN. Rules: This is what i am thinking that People who donate should be given the option whether They want their donations be in Credits or Donation Tickets. This would Greatly Benefit the server because people who are in need of item and does not have much credits will have the option to just donate rather than just doing RMT. This would also somehow or eventually not totally stop RMT. Second Benefit would also be that People will keep donating not just in promo's specially some of the updated doesnt have much worth donating for. By Giving Them Option when the server releases a good items through donation people would also donate again by choosing the option of Donation Ticket instead of Credits. This would also increases the server fund to keep it running in good condition such as availing for a Better host when needed even if it's pricy.
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    IGN: Halika TItle: Nerfing Randgris / T2 Vshield reflect Intro: Dispell will soon render Sniper useless and no longer woe / gvg viable Category: You may suggest ideas and concerns to the server Pros: 1. No hoarding of vrc 2. Fair gameplay to those guild who can't afford to have many Randgris Card 3. Sniper class will remain viable for WOE. 4. Please save us from all LK WOE. Cons: 1. Disruption in the current Price of Randgris Mechanics: I will be giving several scenarios where Randgris is broken. A. Player that is being hit will auto cast Dispell. This is due to Reflect of T2 Vshield / T2 VM. (I honestly don't understand this, in RMS description it clearly states it would only Proc when Attacking. Not receiving damage) B. Reflect damage is considered as "Attacking" hence it also increases the chances of Dispell. Sniper main damage is Sharpshoot, and it will hit several people. Imagine a guild full of Randgris Holder Screenshot clearly shows that even someone outside range / circle of Sharpshoot, they can still be Dispell. Purely broken. Now imagine, a guild having 15+ or more Randgris card. This will make the Sniper class no longer viable and it will become a race to hoard all Randgris card.
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    Hi Good day! IGN: 6i66ler TITLE: Different Types of Pvp Rooms. A choice for pvp players on which level cap they want to reign. Pros Players will have different choices of pvp rooms Different environment and play style Cons Pvp on this level cap will be much faster because of the items on our server. Pvp players will be divided mostly in go 13 & 15 and the current pvp room. RULES: Hi guys, the idea is give option to players where they want to settle their supremacy in pvp, is it on lvl99, 150, or 255 this level caps honestly will give players different kinds of play style because of the limited stats and the items on this server. Plus on this pvp rooms (level 99 & 150) we can do 1v1's of classes and pvp/gvg pretty much enjoyable and a server that is giving us low rate and mid rate vibe. No Red Cards is allowed in level 99 and 150 pvp room. Aurodium set (only obtainable in our daily rewards system) and Normal items is only allowed in level 99 and 150 to give a fair and balance pvp environment on this brackets, niles is allowed. Bwing is not allowed and BOS. On level 99 cap room, only level 99 character are allowed, level 98 down will automatically kicked out. On level 150 cap room, only level 150 character are allowed, level 149 down will automatically kicked out. NPC pvp points claim for level 99 and 150 it should be separate that have different items to offer including gears and supplies. Thank you and Regards, More power DRO Team.
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    IGN: Lycisca - Lord Knight Title: Status Reload Short Description INTRO: This is to make Status Effects relevant again (and to make certain gameplays revolve around them, and not just stack enough Atk / HP) Mechanics: Status effects should be a viable way to control enemies, so that in-game PvP / WoE isn't just a battle of "Who has the most damage" vs "Who can survive the longest". So these revamps would promote other builds (e.g. Snipers with Status Bows, Whitesmiths spamming Hammerfall, Sin X using Venom Dust, etc.), as well as countermeasures against them (Priests using Status Recovery, immunity cards, etc.) Rules: Stat-Immunity Status Effects: Bleeding - 3% HP loss per second, disables natural HP/SP Regen (100% immunity at 200 Agi) Blind - reduce Hit and Flee by 50% (100% immunity at 300 Dex) Coma - reduce HP to 1 and SP to 0 (100% immunity at 300 Luk) Silence - inability to use skills (100% immunity at 300 Int) Stone - Def -50%, armor becomes Earth 1 (100% immunity at 300 Str) Stun - Flee becomes 0 (100% immunity at 250 Vit) Non Stat-Immunity Status Effects: Curse - reduces attack and magic attack by 35%, Luk becomes 0, reduces movement speed (immunity only via items) Freeze - Flee becomes 0, Def and MDef reduced by 50%, armor becomes Water 1 (immunity only via items) Poison - Def -50%, 2% HP loss per second, disables natural HP/SP Regen disabled (immunity only via certain elemental armors) Sleep - Flee becomes 0, next incoming hit gets 2x critical rate (immunity only via items)
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    Entry Format: IGN: Detergent 5 - Professor Title: Rebirth Badge from MVP Monster Short Description INTRO: Newbie? No problem. DarkRO: Rebirth Got You! Mechanics: Pros: Newbies can earn credits to buy permanent items while enjoying the War of Emperium with Rental Items. New/Old player can hunt the Rebirth Badge thru MVP Monsters. Cons: 5% Drop Rate of Rebirth Badge. ( Can use Normal/HE Bubble Gum to maximize the drop rate of Rebirth Badge ) Non-Tradable/Non-Vendable for the Equipment and Foods Rentals items cannot be refine. Rules: Bloody Branch ( MVP Monsters ) Example of Rental Items in Rental NPC 1 DAY RENTAL ITEMS: Valkyrie Amor Valkyrie Shield Valkyrie Manteau Valkyrie Shoes Nile Rose Valkyrie Helm Kakashi Traveler's Hat FOOD'S BOX ( Ex. Stat's Foods ) TOKEN OF SIEGFRIED BOX ( Tradable ) NOTE: GM Staffs will provide the amount of Rebirth Badge per item.
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    IGN: CountDishzx (character: Whitesmith) Title: Hunting Back to Basic - Rebuilding the Dark RO: Rebirth Economy Short Description INTRO: Let's make hunting worthwhile again! Let's rebuild the economy! Mechanics: PROS: 1. We will make the vending market healthy and competitive again. 2. Reasonable prices and more challenge in getting "basic-in demand-items". 3. Will encourage players to hunt, and engage more with co-players. 4. Will give opportunity to newbie players to build their wealth even if they don't have super equipment. 5. "Ghost-town" maps will be maximized (will be used again, will be warped into again). Nowadays, the only reason one will warp to prt_fild or moc_fild or pay_fild is when there is a GM event. :( CONS: 1. Will make lazy hunters, lazier. 2. Will make fast-paced super players slow-down a bit. Rules: Basically, the gist of my suggestion is that BASIC ITEMS (eg. blue gemstone, elunium, oridecon, yellow gemstone, acid bottle grenade, smith items, chemist items, elemental items, etc.) should not be sold in an NPC. Why? Because where is the fun in that? You not only remove the chance of newbie players who can easily harvest/hunt these basic items to build their wealth by selling/trading their basic items harvest, but also makes the game to just be build build build super equipment. Sure you'll say that's why we created the GOLD ROOM, to be honest, gold room hurts the eyes HAHA. Same map, click the Golden Bird, teleport, sell to NPC, repeat. Let's rebuild DARK RO Rebirth's economy, let other newbies have their chance to simply "basic-in demand-items". If I'm a newbie RO, Gen Z player, not the typical Tito/Tita(Millennial) player, I would be surprised that all the players are already powerful and the only way I can get great items is to build wealth thru: Gold Farm, ET, Boss Hunt. But if I can see that hunting simple basic monsters can also give me the chance to build wealth and character, I would stay and continue to play. This too can rebuild the economy of DARK RO, exclusive materials become way overpriced. I know you know, DARK RO:Rebirth is fast-paced, all basics are so easy to get, thus after reaching a certain satiation point in playing, players leave. I hope you take a glimpse and think of this idea. :) Nonetheless, GMs and Staffs are thoughtful enough to reach out to your players. Kudos to you guys! Cheers for more years of DARK RO:REBIRTH!! :)
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    IGN: Enterobious vermicularis LK Title: Priest Rebalancing Short Summary of the suggestion: I would like to opt to suggest a rebalance of High Priest (HP)Gears to better diversify the current meta of the game, the game currently does not require nor deem HP that essential due to the current meta 1. HP too squishy, their hit point scaling does not scale well with all the reduct equipments available, it is better to have a custom effect on a card (taogunka) to increase HP’s hit points slightly higher than most magic casters. 2. HP’s Heal/Sancturary is not scaling too well with the player’s HP and can not compete against the PP or SPP of the biochemists, HP can only get decent heals if they have link on can reach 30k ish which by far is meh, compared to the PP of the biochemist which is like the potions, relative to the target’s HP. Specially the sanctuary, on previous servers I played with, Hps are vital specially on woe, since they can support buff the team and they can protect the emp and effectively heal the emp. A good way to modify this is to have a custom card or equipment that can increase the effectiveness of sanctuary to heal the emp since only priest can heal the emp. Currently the meta is that the emp is like a barrier on SE WOE which just stands out like a sore thumb unable to me mended at all and can fall with a few siege. SPECIALLY the current meta of emp can be broken down by breakers in less than a minute 30-40 seconds. 3. Further tweaking the only damage dealing skill Holy Light (HL) this is a fun skill, easily beatable by GTB/Maya, but would it be great to be a feasable option to amp up the damage? Maybe customize cookie card to amp up the damage only by a few more bits. Mechanics: Pros: More diversification of job base under not just WOE but on the server in general, making priest items viable as builds are encouraged. More intense woe since there is a strong defense factor aided by priests. It may entice support main characters to choose different role not limited to Prof/Biocreator competitively. Cons: The pricing of the equipment/card balance will be bit rocky upon implementation. The game will be more competitive due to changes and will take some time getting used to. Balancing equipment and testing would take time. It’s going to be harder to siege a castle due to the durability a priest can support an emp.
