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YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! - This is the legit DarkRO Rebirth. (James)


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    Hello Citizens of the Republic! It has been a week since “The Event” and despite the difficulties and setbacks, the server has become relatively stable. Before anything else, on behalf of the new management, we sincerely apologize for what happened. “The Event” was a major financial dispute that resulted in the dismissal of paid developers and their cohorts. It is quite unfortunate that some people would not change for the better despite the blessings that have come their way. We were lucky enough to have saved the server at an earlier time. If this would have happened 6 months from now, the server economy would be in total chaos and the features and updates that earns a server its reputation would not have been given any attention. Thank you for sticking with us! Moving forward, DarkRO Rebirth is now heading towards proper server development and balancing to keep the game interesting instead of flooding it with costumes. Below are some updates that we would want you to know about. R2-D2’s Update Logs Server Security was on the very top of our list. We had to ensure that hijacking was no longer possible and that no in-game exploits are taken advantage of. Here are several actions we have taken to ensure the security of the server. @item – Removed from the source code. (Even GM James cannot @item anymore) Shower Event Command – Removed from the source code. GM Powers Command – Removed from the source code. Constant Server Backup – Every 2 hours except during WoE, KoE and BG. (Will gradually adjust to longer gaps in between) Server Files Access – Now exclusive to GM James. Illegally obtained items from the previous developer is consistently being traced and deleted and the involved accomplices are permanently banned. All legitimate Thanatos Cards before “The Event” have been listed down and that leaves us with less than 5% left to complete the investigation. We should be done by tonight and all that would be left are legitimate cards from hunting. All legal LHZ cards have been accounted for. The rest have been confiscated and deleted. Illegally obtained high refine items including god items were confiscated and deleted. All known accomplices of the previous developer have been banned and/or gepard blocked. RMT Sellers are consistently being caught and banned. Lost item cases are being taken care of 1 at a time. Unfortunately, about 80-90% of these cases have been found to be caused by players who logged into the stolen server to taunt and provoke the previous developer which resulted in retaliation and turned into a hack case in the legitimate DarkRO Rebirth server. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do with these particular hack cases anymore. For legitimate lost item cases, please understand that the power needed to complete the investigation on your case lies only with GM James and he is taking care of them 1 by 1. In order to complete the investigation, sufficient evidence must be collected and some of it can only be obtained while the server is down during maintenance otherwise, the server will lag with extra queries being sent to the database. We hope you understand and thank you for your patience. Other updates are as follows: Organized new staff roles and responsibilities. Ongoing forum clean up and restoration. DarkRO Mobile – https://dark-ro.com/forum/topic/4325-great-news-for-mobile-users-in-the-republic/ Other commitments of the previous management will still be reviewed and will all be addressed soon. Thank you and may the force be with you!
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    Greetings citizens of the republic! We promised you content, we're giving you content! This day marks our first major update and we hope we're off to a good start based on your standards. We still have a lot more in our to-do list but we couldn't finish them in time so they'll be released in the next patch but we hope this first one will meet your expectations. More improvements will gradually pick up speed as we finish residual clean up work and switch to high gear on research & development. On July 27, 2020 at 3AM (Server Time - GMT+8), we will be conducting a server maintenance which will require a complete server shut down in order to safely perform and implement updates and fixes to the server files. Below are few of the updates included in this scheduled maintenance. Gepard Updates Item Buffs New WoE Castles Skill & Item Fixes Exploit Fixes New Costumes The server's engines will be shut down for about 4-8 hours which includes both implementation and testing. We urge you to log off beforehand to avoid account related issues and make all the necessary preparations. We have assigned C-3PO to assist in creating the maintenance notes and we will be posting his list as soon as the server is back up and self-sustaining. Please take the time to rest or join us in our official communications channels: Facebook Fanpage - https://www.fb.com/DarkRagnarokRebirth/ Facebook Group- https://www.fb.com/groups/DRORebirth/ Discord - https://discord.gg/52cKEgh See you again soon and may the force be with you!
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    Hello citizens of the republic! I come before you with more good news regarding your preferred handheld platform! GM James has decided on pushing the switch from AndRO over to XPRO! We have been in contact with XPRO’s developers for the past week and have already completed the initial pre-installation, compatibility and development checks! We are going for it! Our development team is currently juggling several tasks all at once and is barely getting 2 hours of straight sleep. They are direct descendants of maintenance and repair droids and they are currently in the process of studying all of the functions and features of XPRO. Security and stability is their top priority and beta testing may be able to start 2 weeks from now! XPRO – A Cross-Platform Ragnarok Online Client XPRO is a client based on the RoBrowser project by KeyWorld and acts as the update to port it over to mobile devices. It claims to be the most advanced custom RO client ever made and has the advantage of being very lightweight and cross platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS & Android). Check out XPRO’s official demo video below: We are very excited to try this out ourselves when testing is open and we really hope our mobile users appreciate this update. We apologize for the lack of information regarding mobile. We just didn’t want to announce anything prematurely without confirming anything first. See you soon on DarkRO Rebirth Mobile! Thank you and may the force be with you!
