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  1. Be the Lords of DarkRO! Prove your guild’s might once and for all and let your teamwork do the talking! May the force be with you all! Season 2 of DarkRO: Rebirth's Agit Lords will start on October 21, 2020! OVERVIEW The Guild of the Month event shall now be known as DarkRO: Rebirth's Agit Lords. It is now comprised of 2 separate major events. Event 1: Agit Lords Starts on October 21, 2020 We will be using the first GOTM's automated point system. Points garnered in the postponed GOTM back in August will no longer be honored due to this system change. Points will only be given during Wednesday and Sunday WoE slots. Saturday will remain a regular WoE day. No pre-qualifications. All guilds are welcome. Ends on November 11, 2020. Event 2: The Dark Tournament: Who's Your Daddy? (Guild VS Guild) Completely separate event. Only loyal and active guilds in the server who pre-registered in the Guild Leader Discord are allowed to compete in this tournament. (16 Guilds already in list, we will post soon 16 Guilds in the list) Group Stage (Round Robin) then Main Stage (Single Elimination). AGIT LORDS The following FE castles will be open for the Agit Lords Event. Sunday Kriemhild Swanhild Fadhgridh Bright Arbor Bergel Mersetzdeitz Rothenburg Wednesday Scarlet Palace Holy Shadow Eeyolbriggar Yesnelph Neuschwanstein Hohenschwangau Second Edition castles will still be open for regular WoE during the Agit Lords phase. They will not garner you points. Second Guilds They will be allowed. Friendly fire enabled. Points earned will not be added to the main guild. The same restrictions with the usual WoE applies (MBK/Provoke/Ice Wall/Ensemble/LHZ Cards) Pets are not allowed inside the castle grounds. The following skill buffs will be removed upon entering the castle grounds: Maximum Over Thrust Assumptio Enchant Deadly Poison Berserk All ensemble related buffs AGIT LORDS: Point System There are four categories in which a guild can earn points: Longest Defense: The guild with the longest defense time. (PER CASTLE) +1 pt. Attack Factor: The guild with the highest number of players killed, WHO IS NOT THE CASTLE OWNER while on the offense (PER CASTLE). +1 pt. Defense Factor: The guild with the highest number of players killed while defending their conquered castle (PER CASTLE). +1 pt. Castle Holder: The castle owners by the end of every WoE period. +1 pt. AGIT LORDS: Miscellaneous Awards We will be awarding the players/guild who garnered: MOST KILLS (PLAYER) MOST CASTLES BROKEN (GUILD) BEST EMERGENCY CALL - SUBMITTED WITH PROOF OF DATE Submissions will start on October 21, 2020 and end on November 11, 2020. Staff members will pick the top 10 videos and they will be added to the Poll NPC at the start of Phase 2 for public voting. Video links will be posted in the forums. BEST MOMENT/BLOOPER VIDEO SUBMISSION RELATED TO GOTM This can be a heroic moment, an awesome comeback, an epic last second break, or something very funny. Server rules apply. Submissions will start on October 21, 2020 and end on November 11, 2020. Staff members will pick the top 10 videos and they will be added to the Poll NPC at the start of Phase 2 for public voting. Video links will be posted in the forums. Event 2: The Dark Tournament: Who's Your Daddy? (GVG) The following rules rules and requirements are to be met in order to join The Dark Tournament. The participating guilds should have a minimum of 42 members and a maximum of 54. Any guild which will lack or exceed the said number will be disqualified from participating and will result to an automatic win on the opposing guild. Prohibited Cards: LHZ Cards, Memory of Thanatos Card, Valkyrie Randgris Card, Ifrit Card, Berzebub Card, Amon Ra Card, and Zakudam Card. No armor and weapon prohibitions. Everything, including the newly updated and revamped weapons, will be allowed. A test recall will be done. All participating guilds will be recalled one-by-one inside the GvG arena before the war proper to make sure they follow the member requirement. Pets, mercenaries, and homunculi are not allowed inside the arena. Violators will be issued a warning. A second violation will incur a disqualification for the current round. Guild Masters are not allowed to use the skill Emergency Call inside the arena. The following skill