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    IGN: Watson Mercury Title: DarkRO Rebirth White Hat Time Attack Short Description INTRO: To ensure that our community will last forever and to prevent those people to use cheats, or virtual sociopaths who enjoy hearing the wrath of rage over chat as they demolish enemies with ease / ruining the server economy by using exploited bugs that the management can overlook sometimes, and to avoid other important problems that can literally affect the Server Integrity and most of all the trust of the Players to the Server Management. Mechanics: PROS (positive): It will ensure a long lasting server community in preventing bugs that can be exploited much further or security flaws that can literally destroy/ruin the meta/economy, integrity of the server and most important the trust of the players to the server management. And transform those hate, envy, exploits and cheats into something that will benefits the Players, Management and most of all our Community. CONS (negative): No negative effect at all, unless the Management lacks in considering giving a fair rewards to those who reported any bugs / exploits which will make the players to rant afterwards. Rules / Broad Explanation: Hey there! So first of all why do you think the title consist of a word White Hat? Most of you probably knows that White Hat is an ethical form of computer hacking wherein it specializes in penetrating and testing methodologies that ensures the security of an Organization, wherein on our world lets not say Organization but our beloved Community. Most of us want to experience the full excitement that the server can offer to us, in order to ease the stresses, personal problems, home sickness for those players who work away from their families, and pressures from work. We need something to turn this negative emotions/feelings to set aside for an hour or more. Our Community in this Server are very important and most of you would probably agree, so how we can protect this community if somebody are trying to ruin it? The event are quite simple, the flow will be like this. 1) The Staff would decide when this event will take place. I suggest that this event should be carried out once every month or two. These would be their chance to report those bugs / exploit that they are contemplating to report in the forum, because it will make sense that they will get a reward once they reported it other than exploiting it much further to gain more from it. This is the right time as well to squeal some certain program that can take advantage on the gameplay, of course with a legit proof that their tools are literally working or bypassing the server security (ie: using bot programs that can bypass Gepard Security). 2) Objective of the event should be well explained. Example Objective: DarkRO RO Rebirth Citizens as you remember we are here to give you a long lasting server community, to ensure this promise we will be needing your helping hand to make sure that we didn't missed something that can destroy our beloved community. We are now opening the DarkRO White Hat Time Attack event wherein you can now start reporting bugs, exploit, security flaws, cheats, and tools that can take advantage on game security features. All reports will be compensated and rewarded accordingly to there gravity. 3) Of course people will still think whether their report will be compensated and rewarded accordingly, the first question is "Is it worth it to report?" now the Grand Prize Reward will take away those doubts. Example Criteria: We will be choosing those report which will take much importance / seriousness and give them a chance to win the grand prize for this event that is ...Grand Prize Reward Name.... All votes will be base on the following. 80% - Technical Team 20% - General Staff All these judging criteria will be conducted by the Official DarkRO: Rebirth Management Team only. 4) Format of the report, it is important that the privacy of those people who will be joining the event will be hidden. Why? if you will allow other people to read their report they will contemplate to report it, because their friends also benefits from it they want to avoid that chaos. This event is the right time as well to squeal the other players wrong doings in the server. I suggest entries would be sent through Forum Private Messages. Entry Format: IGN: Subject Title: Classification: (classify the Type of Bug you are reporting: General, Item, Skill, Character, Client or Website security related.) Details of Report: (provide as much detail as possible, including screenshots and replay video files. If a location is available, present the coordinates using the /where command.) 5) Closing Remarks All reported bugs, exploits, cheats, security flaws etc. are subject for verification once it has been thoroughly checked and tested all participants will received a private message through forum that their report was verified. DarkRO Rebirth White Hat Time Attack will be taking 3-5days event and the verification of all reports will take 2-3days but it depends on the volume of reports. After that, voting of Staff will take place and announcement of the Grand Prize Winner. It will depends on the Management whether they like to post those reports to the public. Compensation and reward will also depends on the Management. Author Message: I hope my ENTRY will be carefully read and fully understand by the Server Staff because it would benefit the server on the long run after all, you have my full consent to edit the contents of my IDEA that I suggested. There are saying that two heads are better than one, you can do whatever you want to improve this entry in order for the community to benefit. Thanks to all of you! and Good Luck to all participants as well!
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    IGN: II L u n a II High Wizard Title: The True Kage Quest (colored Kage Hat quest) Short Description INTRO: The True Kage Quest aims to maximize the DarkRO: Rebirth gameplay. This quest will give players the option to choose the right Kage Hat for them, depending on their chosen class. Mechanics: Here's the step-by-step guide to accomplish the quest and craft the Kage Hat of choice. To start the quest, you need to talk to the Jonin Commander at the Kage Summit Hall. He will discuss what you need to do. Talk to him until he gives you an Ancient Language Document that you need to hand over to Yashiro at Konoha. Go to Konoha and hand over to Yashiro the Ancient Language Document that the Jonin Commander gave you. After he receives the item, he will ask you to kill 50 Shinobis and will warp you automatically to the battle ground. Kill all 50 Shinobis. You will be warped out automatically once you have finished killing all of them. Talk to Yashiro again. He will congratulate you and will award you with a Prize Medal. He will then ask you to return to the Kage Summit Hall and talk to the Jonin Commander again. Go back to Kage Summit Hall and talk to the Jonin Commander. Show him the Prize Medal. He will then ask you to provide him with the following (may be changed as deemed necessary) in order for you to proceed. Once you have complied with the task, he will tell you to talk to the elders for the final step. 50 Old White Cloth 50 Worn-out Magic Scroll 50 Bao 25 Broken Shuriken 1 Ninja Suit Go to second floor of the Kage Summit Hall and talk to all the five elders. Each elder will ask you one question and you have to answer them correctly. If you fail to answer any one of the questions, you will be asked to go back to the Jonin Commander and repeat Step 3. Questions: (may be changed as deemed necessary) Senju, the Fire Elder Q: What is the name of the village a Hokage leads and protects? A: Konohagakure Byakuren, the Water Elder Q: What is the village known as the Village Hidden by Mist? A: Kirigakure Ishikawa, the Earth Elder Q: How many Tsuchikages are there in history? A: Four Reto, the Wind Elder Q: Sunagakure, the village lead by the Kazekage, is known as what? A: Village Hidden by Sand A, the Lightning Elder Q: Who was the fifth Raikage? A: Darui Once you have answered all questions correctly, you will have to talk to Senju for his final word, and finish the quest. As a token, he will give you a Kage Hat Box. (QUEST ACCOMPLISHED) Kage Hat Box Gives you a random Kage Hat (may be changed to: Open and select your Kage Hat of choice) Restrictions (Cannot be traded, put in guild storage and dropped) To craft your next Kage Hat, you need to talk to the elders. The Kage Hat you want to craft will depend on which elder you will talk to. Talk to the chosen elder. He will ask you to bring him the materials required. Elders/Kage Hats Senju - Hokage Hat Byakuren - Mizukage Hat Reto - Kazekage Hat Ishikawa - Tsuchikage Hat A - Raikage Hat Requirements: (may be changed as deemed necessary) 100 Slick Paper 100 Broken Shuriken 100 Skull 10 Mother's Nightmare 5 Flame Heart (Hokage Hat) 5 Mystic Frozen (Mizukage Hat) 5 Great Nature (Ishikawa Hat) 5 Rough Wind (Kazekage Hat) 5 Star Crumb (Raikage Hat) 50,000,000 Zeny Kage Hats Hokage Hat [1] - (this is the same as the existing one) Only the most courageous and valuable ninja can wear this hat. It's a great sign of power and is only worn of those who possess the power of the Fire Shadow. Str+20 Receive 50% less damage from Fire attacks. Receive 10% more damage from Water attacks. Mizukage Hat [1] Only the most courageous and valuable ninja can wear this hat. It's a great sign of intelligence and is only worn of those who possess the power of the Water Shadow. Int+20 - Receive 50% less damage from Water attacks. - Receive 10% more damage from Wind attacks. Kazekage Hat [1] Only the most courageous and valuable ninja can wear this hat. It's a great sign of focus and is only worn of those who possess the power of the Wind Shadow. Dex+20 Receive 50% less damage from Wind attacks. Receive 10% more damage from Earth attacks. Tsuchikage Hat [1] Only the most courageous and valuable ninja can wear this hat. It's a great sign of vigor and is only worn of those who possess the power of the Earth Shadow. Vit+20 Receive 50% less damage from Earth attacks. Receive 10% more damage from Fire attacks. Raikage Hat [1] Only the most courageous and valuable ninja can wear this hat. It's a great sign of success and is only worn of those who possess the power of the Lightning Shadow. Luk+20 Receive 20% less damage from Wind attacks. Receive 10% less damage from Fire, Water and Earth attacks. PROs: Maximizes the gameplay. Gives more options to players on what to do in-game especially in crafting the above items, and in strategizing. Gives new players (who can't afford to craft/buy the colored Valkyrie Helms) a competence boost when it comes to in-game play (PVP, WoE, KoE, etc.). Establishes a hierarchy on the item builds (e.g., for upper head gear, from Head Protectors, to Kage Hats, to colored Valkyrie Helms). Something new to all and so, will surely give some excitement. Popularize the game even more and may attract more players to join the server. CONs: Longer gameplay because of the quest requirements. This will take time to configure IT-wise but is achievable. Rules: The True Kage quest is open to all players. This quest is account bound. (The player will have to do the quest again if he/she wants to use a different account) Once the quest is accomplished, the player can proceed with crafting his/her Kage Hat of choice. There is no limit on the number of Kage Hats the player wants to craft (no need to repeat the quest for every crafting). All above head gears can be refined up to +10. Success rate for refining shall be the same as the current (Hokage Hat). All above head gears (except for the one acquired using the Kage Hat Box) are tradeable, and can be stored in the account storage, guild storage and cart (for Merchant classes). (Changes may be made as deemed necessary by the DarkRO: Rebirth staff.) For reference, please see link below for the colors of the Kage Hats. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GmFE1_-FgzsnZyvNDUb6GxmE8tgcVBk2/view?usp=sharing