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    Funny thing is you keep bashing the current Devs when we both know they've been in the team only after a month since the "EVENT". To answer your query, by timeline (my estimate) after the event; 1st week - the Dev team worked on the server recovery after the shit Anakin tried to destroyed it. 2nd week - Server security - Given that Anakin is a previous admin GM, he has plenty of ways to access the server therefore Devs need check EVERYTHING. See the New server patch and User Interface? =) 3rd week - Staff Management - Each of the staff has been given specific roles to manage and avoid crossing other staff's role to avoid the previous issue with the GMs. This is also the time where they started working on the proxy servers etc. This is also the time they reviewed legitimate LHZ and Thana cards, item upgrades etc. along with banning accounts and item recovery. 4th week up to now - GCash Donation access, Mobile Access, Forums cleanup. Now, which of the above items is more important than the Lag and FPS drop issue? LOL. They are not saying that it isn't important however, there are far more important things to do when working with a server online rather than a new server without players online 24/7. So Stop whining.You are the one being unprofessional here =) Next, to keep up with the donators, the game need new items. So false, a lot of people are actually requesting this =) So next time, check the facts first before commenting. =)
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    Hello anDROID users of the republic, We sincerely apologize for the lack of information regarding your favorite platform. Unfortunately, we have discovered security issues in the current android client which could have also affected the previous management. We've have decided to postpone development in the android client that we are currently using until we are 100% satisfied that it cannot be maliciously exploited. On the other hand, we are also considering upgrading to a more secure and stable client to provide a better experience. Rest assured, android will be back as soon as possible! R2-D2 is awesome and C3-PO may be annoying but is still lovable so it's safe to say that we have not forgotten our droids. You will all receive the same compensation that desktop users have received in case you haven't claimed yet. It'll be exclusive to you and desktop users will not be able to benefit from it anymore. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience but we look forward to a better android! -Yoda
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    Hi! These are very good points you have here but let me try my best to address them one at a time. Yes I've heard about this. The previous dev also had his issues in the past but at an extreme level. I think we all have some hidden dirt in our lives at some point. The only difference is, James used to be a regular player like us but now owns the server he is working on and he knows the exact negative effects of that to a server. The previous admin was still clearly involved in something that did not do the server any good which is why it lead to him being expelled along with his loyal staff. I talked to James 1 on 1 before he hired me and he told me his ultimate goal for DarkRO Rebirth is for it to live very long much like the original DarkRO and focus on gameplay and content instead of costumes. These were his promises that made me agree to take on the job he had for me. The removal of these commands was mainly due to security issues and that guarantees that it will not be usable unless there's a valid purpose approved by both admin and management teams. This ensures that nobody else except the allowed individuals would be able to produce items in the server through GM commands. It is a given that we would still need to produce items for events and other purposes but hacking, hijacking and 3rd parties are guaranteed to not be able to produce anything illegal now. Obviously we wouldn't be able to send you server files so you can check whether it has been removed or not due to security issues. It can be installed back again but only when needed such as producing event prizes but it is now removed immediately after use and can only be used by James himself. The only answer that can be given at this point would be to trust GM James and his genuine intentions of taking care of the server he loves so much. The removal of the previous team involved in the exact activities we fear (which they proved themselves btw), would also work towards proving that James wants the best for the server. DarkRO Rebirth is a success in his book and it would be very unwise to treat it as a cash grab server much like the intentions of the previous dev.
