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    Entry Format: IGN: Duane - Stalker Title: War of Emperium Version 2.0 (Classic Edition) Short Description INTRO: Special Edition of War of Emperium with no Donation are rare cards edi Mechanics: Pros: • Newbies can participate without getting overpowered by players who already have end game items. • All players will have a fair competition amongst themselves, new or old. • Newbie guilds will have a chance to get items from treasure box from the castle. • Newbies will be able to showcase their talent and play fairly with other players who already have item advantage. • Bunch of events may branch out from this version of WoE. Cons: • Setup of item restrion within the castles of WoE Version 2.0 • As there is already a standard WoE happening, it will be hard to pinch another time slot for this WoE Version. Rules: Rules may vary depending on the progress and feedback of the participating guilds/players. 1. No LHZ Cards 2. No Red Cards (Amon Ra, Thanatos, etc..) - May include newly revamped cards. 3. No Valkyrie Items. 4. No BTS Items. 5. No Items from the Donation Shop (Including Costumes with stats) 6. Aurodium Equips are not allowed. Some Newbies wont have the access to have this equipment unless they have played for a month. 7. Lotti Items are not allowed to have a fair competition that includes newbie players/guilds. 8. Star Wars Headgears are not allowed. 9. Limited castles only, for trial 2 FE and 1 SE. 10. Special edition of Hot Agit Event for WoE Version 2.0 11. Will happen on Mondays or Wednesdays where no standard WoE is scheduled (Outside KoE hours). Hot KOE are usually happening on Fridays. Castle drops on the castles for the WoE Version 2.0 should be different and should consider newbies needs. May include BTS items for newbies and old players be competitive.
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    IGN: JMAF Title: Trooper’s Tasks / Daily Yoda Short Description: Main objective is to introduce a day-to-day activity for all. Mechanics PROS: Player-friendly; tasks are time-efficient. Provides a sense of responsibility for all, therefore encouraging them to play. Promotes daily login; increases online player count even on an ordinary day. Newfound worth for current unused loots from certain MVPs or mobs. Introduces a new way of profitability for players since requested loots will gain value. Players will gain something useful yet at the same time, it won’t affect the server in terms of money/credit supply. Allows the Dev/Tech team & Staff to be creative and playful, boosting their morale. Increased control towards the market for the Dev/Tech team. New loots or consumables can be introduced by the Dev/Tech team through this. CONS: Might be script heavy or hectic for the Dev/Tech team since this is a daily instance. (if so, weekly instance can be considered) Rules Task/s: Certain items or loots are being requested by an NPC, which in return will hand you the reward(s) for the day. Example: Collect 1 Fireblend, 20 Burning Hearts and 20 Flame Hearts. In return, you will be rewarded with a sufficient amount of Fireproof Potion, 2 Steamed Tongue, etc. The main gist is that a player will hunt for something in exchange for something useful. Said tasks can be done once per day; therefore rewards are claimed only once. (once per Account or IP or/and Mac address if deemed necessary) Additional rewards can be given if a player manages to complete a week or a 7-day consecutive task accomplishment. (or a 4-week streak if weekly instance is considered) Suggestion for Requested Loots may be loots from MVP or mobs which are accessible to all (e.g. Masamune from Incantation Samurai, Sea-Otter fur from Sea Otter). Suggestion for Rewards are consumables or loots of common rarity, so it won’t affect the market that much (e.g. +10 foods, Ygg Boxes, Gloom Boxes). (can also be Account Bound if deemed necessary)
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