buffs will be removed inside the guild arena Maximum Over Thrust Assumptio Enchant Deadly Poison Berserk THE DARK TOURNAMENT: Additional Rules We will first conduct a Group Stage for the 16 qualified guilds participating in The Dark Tournament. Guilds will be divided into 4 groups (Group A,B,C, and D), and the guilds in each group will battle against each other (Round Robin, Best of 1). The top two seeds of each group will then advance onto the Main Stage, and the two bottom seeds shall bid farewell and will be out of the tournament. In case of a tie during the Group Stage, the guilds that tied shall once again battle each other to determine which guild/s will advance to the Main Stage. Slots for the Group Stage will be determined by a random pick by the GMs during a Livestream. (Pick Em's) Each Main Stage match will be a Best of 3, Single Elimination. Best of 5 for Grand Finals match in the Main Stage. Guilds will be given 5 minutes of preparation time. Once the guilds are recalled inside the arena for the match, the event master will then check both sides alternately for disconnection calls. If the guild is ready, the guild master should notify the event master by opening a chatroom or using @request. The event master will only answer to the guild master. In case of a disconnection call, the guild will only be allowed a maximum of 2 minutes to wait for their disconnected members. Only one disconnection call will be entertained per match. Succeeding disconnection calls will not be entertained. Thus, the guild will have to fight with its current present members. No disconnection calls will also be entertained in the middle of the brawl or after the "GO" signal from the event master. Both guilds are not to move from their assigned areas until the "GO" signal from the event master is broadcasted. Violating this rule will result in a warning, a second violation will result in a disqualification for the current round. Each round will only last for 10 minutes. After the time limit, the event master will disable all skills. Surviving players of both guilds are expected to immediately form a line next to each other. A headcount will be done for the remaining members of both guilds. Whoever has the higher number of surviving members wins the round. We strongly recommend not to use any customized GRFs. We will not be held responsible for any errors that occur and this will not be considered as a disconnection call. Any type of 3PP or cheat that will used and caught in the act during the event will be sanctioned. As for the guild, an automatic disqualification, as for the the individual player who cheated, an investigation will be conducted but the account will remain on hold/banned until the investigation is finished. Any additional rules will be made and added as necessary. AGIT LORDS PRIZES Rank 1: 300 Black Credits + Exclusive Auras + 54 Event Box + 4pcs Star Wars Box + 2Pcs 4th Job Ticket + 1 Job Ticket Rank 2: 200 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 3pcs Star Wars Box + 1 4th Job Ticket Rank 3: 130 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 2pcs Star Wars Box + 1 4th Job Ticket Rank 4: 70 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 1pcs Star Wars Box + + 1 4th Job Ticket Rank 5: 60 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 2 Job Tickets Rank 6: 50 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 2 Job Tickets Rank 7: 40 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 2 Job Tickets Rank 8: 30 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 1 Job Ticket Rank 9-15: 15 Black Credits + 54 Event Boxes + 1 Job Ticket Best Video Moment: 4000 PHP + 50 Black Credits DarkRO's Deadliest (Player): 2000 PHP + 50 Black Credits Emergency Call Master: 2000 PHP + 50 Black Credits Top Breaker (Guild): 2000 PHP + 50 Black Credits THE DARK TOURNAMENT PRIZES Champion: 80,000 PHP + 1 Exclusive Headgear (1pcs Only) + 2 Star Wars Box First Runner Up: 40,000 PHP + 1 Star Wars Box Second Runner Up: 20,000 PHP + 1 Star Wars Box Note: Rules, Information and Rewards are subject to change without PRIOR NOTICE. Emergency Maintenances may be conducted if necessary due this event being one of the biggest. *The cash prizes may be converted to ROK points at the option of the guild master*
  2. Update, is not 9999x Poison Spore, is 9999x Poison Spore Card, Thanks