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    Attention citizens of the republic, Earlier at around 4PM (GMT+8), we conducted an unannounced server maintenance. Here are the updates below: Added Proxy Servers TORONTO, CANADA FRANKFURT, GERMANY LONDON, ENGLAND NEW YORK, NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO, USA Reset Bright Arbor and Kriemhild for tonight's WoE Event. Click HERE for more information. Optimized the backup method currently being used for the server. We understand that there were no announcements prior to the server restart earlier and some of you might have wondered if something bad had happened. Rest assured that our server is secure from attacks but we are not 100% in the clear yet. Our awesome jedi-like developers are still working day and night ensuring that you will all have a better experience after the incident. We would also like to hear your feedback regarding the new Server Proxies and if they're working well for you. Again, we apologize for the sudden maintenance and we thank you for your continued support. May the force be with you! -Yoda
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    Greetings citizens of the republic! On August 5, 2020 at 3AM (Server Time - GMT+8), we will be conducting a server maintenance which will require a complete server shut down in order to safely perform and implement updates and fixes to the server files. Below are few of the updates included in this scheduled maintenance. New Items Minor THQ Requirement Modifications Some quality of experience improvements And the usual bugs and fixes. The server's engines will be shut down for about 3-6 hours which includes both implementation and testing. We urge you to log off beforehand to avoid account related issues and make all the necessary preparations. We have assigned C-3PO to assist in creating the patch notes and I will be posting his list as soon as the server is back up and self-sustaining. Please take the time to rest or join us in our official communications channels. Facebook Fanpage - https://www.fb.com/DarkRagnarokRebirth/ Facebook Group- https://www.fb.com/groups/DRORebirth/ Discord - https://discord.gg/52cKEgh See you again soon and may the force be with you! -Yoda
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    Thank you for this! It's nice to see people understand the amount of work on each of out plates and the decisions we have to make based on the importance of our tasks. I for one am supposed to lead the forum and improve it but the team needed help with other things so I only completed the critical tasks here and helped the team release a successful patch on the 27th. The FPS Drop issue is being discussed and is one of the major issues we are trying to solve. We already have a few suspects and we'll be conducting tests to see which one of them really is to blame. Unfortunately, the best way to test our theories is to test them live and during WoE because it's difficult re-create the exact scenarios during WoE by ourselves. -Yoda
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    Just wait and stop complaining. You people are playing the game for free and yet you still cry and complain. Devs are aware of the server issues and that would be fixed in a matter of time. Be patient and understanding as it is not easy maintaining such server that caters thousands of players at the same time.
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    its obvious that players just want lag and fps drop issue fix. Stop implementing new items in game and just focus on fixing the lag and fps drop issue first. Lag and FPS Drop issue should be the number one priority.
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    Of all the updates I included in the post, I'm glad this one caught your attention the most. :P We already have a bunch of stuff lined up to be fixed, added or modified to slowly improve game play and balance things out. Watch out for the next update!
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    Hi DarkRO players, For the streamers, I was informed that there were some issues (or rumors) going around regarding this. I will highlight those rumors that I heard one by one: Streamers were removed from the team: This rumor is a false rumor. One by one, the former streamers stepped down due to the fact that they did not like the new streamer program that was offered. Streamers, without mentioning any names, already got paid which is why other streamer left: Again, this is another false rumor. No one got paid yet. By the time these former streamers left, the pay structure and conditions were still being discussed. Feel free to message regarding this rumors. Thanks! Marshal, Game Master
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    @Marshal, Good day! I think the ISP is not the reason of the delay/lag we are currently experiencing in the server, as you can see players are lagging with some having low pings, high download and upload speeds and even players playing abroad are complaining. Kindly re validate and verify the lag issues to your respective host. Stop with ISP reasons we all know the game was smooth after every server restart. Thank you 😊 0 packet loss but still stop dancing
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    Hi if you donated 250 usd you will get 1 halter, 2 jtix and 1 aura coupon?
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    Also add Daily Quest or Daily Hunt (with cooldowns, of course) for Activity Points as well as reworking of some useless MVP cards to provide more build options. More Power!
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    Take note, this is just a 2d games and we're facing some really bad fps/lag issues despite having a really good fps/lag on dota 2 / valorant / different RO server.. We really want to play in this server, but do something about the problem. NOT Covering up with your new bla bla announcements and new item/quests implementations. Also, stop telling us that you guys are working on it, as it's already been 1-2 months since the issue began and were not getting any GOOD results.
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    +1 to all of this, "We", your players doesn't want new items or new any implementations. Kindly prioritize the FPS DROP / Lag issue first before everything else as this is already been an issue since the WOE STARTED. SO. PLEASE. DO. SOMETHING. ABOUT. THIS.
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    Unfortunately, we discovered a major security flaw in andRO and we couldn't let it continue. Unless andRO's developers are able to secure this flaw, we might not even consider going back at all. The server's security trumps whatever reputation XPRO has in this case.
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    Yes, yes and yes. We'll consider every single suggestion this time. And yes, please re-submit them because it's hard to keep track of the old ones that got rejected by the previous dev. Ooohh that's a tricky one. But the answer to that must remain the same to be fair for all and to avoid fake claims. I'm really sorry but this case cannot be considered.
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    Thank you GM's for all your hard work. Let's rebuild this wonderful server.
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    We've been in contact with them for the past few days now. :) Standby for updates. We just want to make sure everything is secure before we move on.