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    IGN: FN0001 ~ Whitesmith Title: NEW GROUNDS FOR REAL MONEY TRADING (RMT) PENALTY/PUNISHMENT Short Description INTRO: Over these past few months, our server, Dark Ro Rebirth has lost a fair amount of players. Sad to say, the reason for this is being banned for NOT abiding the rules of our server and just giving these violators no other choice but to quit or start a new account on another server. This entry will explain how to bring back old players and (in theory) get additional revenue for you guys. Mechanics: PROS ** Believe it or not, this will generate enough revenue that will (hopefully) counter all the negative emotions against RMT violators. ** In theory, will add popularity to this server and should somehow bring back players who lost interest in the server. ** This is a win-win situation for our server. It's like giving a mouse a large bait with a much bigger trap that goes along with it. CONS ** I dont see any CONS with this idea. Maybe the rise in player count in our server will induce lags just like before. Rules: So the idea is, instead of banning an RMT violator instantly and wiping his / her account clean (which will force him/her to quit our server) , why not come up with a punishment system that will discipline the culprit and gain revenue for the server at the same time. FIRST OFFENSE : **Player will be temporarily be banned and have all of his/her equipment CHARACTER and ACCOUNT BINDED unless he/she will: 1) Give a donation of $25 ~ By doing this, he will not receive any donation items -- will just remove his "BANNED" status 2) After donating the said amount, he/she is not allowed to drop or trade any items that he/she acquired before he/she got banned. 3) Player will be given a choice to remove the "item penalty" for another $10 for each item SAMPLE: ~PlayerOne got reported for suspected selling of "+7 VM" ~PlayerOne gets banned and is prohibited to login ~PlayerOne donates $25 ~PlayerOne can now login but "+7VM" has been marked as "ITEM OF CRIME" (CANNOT BE TRADED/ CANNOT BE DROPPED/ CANNOT BE STORED) ~PlayerOne donates another $10 to remove the "ITEM OF CRIME" status SECOND OFFENSE : **Same punishment as First Offense but the player can no longer remove the "ITEM OF CRIME" status. His / Her items are forever locked with the account/ character. **Prohibited to join any events or guild wars -- will be given a recognizable mark or title on his/her name "RMT Violator" -- will be reversed with a donation of $20 THIRD OFFENSE : ** IP BANNED ~ can be reversed if the player donates $25 after 2weeks or so. FOURTH (LAST) OFFENSE : ** IRREVERSIBLE IP BAN ADDITIONAL NOTES: ~ There should be a "SNITCH REWARD" or "BOUNTY HUNTER REWARD". ***Players that reports a guilty RMT violator should receive a reward. Either give him a fix amount (around 50 BLACK CREDITS) or a percentage of what the violator is selling. *** Donating will not give any additional items to the violator. Donating will only grant freedom.
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    Greetings, Citizens of Midgard! As part of our Anniversary, DarkRO: Rebirth Staff prepared/organized an Event for you to enjoy the day of our server! Most of our Events are free for all so anyone can join it without hesitation and win exciting prizes. 03/27/2021 / 11:00AM GMT+08 Rules/Mechanics: Free for all, EXCEPT Novice. All items/equipment are allowed. A Novice who will enter the Event Map will be automatically disqualified. Consumable Items and Any skills are allowed inside. Overpowered GMs/Staff will be around to kill the Players in their sight. Players can kill each other inside the map, Last Man Standing will be the winner. GMs/Staff can see who are invisible within the map. 3 Rounds only for this Event. Further instructions will be broadcast in-game before the Event. Feel free to ask our Staff in advance for more additional Question/Info about the said Event. Prizes: Round 1: 50x Black Credit + 5x DarkRO Event Box Round 2: 1x Job Ticket + 5x DarkRO Event Box + 5x Black Credit Final Round: 1x K2-SO, R2-D2, C-3PO, Box of your choice + 5x DarkRO Event Box + 3x Black Credit 03/27/2021 / 3:00PM GMT+08 Rules/Mechanics: Different level/obstacles on the map that you will encounter. Peco Peco/Cart is not allowed. We will check this before entering the map. Auto Disconnect for those who are using Peco Peco/Cart. Auto Disconnect for those who are using Pre-buff upon entering the map. All Consumable Item and Equips are not allowed inside the Map. Further instructions will be broadcast in-game before the Event. Feel free to ask our Staff in advance for more additional Question/info about the said Event. Prizes: Round 1: 50x Black Credit + 1x DarkRO Event Box (3 Winners) Round 2: 20x Donation Ticket + 50x Black Credit + 2x DarkRO Event Box (3 Winners) Final Round: 25x Donation Ticket + 50x Black Credit + 3x DarkRO Event Box (3 Winners) 03/27/2021 / 10:15 PM GMT+08 DarkRO: Rebirth Administration has a surprise gift for all the Loyal Citizens of Midgard! The DarkRO Rebirth Administration would like to thank all the loyal players and to those who have patronized our server for the past year. We would not reach this far if it is not for your continuous support. With this, we would like to give all the players a gift, as token of our gratitude. This surprise gift and “Shower Event” can be claimed via NPC and will be given a schedule so it won’t be abused. Please continue to support our server. Thank you and we hope to be with you all for the next years to come! May the Force be with you all! Next up! Prepare to fight! "A long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away"
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    IGN: FN0001 --WHITESMITH Title: Theme FOCUS Short Description INTRO: Given the server name "DARK RO REBIRTH", a couple of lightsaber wielding characters and an AT-AT (All terrain armored transport) as the background of our server's website, its obviously a "STARWARS" themed private server. No offense intended, but some recent items are not related to or even had any connection to this server. I have watched the entire Starwars franchise dozens of times, but I haven't noticed a super saiyan or kakashi or saitama in the movie. Mechanics: PROS: ~This server will have a much more STARWARS feel to it. ~If we could go through this "minor" change and incorporate some details from the movie, then we should have tons of new events and new things that could make this server more interesting. CONS: ~Copyright Infringement (I am not sure if how this could go along the way) ~Hours of Sprite Detailing ~ Item design and attributes (I am more than happy to help for FREE... no joke) Rules: (Explain and give us an idea about your suggestion, at least 15 sentences / 300 words) ~ Future items should now be "starwars" related, like: *Mandalorian Helm, Rocket pack, Boots, ETC. *Wookiee Mask, Wookie Fur, ETC *Leia Hairband, Leia Dress, ETC *Sith LORD mask (Palpatine's face in Rise of Skywalker), Sith lord's Aura, ETC *Alien Races' Masks such as: Chagrian, Mon Calamari, Togruta, ETC. ~Unrelated Items * To prevent the effort of who ever made these items to go to waste, Items such as forehead protectors, Saitama, Etc., Should have a prefix, "FOG" (From Other Galaxies) ~Maps * A rebel camp, Jedi School and a Sith Lair should be made <-------------------------will make sense after the line below -------------------------------------ANY THING BELOW THIS LINE IS NOT INCLUDED BUT USED NONETHELESS TO SUPPORT EVERYTHING ABOVE THE LINE------------------------------------------------- ~Future Events (SAMPLE ONLY): **SARLACC EVENT - Kill a Sarlacc event (BOSS) ****Sarlacc respawns everyday somewhere in morroc. ****Last hit wins some kind of valuable capsule **JEDI vs SITH - Force wars - for Jedi and Sith only ****First 100 jedis and 100 siths could join ****Every kill count has a corresponding point exchange, Every exchanged point has a corresponding reward EXAMPLE: A Jedi, "PlayerOne" killed five(5) siths, 5 siths = 1 galactic coin/receipt/mark, 10 Galactic marks equals 1 Black credit, something like this. ~New Content ( Not sure if possible--upgraded Jedi vs sith concept) ** You guys can introduce a new kind of grouping to our server. This will greatly differentiate our server from existing or any upcoming servers. The main idea is we split our active players into two opposing groups -- "THE REBELS" and "THE EMPIRE" Weekly war takes place on a map, with a 30 minute time cap. The Winning group or nation will have a stat bonus for a week until the next WAR **NOTE** I am not confident that anything I wrote will ever come through or even be read by someone, but in the event that someone does, and would like to chat and exchange ideas, feel free to send me a message. Also, I may have made a few mistake while typing... making this entry somewhat on the sloppy side of grammar. For that I am sorry. And lastly If I do get noticed and win this event, May I request a 5 minute chat with our dearest GM of the GMs? The one and only...
