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    when i change my pass it says Invalid login credentials, please verify that you typed the correct info and try again. but it was my correct password everytime i change it always invalid but when i reset my password and use the temporary password i can log in but when i change it back again always invalid whats the problem of this please help sir/mam any idea or suggestion??
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    August 21, 2021 19:00 GMT+8 Server Time Mechanics: • Single Elimination Tournament • Semi Finals Best of 3 • Finals Best of 5 • FIRST JOB BABIES (Must be Baby) • Max Base Level: 255 | Job Level: 50 • NO JOB CLASS REPITITION - You may not use the same class. (i.e Archer & Archer) • No item restrictions • Lighthalzen Cards Disabled • No excessive running & hiding. • No individual recalls when the match has started • No Time Limit - Winner will be decided if either of the group/party has wiped the other or either of the party has voluntarily surrendered. REQUIREMENTS OF PARTIES TO REGISTER: Pre-Registration Party Name: Party Members & Jobs: Registration is open from August, 15, 2021 GMT+8 Server Time UNTIL August 20, 2021 11:59PM Prize: Champion: 200 Black Credits + 5 Dark RO Event Box Second Place: 100 Black Credits + 5 Dark RO Event Box Consolation Prize: 5 Black Credits Per Appearing Party
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