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    Appreciate the effort working on this one. While you're at it, I suggest changing AndRO to XPRO, so you can cater both Android and iOS users as well. It has better controls and general implementation over AndRO. Check it here https://intro.vykimo.com/
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    Hoping to fix this soon too. :) More Power for DARK RO. now the server is better! Thank you
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    GM's/SO Thanks for the efforts to fix AndRO, you have our support and we wish that it will be fix ASAP Thanks again and more power!
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    Hope it will be fix soon please , i want to play again. more power admins
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    When signing up for a new account with DarkRO: Rebirth, you agree to our Rules and Regulations and you have read our Privacy Policy, including our Terms of Agreement. In any case, DarkRO: Rebirth reserve the right to change any rule without prior notice. Strict enforcement of our regulations is absolute and found offenders will be punished at our discretion. Account Registration Only one forum account per person is allowed for registration. Avoid sharing your account information to anyone. The DarkRO: Rebirth Staff will never ask for your login credentials. Multiple registrations of newly created forum accounts will be banned and you risk your main forum account being terminated as well. Display Name Display names must not be made up of a URL or offensive words. Display names must not be a form of advertisement for other servers. Display name length is between 3 to 15 characters with no restrictions. Profile Photo Profile photos must not contain prohibited contents. Profile photos can have a maximum file size of 4.88 MB. Profile photo file types that are accepted: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png. Signature Do not use extremely large text, referral or affiliate links and must not contain any form of profanity. Signatures can contain a maximum of 5 lines of text or a maximum of 3 lines of text if you're also using an image. Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, with a limit of two images with combined maximum dimensions of 500x100. Impersonation The impersonation of other forum users and the DarkRO: Rebirth Staff within the Community Boards is not allowed. Intentionally imitating another forum user or Staff's display name and/or profile photo for inauspicious purposes will not be tolerated Punishment Evasion It is expected from the DarkRO: Rebirth Community to know the server's Rules and Regulations and being ignorant about it will never be a valid justification in any situation that may arise. Do not try to rule out the possibility of a forum mute or ban by creating new accounts. Anticipating an escape clause in the rules and using that as a reason to avoid fair moderation will not be allowed. No Prohibited Content It is anything which can be considered inappropriate to be shown on this forum. These includes that which is related to pornography/sexually-oriented, illicit affairs that can be incriminating, offensive or explicit to the general public, malicious and obtrusive of one's privacy through profile pictures, signatures, media and links shared. No Abusive Demeanor These are actions such as flaming, bullying, trolling, instigating, personal attacks, spreading of rumors, harassment and racism, religious and ethnic slurs, sexism, threatening, and unlawful, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, hateful under other conditions known as objectionable language. No Profanity Cussing is considered profanity. Posts containing swearing/offensive, derogatory, obscene or otherwise distasteful language will be edited or removed without prior notice and will incur a warning point for your forum account. No Real Money Trading (RMT) Real Money Trading (RMT) for any in-game item is frowned upon and is strictly forbidden. Attempting to make money or advertising your personal business using the server Community Boards will not be tolerated. You are only allowed to trade content like artworks for in-game items. Respect the DarkRO: Rebirth Staff If you encounter a problem with any unjust action from a Staff member, reporting them to the Administration Team is the most acceptable way of dealing with the issue without any bias decision. Any post or topic to stir unnecessary drama against a Staff member and gain sympathy from the Community will be removed on sight. No unsolicited PMs to DarkRO: Rebirth Community Member At any rate should you private message any member of the community for the reasons of advertising, marketing or promoting any form of solicitation, peddling or requesting goods and/or services, we reserve the right to terminate your account if proven guilty. Our purpose here is to specifically prevent unwanted messages to circulate. No typing in all CAPS. No spamming or unnecessary advertising. Use descriptive and appropriate titles in creating new topics. Bumping of topics more than once within 24 hours is prohibited. Avoid double postings or duplicate threads. Make it a habit to use the search button. Avoid Necroposting: posting in a thread that has been relatively inactive for a long period of time. Make sure to post in the correct forum section. DarkRO: Rebirth Staff and Moderators will move your thread if necessary. Make it a habit to use our Search Bar before posting any topic to find out if your issue has already been dealt with in the past. Use our Support Ticket System if you need to report violations or appeal to certain issues but do not abuse it to draw attention to your topic.
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    Keep waiting for how long? Players are not going to tolerate the lag and fps drop forever. Do you want DarkRO Rebirth to start losing players first before something happens? This is unprofessional, this is not right. The obvious problem in the server right now is Lag and FPS Drop, so please focus on fixing this first. Who requested to have new items and new castles implemented in game? - No One. Who requested to fix the Lag and FPS Drop issues in game? - Everyone. @James
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