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    IGN: Aburiru (Gunslinger) Title: Valkyrie Shield Modification Short Description INTRO: The current meta right now is the Valkyrie Randgris Card + 100% chance reflect damage of Valkyrie Shield combo. This meta is OP during WOE and and an indirect nerf to characters who can't equip GTB card while using certain weapons. Suggestion: To modify the Valkyrie Shield, instead of the usual 100% chance to reflect 5% physical damage, I think it is better to make it reflect 50% incoming physical and magical damage with a 5% success rate. This is not a heavy nerf to certain guilds since jobs who are heavily affected by this meta (e.g. snipers and LKs) have AOE skills so the modification in the success rate is still balanced. PRO: If this suggestion is granted, this will make WOE more balanced and will give certain jobs a better fighting chance during WOE. CON: Guilds who use this meta will be affected but this will challenge them even further and add a few tweaks to their setup/build.
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    IGN: Elisha ko - Sith Title: Specialty Quest Short Description INTRO: Quest involving Economic supply/demand and consumables, because we have little to nothing usable items quests right? We need to somehow burn our rich and flourishing zennies. Playing Dark RO is the best thing i experience in the Philippines. So, I want everyone to experience the beauty and strength of dark RO :) Since this is an event, Very limited items, gears, or cards will be the rewards in exchange for quest consumables along with cards or rare quest items like the mining stones and finally zennies, credits, or even black credits, since it is an event. Mechanics: PROS: * Best Qualities * • Dark RO would have an event that can be done once a month or once every 2 months. • Since players knows that there is such events, they would prepare the quest items in advance, stimulating the economy as well. • Minimal knowledge in Ragnarok will be needed so that everyone and even newbies can join in. • It is up to our GM's and the Tech's and the Staff's teams to decide when to do this kind of event, so no pressure :D. • It can become a Custom of Dark RO as well. • Burning those credits and zennies is a must!!! :D • Good quality items could be created randomly or specifically. • There would be basic, advance, expert, and extreme quests available. • It will bring in more new players. • You can advertise it using the loading screen!!! • Everyone will have fun !!! :D CONS: * Opportunities * • It will need a rotation of existing or new items to be implemented • There would be a huge amount of usable items needed to be able to get the extreme quest items • There should be a exchanger of box since it is an usable items. Examples are Yggdrasil berry box, Aloe Vera Box, Candy Box, Sushi Box, Egg Box, ETC... • It will probably cause uproar if a single bug or mistake has been made because a lot of items/zenny/credits are needed to be prepared firsthand. • It will only be a seasonal event that can be done once in a while. • it needs constant supervision for newbies so that they could join in. • it needs trial and error for random generated equips quests. • Astronomical amount of items are needed to be farm beforehand. • If not advertised properly, players will tend to give up midway. • can cause Game imbalance if the items are not properly programed. Examples are: Item Duplication, or something similar, Etc... • Can be addictive and frustrating at the same time. Rules: What/When/Where/How/Who? WHAT? • For the specialty quest. an event that has basic, advance, expert and extreme quests that you can do in exchange in usable items and equipment. • By the fee of credits or zenny, Usable items, ETC items, and Low tiered equipment, you can make it specifically. • There is a random generated quests as well. however, you need small amount of usable items and zenny for it. • Anyone can join in and it would be fun. WHEN? • Once a month or once every 2 months, but it would depend on the Dark RO Rebirth Gods to decide actually <3. • This takes time to be implemented and rotation of items or new and existing items will need to be generated. WHERE? • This would be on towns and fields as well, There's a catch, whoever finds the NPC for the secret quests would get something out of this as a prize and will be known for the entire Dark RO Rebirth As an announcement. It's like hide and seek with a twisted NPC :D. • The Secret Specialty NPC will be newly generated each duration of the event, each time of the event, new coordinated for the said NPC. • This would give birth to new forum threads, new guidelines, new NPC names and their contents, in each town there is a specialty. Example: (Veins: Fire type Quest items with fire type equipment or usable items like summer suit or even anti-fire equips and usable items like fire or water converters*for the sake of examples) , (Lutie: Same goes with Veins, Water or ice type of equips along with x-mas suit usable items.) those usable items can be use as a quest items or just be used normally as a consumables. HOW? • As it mention in WHERE? all items or quest able equipment are a combinations of usable items, low tiered equips, and ETC items. • Players can prepare the items beforehand, but the most advantageous are the hoarding type farmers because they gather a lot of items. • The Event duration will be 1 month or it depends on our GM's to decide. WHO? • Old players, newbies, everyone. • This could give birth to a lot of possibilities in economic stability and stimulus, New high tiered elements like Ice, Lava, Lightning, Light, Void or skills of something similar. • this will be great for newbies because they can quest and farm if they join in if it is still in the duration of the Event. It's a Plus New Contents for the Streamers right? since Players of Dark RO Rebirth is a multi national. That's it <3 i hope you like it...
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    IGN: OmegaHellO Title: New Donate Items (MID and LOWER) Short Description INTRO: Too much of Stats-Based Donate Items, let's go! Mechanics: PROS Donation will make the server stable Not only Stats Based Items will be available for donation Balance Primary Stats and Secondary Stats Bonuses New Meta will emerge CONS More works for developer Rules: Item #1 - Geiger Counter (MID Headgear - 1 Slot) - 60DT Effects: Reduce damage taken from Demi-Human Monsters by 10% Max HP and SP +10% +5 DEF and MDEF Item #2 - Night Vision Googles (MID Headgear - 1 Slot) - 50DT Effects: Increase resistance to Non-Neutral Elements by 10% FLEE + 30 PD + 10 Item #3 - Tenseigan (MID Headgear - 1 Slot) - 50DT Effects: Increase resistance to Non-Neutral Elements by 10% Reduce damage taken from Demi-Human Monsters by 3% DEF -20% Item #4 - Flash Aura (Lower Headgear - 1 Slot) - 75DT Effects: +5 ALL STATS AGI +10 Increase resistance Non-Neutral Elements by 10% Has a 5% chance to increase FLEE by 50 and PD by 5 when receiving damage [Thief Job] - PD +5 FLEE +20 [Merchant Job] - MAXHP +5% further increase resistance to Non-Neutral Element by 5% [Bard and Gypsy] - Has 5% Chance to auto-cast Tarot Card of Fate when receiving damage Item #5 - Shield Aura (Lower Headgear - 1 Slot) - 75DT Effects: +5 ALL STATS Reduce Damage from demi-human by 10% +10 MDEF +15% MAXHP [Swordsman Class] - Enable the effect of endure skill as long as this item is equipped [Mage Class] - 10% chance to auto-cast learned level of safety wall [Acolyte Class] - When Divine Protection is at LVL 10, decrease incoming physical damage by 10% Item #6 - The King's Dagger (Weapon - Dagger - LVL 4 - 3 Slot) - 15DT Effects: MAXHP +5% Increase Demi-Human Resistance by 5% Each refine further increase the resistance to demi-human by 1% Each 1 refine increases HP by 1% [Swordsman, Thief, Merchant] MDEF +5, DEF -30% When refined to +7 - increase PD by 2 and FLEE by 10 When refined to +10 - increase PD by 3 and FLEE by 20 [Mage, Archer, Acolyte] PD +5 FLEE +30 When refined to +7 - increase MDEF by 2 and DEF -10% When refined to +10 - increase MDEF by 3 and DEF -20%
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    IGN: Apostolo Trese Title: Weekly Quest Short Description Intro: To make everyone active and busy every week. 1. You will need to talk to an NPC for your quest which you will need to finish and submit to the NPC. 2. We recommend at least 1 to 2 hours of quest per day or 2 days straight to make you active. 3. Another option is one quest per day or 3x a week. 4. Once you have finished the quest in a day, the following day or in 2 days, you need to finish another quest. 5. Once you have finished all quest, there will be a reward. 6. There will only be 1 quest per MAC address to prevent dual quests. 7. Once you have finished all 4 weeks of quests, there will be a bonus prize for this. 8. Prize Samples: 5 Event Box + Creds (depends on what prize do you prefer). PROS: Player will be more active since we have weekly quest plus, we’ll get more players to join. CONS: Some may not complete the quest due to being busy or may just don’t want to do it. RULES: This content is to help our server and players to make everyone active again and gain more players to go online.
