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    Desktop Users: Laptop Users (dgVoodoo) IF YOU'RE ON A DEKSTOP, THIS IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. SKIP TO SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS BELOW. - dgVoodoo is not game-changing software. What this does is it helps setup.exe see and use our dedicated GPU. STEPS: Download files.7z. ( http://www.mediafire.com/file/wt7ocgx2gen9kit/files.7z/file ) Extract files.7z to Desktop. Copy and paste all files to your DarkRO folder. (Keep a backup of your clean DarkRO folder just in case) Right Click Desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel Click Manage 3D Settings tab on the left. In the main window, Click Program Settings. Click Add > Browse then find your DarkRO.exe and select it. Under "2. Select the preferred graphics...." select High-performance NVIDIA processor. Click Apply on the bottom right of the window. Repeat Step 7-9 with your Setup.exe. Open dgVoodoo in your RO folder. Set config folder to your RO folder if not set. Under Glide Tab, uncheck all misc settings. Under DirectX Tab, set VRAM to 1024MB Under DirectX Tab, uncheck dgvoodoo watermark. Under DirectX Tab, check Fast video memory access Finally, Open your RO setup.exe and set Graphic Setting to your GPU. Select the first one. Once completed, watch the videos below and perform all of the recommended settings and tips. System Improvements (Laptop & Desktop) Perform Windows 10 Improvements NVIDIA Improvements (For NVIDIA users only) AMD Improvements (For AMD users only) © - Credits to the rightful owner who created this guide
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