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    IGN of Pair: Sacrifice & Blazea Caption: It started from the moment I saw you, I noticed your eyes they sparkle like the stars. ♥ Theme: Serenade.
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    Before the proposal scene: IGN Pair: Kim Seon Ho & Yung Pink Caption: "I know my life will never be complete without you beside me to share it." Theme: Marriage Proposal
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    IGN of Pair: Rebellion and Hibari Leif Caption: ''We're partners in crime so everyday is valentines.'' Theme: Gangsta
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    IGN Pair: Pseudokinesis & Lamp Caption: Love is like an uncontrollable beast in the form of flower. It blossoms at the strangest and the most unpredictable moment, resonating my feelings for you. Theme: The Emergent Bloom
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    IGN of pair : TIMawa & PA subo NaMan Caption: "Grow old with you" Theme: Super baby love story
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    IGN of Pair: Maffy & Napolitana. Caption: Whatever words I say, I will always love you. Theme: Dancing in Jawaii.
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