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    IGN: V e n o M Title: MARKET PLACE NPC Short Description INTRO: To ease the trading process and ensuring the safetiness of trading. Mechanics: Pros: - It could make the trading,selling,buying of items easy. - It could make the trading,selling,buying of items safe (To avoid scamming). - It could build good economy (You can put tax on it, if you want) and to avoid over pricing. - With this feature you can sell/trade/buy items while offline. Cons: - This could be hard to developers. Rules: The main idea of this suggestion is to east the trading process and ensuring the safetiness of trading. Wherein, you'll just need to click the market place npc and select whether you want to do trading, selling, or buying. On the trading section, you could put your items at the MARKET PLACE to trade off. you could also search for the items you wanna to trade off like for example: You are looking for 1 pc Nile rose tier 1 and trade it to your 1 pc valkyrie shield tier 1, after having an offer it will automatically sent an email to the player if he/she would agree to the offer. On the selling section, you could only put your items to sell and put your desire amount. for example: You are selling Geo Dragon Wings for 120Black Credits or 12000 Credits, you'll just put Geo Dragon Wings and the amount of 120Black Credits or 12000 Credits and it will automatically transfer to the MARKET PLACE. On the buying section, you could search for the specific items you want to buy or listed on the MARKET PLACE. For example: You are looking for Geo Dragon Wings. Just search for it and buy if you have enough credits to buy. In terms of safetiness, I think with this feature we can avoid or at least lessen those scamming issues, and mistrade, also with this feature it will give a better opportunity to those player who are busy with thier work and don't have enough time to stay long just to buy or sell thier items. All successful transaction will be sent via Mail. I hope this suggestion may help a lot of players who are having hard time to play due to thier busy work, players who are new and don't have an ideal about the pricing, and to avoid greediness. Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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    Entry Format: IGN: Jm Tosh - Creator Title: Hunting Quest System Short Description INTRO: The Hunter's Coast Mechanics: Pros Everyone can take the new content/quest in our server. Players will be able to obtain "DarkRO Hunter's Box" Daily Quest ( 1 Quest per IP/MAC ) Newbie Friendly Quest Reset every 00:00 Server's Time. Newbies will be able to catch up with the items in our server. Cons Low Budget Scavenger Event. Hehe! Rules: The players' character must be in maximum level. Then warp "Ex. Prontera 148 183" for the "Hunter's NPC" Players need to kill random monsters or get drops/items depends on the NPC Quest. After completing the Quest, Go back to the NPC to claim the reward. "DarkRO Hunter's Box". DarkRO Hunter's Box "Reward List Example" 100 Bloody Branch 5 Normal Bubble Gum 3 HE Bubble Gum 50 Credits 100 Credits 1 DarkRO Event Box 1 Castle Drop Box NOTE: DarkRO Hunter's Box rewards modification depends on the GM Staff.
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    IGN: Alexxia - Whitesmith Title: DEFEND OF THE STRONGHOLD Another Activity aside from KOE and WOE to make player active or increased based player count. MECHANIC : This will use the concept of "CONTRIBUTION POINT" 1. There will be "NPC" or "EMPERIUM" with 100% HP at the centre of the map. Player will use NPC or certain portal at Prontera to teleport to the STRONGHOLD Map. 2.Upon teleporting, Player will automatically placed around the "NPC" or "EMPERIUM" and act as a Barricade to defend the "THING" at the centre. 2. There will be Waves of Monster circling the map. This Monster target will be the "THING" at the centre. Player need to clear off the said waves of monster from coming in close contact of the "THING" and breaking it. 4. Each WAVES will have different Difficulty 1st Wave : 10 Amon Ra + 10 Pharaoh (All From Endless Tower) 2nd Wave : 15 Baphomet + 15 Fallen Bishop (All From Endless Tower) 3rd Wave : 20 Golden Thief Bug + 20 Orc Lord + 20 Orc Hero (All From Endless Tower) 4th Wave : 10 Ifrit + 10 Dark Lord + 10 Belzeebub (All From Endless Tower) Last Wave : 10 Valkyrie Randgris + 5 Naght Seiger (All From Endless Tower) 5. The player that "DIED" during defending against the WAVES, can be Ressurect, BUT Only "RESSURECT" skill from Priest can be used inside this map 6. Each Boss Kill will reward player with "CONTRIBUTION POINT" depending on which wave, which is : 1st Wave : 5 Contribution Point for every Boss Killed 2nd Wave : 10 Contribution Point for every Boss Killed 3rd Wave : 10 Contribution Point for every Boss Killed 4th Wave : 15 Contribution Point for every Boss Killed Last Wave : 15 Contribution Point For each VR Killed and 20 Contribution Point For each Naght Seiger killed 7. Contribution Point can be exchange for item at NPC. Suggestion to GM Team : You can use the NPC Exchange for Battleground and the item in it for this 8. For Each "CONTRIBUTION POINT", Player will accumulated 1 "FAME POINT". There will be LeaderBoard Ranking for Player with most "FAME POINT" This is too Highlight Player with the most Contribution during the "DEFEND OF THE STRONGHOLD" RULES :- NO LHZ or RED card can be used inside this map(Thana and Amon Ra acceptable) Once player DIED during DEFENDING, they cannot teleport back(1 Chance per Player) Player only can be REVIVE inside the map with the help of Priest "RESSURECT" skill. NO YGG Leaf can be used inside this map. NOTE TO HIGHER UP: This can replaced the current Battleground that is not Working The Exchange NPC item can be rotate weekly or monthly The "DEFEND OF THE STRONGHOLD" can be done 3-4 times a week (I Leave this to your guys >.<) Please place item that will "ENTICE" player so that they will make afford to join this. Since we have a LARGE Player Based, maybe you guys can adjust how much monster and type of monster that can be spawn during ''THE WAVES'' For The "FAME POINT" i talk about, that is for player themselves. It is to make them feel the 'Sense of Achivement', Same as PVP ranking, "FAME POINT" can reset on monthly basis For the Map, maybe you guys can use the map used during GVG Dark Tournament. PRO's Can replaced the current Battlegound. Re-activate Priest usefulness in-game(Lack used of Priest in-game) Increased player activity inside of games(Reduce of AFK player) CON's Probably not Newbie friendly but can still be managed There might be issue of DC'ed and player cannot enter back inside the map, eventhough they didnt died (I leave this to your guys >.<) Might be some Point issue, Some player will claimed that they join and kill the Boss but didnt get any point, but in truth, they didnt (maybe can use the point concept of Gold Room) Thats all, and Thank You
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    IGN: SouthShaker Title: Item Blueprint - (Crafting Equips/Headgears) Short Description INTRO: Hunt & Craft ! Mechanics: PROS: Players can get rare items/useful equips. It is accessible to all the players, whether they hunt it or buy the materials. New comers can do this and be able to craft/market it. They are non-donate, but they are RARE. It can be a way of earning currency or basic equips for your character. MAP MVPs is now important too, aside from LHZ/Thanatos Tower Bosses. CONS: A lot of work for its script will be done. It will affect the flow of the market Players either who has a lot of time or rich in-game may be able to get them Casual players won't be able to keep it up unless they put a lot of effort to acquire it. It is related to QUEST NPCs, but yeah, it requires an ITEM BLUEPRINT. Rules: As for anyone who is familiar with this, yes you are correct! This idea simply implies ITEM BLUEPRINTS which can be crafted once you get the materials needed. Basically everyone can has access to this but implementing this should be really at a low chance since the server runs in high-rate meta. This said "ITEM BLUEPRINT" differs whether it is a headgear/armor/shield/weapon/garment/costume. How should it be? - Of course it would be only lootable from MVP monsters, but not just any MVP. Only "MAP" MVPs drops these item blueprints, it should exclude the MVPs that gets summoned via Blood Branch to keep its rarity MAP MVPs ? - Yes, this is the classic type we know when it comes to BOSS HUNTING, wherein the MVPs spawns in their designated maps (i.e Stormy Knight - xmas_dun02) Only MAP MVPs has a low chance to drop these item blueprints. What kind of "ITEM BLUEPRINTS" should they be? - This will depend on the staffs of Dark RO, it depends on their scripting on how can they handle it. For example, you got a SANTA HAT BLUEPRINT. To craft this, you need certain materials and simply talk to the crafting NPC. But of course as I have said, it should be useful equips. Do you have any sample ITEM BLUEPRINTS? - As for my idea only, a great example would be VALKYRIE ITEMS, so that aside from Break the Seal Quest, players are able to get this from these BLUEPRINTS. But in order to craft them, they should require a few materials. List of Sample: Valkyrie Armor Valkyrie Shield Valkyrie Shoes Valkyrie Manteau Valkyrie Helm Garment Costume Upper Headgear Equipment/Costumes Middle Headgear Equipment/Costumes Lower Headgear Equipment/Costumes And any other useful stuff that is possible As for additional, MAP MVPs now will have a big role in our server. Many hunters will get their hands to find and kill the spawned MVP in its map, the MAP MVPs should be buffed too in order to avoid solo killing it. Might as well add a "MVP TOMB" to be fair for everyone who desires/wishes to hunt. My ideal suggestion would be 0.1% chance to drop an ITEM BLUEPRINT. This is also a way for collectors to gain extreme rare headgears/costumes. The materials that would needed for each ITEM BLUEPRINT will be decided by the staffs of course.
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    IGN: ANTOK NA Title: Battle Grounds PVP style Short Description INTRO: Every player will have a chance to experience PVP. This will make everyone be part of the game and gives that feeling of belongingness that every player wanted wether you are a newbie or a pro. Mechanics: Pros: 1. More excitement and participation from players in the game. 2. Attract more players to be online. 3. Newbies would be more interested on getting stronger that would boost in game donations / farming / tokens/ boss hunts and buy & sell as well. Cons: 1. There will be some concerns about the team balancing. Rules: 1. Event will take place on Go 15 or any special map. Warp on said map will be prohibited during the event. 2. Every players who wish to participate in the event should enter the portal. Only one player per MAC is allowed to enter the event. 3. There will be three teams compose of 20 players each. 4. The main goal is to wipe all the enemies in 15 minutes so I suggest that this will be a circular map like an arena. 5. The team with highest number of players that are still alive after 15 minutes will win. 6. The winning team will get 20 PVP points each while the loosing teams will get 5 PVP points each only. 7. Those who leave the event early or detected as idle would be penalized and won't be able to join for one week.
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    IGN: PALAWAN BOY - Champion Title: "Path of The Legendary Valkyrian" Short Description INTRO: Since there are always "NEW PLAYERS" or "GUILD" wants to play in the server, this might be the way to help them to reach the items they need. Not all players can afford to buy in the Donation NPC, like this items that are very needed especially "Dragon wings, Cyclop’s Eye and Valkyrie Helm" that use for "UPGRADING COLORED ITEMS" and they are also very limited in the server. This would make the server community friendly. This quest will make the players to do the daily habit of other players like Using Headgear Quest in Mall, taking Bloody Branch, Dead Branch, Mining, Gold Room Farming, Token Quest and Crafting Wings. It will be like a Scavanger Quest. Mechanics: PROS: ALL PLAYERS CAN JOIN (OLD and NEW) and IT WOULD BE A GOOD FARMING FOR ALL. SO OTHER PLAYERS WOULD DO SOMETHING AFTER WOE OR BEFORE WOE. Also its’ a Zeny Burn or Black Credits Burn for the server for balancing the wealth. CONS: Imbalance of Market Price Rules: Note: Requirements can submit per completed parts to avoid overweight. Have also a 1 week Cooldown per Quest/Item to avoid abused. (PER IP/MAC) REQUIREMENTS FOR THE QUEST: FOR VALKYRIE HELM (AROUND 30b – 45b): Firstly you need to show/bring this item to prove you’re a proud Valkyrian. (NEO VALKYRIE HELM – Helm Quest at Mall) 1. ALL KINDS OF HEAD PROTECTOR(Including: Earth, Fire, Lightning, Sound, Water, Wind) 2. HOKAGE HAT – Maximum of 2b 3. MAGIC EYES – 50c 4. ALICE DOLL – Maximum of 2b 5. FEATHER BERET – 50c 6. 100pcs. Valhalla’s Flower – Valkyrie/Randgris – 3 to 5 Credits = Maximum of 5b 7. 500pcs. Baphomet Doll – Baphomet - 5m to 1 Credit = Maximum of 5b 8. 1000pcs. Heroic Emblem – Orc Lord/Orc Hero – 1 Credit = 10b 9. 5pcs. Wrath of Valkyrie – 2b per 200 TOKEN = 10b 10. 10k pcs. GOLD 11. 5xBlack Credits 12. 20pcs. Thorilide Total of Credits that can spend by Rich Players: 40b FOR CYCLOP’S EYE (AROUND 60b – 80b): Firstly you need to show/bring this item to prove you’ve killed the One Eyed Boss Cyclopes (or the Beholder Master). (+8 Chameleon Armor [#2386] – Armor) 1. 500pcs. of Broken Crown – Beelzebub – 1 to 2Credits = Maximum of 10b 2. 500pcs. of Pocket Watch – Kiel D-01 – 1 to 2Credits = Maximum of 10b 3. 100pcs. Fantastic Cooking Kit – Lady Tanee – 1 to 2 Credit = 2b 4. 100pcs. of Ba Gua – Evil Snake Lord – 1 to 2 Credit = 2B 5. 1000pcs. of Crystal Darkness – Incarnation of Morroc – 1 to 5 Million = 5b 6. 100pcs. Old Hit – Gloom Undernight – 3 to 5 Credits = 5b 7. 100pcs. Fragment of Rossatta – Amon Ra – 3 to 5 Credits = Maximum of 10b 8. 500pcs. Ant Jaw – Ungoliant/Phreeoni – 5m to 1 Credit = Maximum of 5b 9. Dark Blinder 10. Blinker 11. Alarm Mask 12. 5pcs. of Freya’s Jewel – 2b per 200 TOKEN = 10b 13. 10k pcs. GOLD 14. 10xBlack Credits 15. 30pcs. Agrocite Total of Credits that can spend by Rich Players: 69b FOR DRAGON WINGS: Firstly you need to show/bring this item to prove you can be the legendary to beat the Dragon. (+10 Dragon Killer [#13001] – Dagger || +10 Dragon Wing [#1724] – Bow) 1. Angel Wing 2. Devil Wing 3. Angeling Wing 4. Fallen Wing 5. Black Butterfly Wing 6. White Butterfly Wing 7. Arctic Wing 8. Demon Wing 9. Gargoyle Wing 10. Phoenix Wing 11. Torn Wing 12. Claw Wing 13. Icarus Wing 14. Baby Pacifier 15. Crunch Toast 16. Oxygen Mask 17. 500pcs. Fire Dragon Scale – Detale – 1 to 2 Credits = Maximum of 20b 18. 500pcs. of Three Headed Dragon – Hydrolancer – 2 to 3 Credits = Maximum of 15b 19. 100pcs. Dragon Breath Cocktail [#12204] 20. 100pcs. Detale Card – 1 to 2 Credits = Maximum of 2b 21. 50pcs. Hydrolancer Card – 30 to 40 Credits = Maximum of 20b 22. 50pcs. Mutant Dragonoid Card – 40 to 60 Credits = Maximum of 30b 23. 500pcs. Dragon’s Mane 24. 1000pcs. Dragon Skin 25. 1000pcs. Dragon Tail 26. 1000pcs. Dragon Canine 27. 1000pcs. Dragon Horn 28. 1000pcs. Dragon Scale 29. 100pcs. of Zhu Po Long Card 30. 100pcs. of Dragon Tail Card 31. 100pcs. of Dragon Egg Card 32. 5000pcs. Yellow Bijou 33. 5000pcs. Green Bijou 34. 5000pcs. Red Bijou 35. 5000pcs. Blue Bijou 36. 5000pcs. Wing of Dragonfly 37. 5pcs. of Feather of Angel Wing – 2b per 200 TOKEN = 10b 38. 10k pcs GOLD 39. 10xBlack Credits 40. 50pcs. Beskar Total of Credits that can spend by Rich Players: 107b
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    IGN: Alby | Job: Sniper Title: New Player Tour Guide Short Description INTRO: As we all know, most players loves quests especially newbies therefore, I've come up with this tour guide setup in order to properly welcome new players and for us to quickly show what kind of community we have in our server. Mechanics: Pros - New players will be able to quickly experience the server's community and how fast they can catch up with the current players; new players will be able to enjoy the game quickly and stay; - This can attract new players as they will not only see our server the same as the other ones where everyone jumps to the real world right away then they're on their own, they'll also see us as a very established server considering we created a proper tour for them; - New players will have a certain goal as soon as they created a character and not have a hard time identifying what are the best ways for farming; - New players will be able to quickly meet friends on the farming sites we have on the tour where they can get more tips and strategies; - Server and Streamers may benefit on this. Cons - This might be time-consuming for our DarkRO Rebirth staff as there will be a lot of updates/codings for new NPCs but very beneficial once done. Rules: QUEST 1: New player must vote 1 time and get a total of 12 points (this should be incorporated with an instruction (include pictures of the prizes they can get with vote points to make it more attractive) to vote on the website): Reward: Custom new player upper headgear costume given once per IP or Account. *This is to educate new players that they can get cool stuff with vote points; personally, I did not know about this until a friend I met in game gave me a tour. Just imagine how many votes we can get if everyone puts at least a single vote* QUEST 2: Reach Basic Level 255 / Job Level 100: Rewards: 1. Free Non-tradeable 1 Free Access to Endless Tower; 2. Free Non-tradeable 20 credits; 3. Free Non-tradeable 2 boxes(5) of token of Siegfried. *New players will aim to reach level 255 and learn about Endless Tower* QUEST 3: Reach at least floor 75 of Endless Tower Rewards: 1. The materials they can get through Endless Tower are good enough as rewards; 2. Something we can add is a bounded Golden Thief Bug Card. *This will challenge our new players to finish the tower up to the top floor; CHALLENGE is one of the factors that can motivate a player and stay playing* QUEST 4: Kill a number of MVP Monsters, Get 40 Vote Points and 40 Activity Points. Rewards: 1. Free 5-day access to monster arena; 2. Free 10-day trial Monster Arena starter pack with option for Paladin and Lord Knight equipment; 3. Free Non-tradeable 20pcs YGG Berry Box. *As everyone knows, 10 players are required to access Floor 3. This will increase the number of players playing in the arena and help them meet new friends who can also guide them throughout the game* QUEST 5: Get 5000 Gold Points in Gold Room: Rewards: 1. Exclusive non-tradable new player middle headgear costume given once per IP or Account; 2. Free Non-tradeable 20pcs YGG Berry Box. *This will revive the gold room farming and educate new players of the gold room farming option* QUEST 6: Participate in invasion 5x. Reward(s): 11. Exclusive non-tradeable new player low headgear costume given once per IP or Account *This will educate new players on the invasion and the prizes they can get through event points* QUEST 7: Join a guild and participate once in KOE and WOE. Rewards: 1. Standard WOE and KOE Points; 2. Free 3-day trial of Valkyrie Armor and Tao Gunka/Ghostring Card. *This will put excitement on new players and motivate them to farm for the best WOE equipment* QUEST 8: Follow/Like at least 3 DarkRO Rebirth Streamers. (DarkRO Staff should create a specific forum content where new players can send proof of the streamers they've liked and followed). Reward(s): 1. 2 DarkRO Rewards Box *This is to introduce our streamers and educate them of the prizes they can get from Giveaways* Overall: This guide is to help the server gain vote points and put excitement on new players at the same time. Based on my experience, I only enjoyed and stayed playing Dark RO because of the people I met in game who guided me throughout the game. Please note that this is just the initial draft and it can be improved if you'll allow it. I am willing to help stabilize the server, attract and help new players.
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    IGN: JMAF - Pally Title: Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) Short Description INTRO: Introduces a new way of spending Donation Tickets. Mechanics: PROS: · Uses Donation Tickets, therefore encouraging players to donate. · Excess DTs by donators can be used. (based on my experience, you can be left with 5-10 DT) · Adds a new thrill to the game. · Promotes donating therefore keeping our beloved DarkRO server alive. CONS: · Might trigger gambling addiction for players lol Rules: An NPC (preferably every time there is a Donation Promo event ongoing) is presented wherein it requires 1DT for a chance to win exciting items/equips. Prizes can range from DT equips such as Valkyrie sets and others up to Consumables (foods) and Costumes (limited headgears or garments). The goal is to offer players a way to use their excess DTs, yet it is still up to the players if they want to go all out xD. Just make sure that the outs or chance of getting said items are comparable to its current DT price. For example: IF Valkyrie Armor = 10DT, OUTS = 1/20 or at least should be more than 10, since this is a gamble/chance.) Also, through this, new equips or costumes can be introduced. For example: A certain Limited Edition Garment Wings or a newly created Headgear can be set as 1st prize, and so on.
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    The Development (Players' Suggestion) IGN: (Lil S e x B a l l s & Baby Super Novice) Title: Remove Refine Ball Short Description INTRO: This will be a new items for the server. Allowing people to remove the refine from armor, garment, shoes and other items that refinable. This could be on Donate NPC, Activity Points NPC, Vote Points NPC and KOE Points. Mechanics: Pros: 1. Players will definitely avail the Remove Refine Balls, as this will remove the unwanted + 4 or +5 on their items. 2. This will encourage more people to re-refine their items. 3. Players will play more for activity points for them to get enough points for the Remove Refine Balls. 4. This will balance the price for Valkyrie Armor, Mantue, Shoes and Helm. (because few people would not even buy already refined +4 items or if they do they will buy it less.) Cons: 1. People/ players will think that it is a strategy to get more money or donates from them. Mechanics: The mechanics will be a lot easier as it sounds. I would suggest to create a new item called "Remove Refine Balls" or "Red Balls" (name can be changed). This will allow the player to unrefined their +4 items. Location: @warp prt_in 22 73 You can place the NPC over here so people will be able to find it easily. This will also allow them to have easy access on Wise Old Woman to de-card their items before they remove the refined. To make this suggestion more benefits towards the server I would suggest to put chance of removing the refined. If this items will give 100% chance it will be a lot easier for players but the server might not get full benefits. 50% chance of removing the +4 refined on any items is huge and it will let players to use a lot of Red Balls to remove their +4 refined. Prices on different NPC: Activity Points NPC - 50 Activity points per balls Vote Points NPC - 40 Vote points per balls KOE Points NPC - 25 KOE points per balls Donate NPC - 1 Donate Ticket (Note: The reason I put this items on Donate NPC, there are a lot of players has got odd numbers of Donate Ticket on their account that they cannot use.) If the item and system will be implemented it will balance the price of all the items that has already refined to +4. This could also help the server as all the Donator will definitely donate for their Red Balls. Another suggestion with this will allowing the items to be tradable so other players can purchase it using Credits or Black Credits. NOTE: if this will be implemented, DO NOT forget to advise the players to de-card their items/armors before the removed the +4 refine, because I am not sure if the developer can do just removing the refine or it will be a replacement of the same items but no refine. I cannot say anything more except this will be a good idea or suggestion for the server.
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    Entry Format: IGN: Machikoy - Creator Title: Strategical Digital Marketing(Inviting more player in the server ) /More People on the server Short Description INTRO: Hi my suggestion is not mostly in game effectiveness such as cards effect implementation and etc. because for me that will only benefit the veteran player and that would be a selfish suggestion and only benefit the old player that have the resources and items already due to their tenureship in the server. However my suggestion is Strategic Digital Marketing for the GM and Developer in Social Media like inviting more player by using Social Media such as Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and Etc. Even I'm new to this server i really appreciate the game because this is my childhood Private Server Game before which was tha DarkRO Force . i really miss this game and i would love to invite more of my friends and colleagues to play this again especially to those RO Players before. I see the balance of the server from Newbie to Veteran player . And im looking forward to that and if that happens i would really be happy to play with more players on the server . And i can see if that happens the economy of the server from Farming and Buying items and etc. will be balance due to more Newbie that would strive harder to be strong. And also if the GM's could less a little the donation amount in every item that would be better and i think if that happens more people would love to Donate to get a decent equips while playing and to be fair also to the old and veterans players of this server. Because for me one thing is for sure to enjoy and love the game we need to invite more people from different countries to play Dark-RO Rebirth we just need to be ready if that happens especially to the Developer side to prevent LAGS and other BUGS. But i surely trust the GM's and Developers of this game that they can handle it. :) KUDOS! Mechanics: PROS More player in the server by inviting them through social media and other streaming sites. More fun and enjoyable game! Great Time and Great Memories playing on this server More WOE rivalries , GVG rivalries and many more!! :) CONS The only problem that i see is the LAGS if more people come to the server (But I'm sure that the Developers can handle it. We as a player just be PATIENCE :) ). Rules: Every player is involve to invite more players to the server . Assist and Teach the newbies well so they will stay in the server. Guide them in their journey until they become stronger and use the advantages of Social Media and the Influence of the Dark RO Rebirth Streamers to invite more player in the server. By giving such a small and useful freebies. Well that's all :) I just really love playing this game and i want to be of help to others so they can enjoy and stay in the server so the server will grow more JUST LIKE THE OLD TIMES :)
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    Entry Format: IGN: Chrono Cross - LK Title: Gold Room Set Short Description INTRO: This is to utilize the gold room and not just as a source of income for players. Point system will be in place and can be traded for gold sets that caters to newbies which are WoE ready. This is so that they can already join WoE from day 1 if they grind for it, while farming for the end game set - T2 Vset. Mechanics: PROS: Newbies can already join WoE using the Gold set, however this Gold set has a duration of 1 month before it expires, giving them ample time to farm for Vset while enjoying WoE. The set can be something similar to how the aurodium set is, however this can be bought via a pointing system. The set effect could give the 50% effect of the Vset and can give 100% anti freeze if all the pieces are worn. Newbies won't wait days just to get the aurodium set. However the gold set can only be bought twice a month, giving newbies switching gears. This is to prevent players from exploiting the free gold vm that can be raised to +10. CONS: Newbies might become lazy to farm for Vset and may opt to just stick with the free gold set. Rules: To further utilize the gold room and not just as a source of income for players. Newbies or old players can also buy a gold set via a pointing system. Say 3k points for a golden armor. The pointing system will be per peco and not the gold points accumulated upon killing pecos. With the way things are going and the market is sky rocketing, newbies can't keep up and would take an ample amount of time to get 15-20b for a T1 VA. However with the Gold set, it is already WoE ready and they can already partake in WoEs.
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    IGN: Atos : high priest Title: 2 Max Deadly Combo INTRO: Because i am more concern about the server population. Pros: another burning Zeny Npc to refresh the market prices. Cons: TWO expensive thing will be combine into ONE Buffed Items. This suggestion base on my experience on the server.The market is dying slowly because majority of the players gets already the items they want ("They get bored"). This Npc will Combine 2 items like lower gear example Mystic dwing + Flame aura=Blue Flame Aura. This NPC will be 100% success rate. They can only get the item thru Combination .its help fixing the market price and the donation will be alive again it's like win win for both players and the servers income.My suggestion will be Change the WOE and GOTM meta.maybe this suggestion will reduce the lags because we going to reduce the items base on Combination reducing items means we going to reduce the pixel of the game. server population was getting slimmer i hope i can help you guys.. it's my pleasure to be part of the kind of event.Even if i lose on this event i will keep messaging my suggestion on discord..Thank you
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    IGN: SniperReady - sniper Title: Bug and cheat hunters Short Description INTRO: Ensures that bugs and issues are detected early Mechanics: PROS : 1.)Players that could find bug or cheat wont hesitate to report it to the gms 2.)Better pvp or gaming experience for players 3.)It will lessen issues from the game itself 4.)It will be easier for the developer to document and fix any defects that may hamper the overall gaming experience. 5.)We can prevent players in doing cheats like No delay or using bugs to make others become laggers 6.)Clean and fair game will attract more players to return or join to our community from other servers. 7.)Actions could be taken to those abusers of the report. 8.)Lastly, even cheaters will be force to report the bugs or cheats that they are using in exchange of PRIZE which is more worthy than continuing doing it. CONS: Cant think of anything aside from this should be investigated thoroughly depends on the report by the gms. Rules: Every player can join this event wherein they could report bugs,glitches, third party tools, cheats or inside job (you know what I mean). And those successful reports will be entitled for a prize depends on the weigh of the issues. (this will depend to GM James). However, proper documentation should be provided which is the proof of it and will be investigated by gm right away. IGN: SniperReady - sniper Title: Bug and cheat hunters Short Description INTRO: Ensures that bugs and issues are detected early Mechanics: PROS : 1.)Players that could find bug or cheat wont hesitate to report it to the gms 2.)Better pvp or gaming experience for players 3.)It will lessen issues from the game itself 4.)It will be easier for the developer to document and fix any defects that may hamper the overall gaming experience. 5.)We can prevent players in doing cheats like No delay or using bugs to make others become laggers 6.)Clean and fair game will attract more players to return or join to our community from other servers. 7.)Actions could be taken to those abusers of the report. 8.)Lastly, even cheaters will be force to report the bugs or cheats that they are using in exchange of PRIZE which is more worthy than continuing doing it. CONS: Cant think of anything aside from this should be investigated thoroughly depends on the report by the gms. Rules: Every player can join this event wherein they could report bugs,glitches, third party tools, cheats or inside job (you know what I mean). And those successful reports will be entitled for a prize depends on the weigh of the issues. (this will depend to GM James). However, proper documentation should be provided which is the proof of it and will be investigated by gm right away.
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    IGN: OmegaHellO Title: MVP CARDS REVAMP (Part 1) Short Description INTRO: Too many MVP Cards that increases damage yet support MVP Cards are too seldom. Mechanics: PROS: · Balance in Offense and Defensive Play · To give update of non-useful MVP Cards for balancing the gameplay CONS: · Balancing the effects should be regarded as well Rules: REVAMP MVP CARDS Pharaoh Card Current Effect: Reduce SP Cost by 30% (Headgear) Revamp Effect: Reduce SP Cost by 20% Reduce After Cast Delay by 10% +5% Non-Neutral Reduction Osiris Card Current Effect: Enable Full HP and SP restoration when resurrected. (Accessory) Revamp Effect: +5% HP +3 VIT +5% Neutral Damage Reduction White Lady Card Current Effect: Gives 1% chance to cast Level 5 Sanctuary when being hit. If the player has Sanctuary at LVL.10 already, it will be casted at Lvl.10 instead. (Accessory) RO Original Effect: Increases effectiveness of Healing Skills by 30% when they are cast by the wearer. Increase SP consumption by 15% Revamp Effect: Increase effectiveness of Healing Skills and use of Healing items by 10% +5 DEF +5 MDEF Dracula Card Current Effect: Adds a 10% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted on a target as SP with each attack. (Weapon) Revamp Effect: +10% HP Each refine in weapon gives an additional 1% demi-human reduction. (1 Card per item Limit) Detardeurous Card Current Effect: (Armor) -20MDEF Gains Immunity Against Frozen Status Adds a chance of auto-casting Level 1 Land Protector each time the wearer is magically attacked. Revamp Effect +15 MDEF +50% Immunity to Frozen Status +3%HP per refine of Armor.
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    Entry Format: IGN: Duane - Stalker Title: War of Emperium Version 2.0 (Classic Edition) Short Description INTRO: Special Edition of War of Emperium with no Donation are rare cards edi Mechanics: Pros: • Newbies can participate without getting overpowered by players who already have end game items. • All players will have a fair competition amongst themselves, new or old. • Newbie guilds will have a chance to get items from treasure box from the castle. • Newbies will be able to showcase their talent and play fairly with other players who already have item advantage. • Bunch of events may branch out from this version of WoE. Cons: • Setup of item restrion within the castles of WoE Version 2.0 • As there is already a standard WoE happening, it will be hard to pinch another time slot for this WoE Version. Rules: Rules may vary depending on the progress and feedback of the participating guilds/players. 1. No LHZ Cards 2. No Red Cards (Amon Ra, Thanatos, etc..) - May include newly revamped cards. 3. No Valkyrie Items. 4. No BTS Items. 5. No Items from the Donation Shop (Including Costumes with stats) 6. Aurodium Equips are not allowed. Some Newbies wont have the access to have this equipment unless they have played for a month. 7. Lotti Items are not allowed to have a fair competition that includes newbie players/guilds. 8. Star Wars Headgears are not allowed. 9. Limited castles only, for trial 2 FE and 1 SE. 10. Special edition of Hot Agit Event for WoE Version 2.0 11. Will happen on Mondays or Wednesdays where no standard WoE is scheduled (Outside KoE hours). Hot KOE are usually happening on Fridays. Castle drops on the castles for the WoE Version 2.0 should be different and should consider newbies needs. May include BTS items for newbies and old players be competitive.
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