  3. Greetings citizens of the republic! It is well-known that the Framerate Issue (FPS Drop) has become a leech that has slowly been eating away the life of our beloved DarkRO: Rebirth. This started at around month 2 or 3 after the server launch when the population boomed and it has haunted us since then. We’d like you to know that the previous updates and an upcoming update have already been planned beforehand and set in stone for release. However, that does not mean we have not focused on the FPS Drop issue all this time. In fact, that is far from the truth. We’re hoping that the next update keeps you busy while we perform the things mentioned below. We already have an idea of the cause but we cannot 100% guarantee what it is. We have several possible solutions that we’d like to try as soon as possible and we were hoping that you’d all cooperate and help us kill this leech. Please understand that this is a rather difficult problem for RO in general due to it being a very old game and the fact that it has not received any major optimizations and updates for new technologies. Other servers are experiencing it as well and even the emulator developers themselves aren’t 100% sure of the fix. We can either solve this with 1 solution or it can be a collective of several. Either way, we’ll explore all of these solutions in the next several weeks. We cannot reveal the exact measures we’ll be taking to ensure that the tests we conduct will bear the most natural and legitimate results so we’re asking for your understanding and patience regarding this. Just keep playing as normal, and we'll handle all the dirty work behind the scenes. Further updates will be posted. Guild of the Month - Postponed! In line with this, after further discussion with the DarkRO: Rebirth Staff, and hearing the collective voice of the players and guild leaders, we’ve decided to postpone the Guild of the Month event until further notice. This was a difficult decision due to the fact that this is a very popular event that attracts the most people and it involves cash prizes. The results from Day 1 have been saved and we'll include this in the scoreboard when we continue. We are truly thankful that you are all still with us after these difficulties. We know that you’re tired of seeing us apologize to you so we hope this piece of informational news brings a sense of hope and calmness. As a small token of our appreciation, we'll be giving you the following bonuses: x2 WoE Points (August 22 & 23) x2 Gold Room Points (Aug 22, Midnight - Aug 24, Midnight) x2 KoE Points (Aug 24 & 25) Once again, we are sorry you all had to go through this and we hope to bring you better news in the coming weeks! Thank you so much and may the force be with you!
  4. You need this as a Experience, RO is also to search friend and also teamwork, if you really want it, sure you can get friend help u.
  5. Hello DarkRO: Rebirth Players! Scavenger Hunt is Back! To celebrate our upcoming 4th Monthsary I organized an event that is open for everyone! Event Duration: August 6 - August 13, 2020 11:59 P.M. +8 GMT Mechanics: Farm and Collect the following materials and trade it to [GM] Marshal to receive your awesome prizes! Format: IGN/CHARACTER NAME: SET: SCREENSHOT: ( COMPLETE REQUIRED MATERIALS ) After this, [GM] Marshal will recall you with the provided IGN and give to him the required materials before I give the Prize/s. ITEM LIST Set 1: Materials 200x Golden Ornament 3000x Soft Feather 500x Glitter Shell 50x Steamed Alligator with Vegetable 500x Saber Handle Prize: Valkyrie Shield + Valkyrie Shoes (3 Set) Set 2: Materials 300x Golden Ornament 4000x Soft Feather 1000x Glitter Shell 100x Steamed Alligator with Vegetable 1000x Saber Handle Prize: Valkyrie Armor + Valkyrie Shield (3 Set) Set 3: Materials 400x Golden Ornament 5000x Soft Feather 1500x Glitter Shell 150x Steamed Alligator with Vegetable 1500x Saber Handle Prize: Traveler’s Hat + 1pc Nile Rose (3 Set) Set 4: Materials 500x Golden Ornament 6000x Soft Feather 2000x Glitter Shell 200x Steamed Alligator with Vegetable 2000x Saber Handle Prize: Kakashi’s Head Protector + 1pc Nile Rose (3 Set) Set 5: Materials 600x Golden Ornament 7000x Soft Feather 500x Am Mut Card 2500x Glitter Shell 250x Steamed Alligator with Vegetable Prize Note Headphone + Valkyrie Helm (3 Set) Set 6: Materials 700x Golden Ornament 8000x Soft Feather 20x Tough Vines 1000x Am Mut Card 1000x Ice Cream Prize: Valkyrie Helm + Banryu (2 Set) Set 7: Materials 800x Golden Ornament 9000x Soft Feather 25x Tough Vines 1500x Am Mut Card 3000x Torn Magic Book Prize: Banryu + Cyclop’s Eye + V.shoes (2 Set) Set 8: Materials 900x Golden Ornament 10000x Soft Feather 30x Tough Vines 2000x Am Mut Card 5000x Bat Cage Prize: Cyclop’s Eye + Dragon Wings + V.armor (2 Set) Set 9: Materials 1000x Golden Ornament 12000x Soft Feather 35x Tough Vines 2200x Am Mut Card 100x Cat O' Nine Tails Card Prize: Valkyrie Manteau + Sword Barrier (3 Set) Set 10: Materials 1100x Golden Ornament 15000x Soft Feather 40x Tough Vines 2500x Am Mut Card 150x Cat O' Nine Tails Card 10 Skeletal Armor Piece Prize: +7VM + Flame Aura + V.Armor (2 Set) Note: You can only claim once per IP/MAC. DarkRO: Rebirth reserve the right to change any mechanics/prizes at anytime without prior notice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scavenger Hunt Season 3 Winner as of 09-08-2020 Set 1. Prize: Valkyrie Shield + Valkyrie Shoes (3 Set) 1. Ayaf Nonyem 2. Qrispee 3. AutumnGod ( CLOSED ) Set 2. Prize: Valkyrie Armor + Valkyrie Shield (3 Set) 1. cKevz 2. wIZiWizz 3. BS Predicot ( CLOSED ) Set 3. Prize: Traveler’s Hat + 1pc Nile Rose (3 Set) 1. Ur sis calls me Daddy 2. S a n d i a 3. Aethelwulf ( CLOSED ) Set 4. Prize: Kakashi’s Head Protector + 1pc Nile Rose (3 Set) 1. yahmite kudasai 2. GoblinCoin 3. TRIGGERBAR ( CLOSED ) Set 5. Prize Note Headphone + Valkyrie Helm (3 Set) 1. WS Taks 2. Valdo 3. Goon ( CLOSED ) Set 6. Prize: Valkyrie Helm + Banryu (2 Set) 1. Refine Master 2. Taga Pag Mana ( CLOSED ) Set 7. Prize: Banryu + Cyclop’s Eye + V.shoes (2 Set) 1. LeyBhug 2. a r c 2 4 ( CLOSED ) Set 8. Prize: Cyclop’s Eye + Dragon Wings + V.armor (2 Set) 1. Karell 2. Z3RO ( CLOSED ) Set 9. Prize: Valkyrie Manteau + Sword Barrier (3 Set) 1. Panget Kayo 2. PongSkie 3. Aubrey Lata ( CLOSED ) Set 10. Prize: +7VM + Flame Aura + V.Armor (2 Set) 1. Fineman 2. White Smith Ash ( CLOSED )
  6. Attention citizens of the republic! The scheduled maintenance was a success and the server's start sequence was completed without any issues. DarkRO Rebirth is now running at a self-sustained state and you should be able to perform your normal routines immediately after patching your client. Gepard Updates Updated protection against known third party tools. Added protection against character sprite modifications (titan.grf). Added protection against LHZ monster sprite modifications. Added protection against Gold Room map and monster sprite modifications. Renamed GM Boxes - (Star Wars Themed) IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the lack of endorsement from the previous management, the surprise boxes marked with a TBU (To Be Updated) in the list below will be taken care of in the next patch. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THEM YET. No compensation will be given if you do. Ashla (Light) (Formerly James Surprise Box) Bogan (Dark) (Formerly Anakin Surprise Box) R2-D2 - TBU (Formerly Shey Surprise Box) C-3PO - TBU (Formerly Supermarm Surprise Box) BB-8 (Formerly Shaun Surprise Box) R4-P17 - TBU (Formerly Frosch Surprise Box) K-2SO (Formerly Miu Surprise Box) D-O - TBU (Formerly Chelsea Surprise Box) Droideka - TBU (Formerly Kenny Surprise Box) Updated the Server's Auto-Broadcast content. Disabled the ability to vend or drop the following: Credits Black Credits Donation Items Donation Tickets Bonus Point Items Exclusive Bonus Point Items Flame Aura - Lowered DT Price to 65 DT. Will not become a quest item. Removed the Flame Aura Refund NPC. Buffed Banryu [3] and increased DT Price Price Increased from 10 DT to 15 DT. Buffed Effects Old Effects DEF +7 AGI -2 New Effects AGI -5. Each refine grants DEF +1 and AGI +1. [ Knight ] Increases attack by 50. [ Knight ] Increases damage of Bowling Bash by 3% per refine. [ Crusader ] Increases max HP by 5%. [ Crusader ] Increases damage of Sacrifice by 1% per refine. Disabled Access of Novice Job to lhz_dun03 - Novices are automatically warped to save-point. Added Token Hunter Quest Improvements and Anti-Bot Measures: Added Base & Job Level requirement. Must be 255/100 to take on new and existing quests. Quest Manager - Changed sprite to Valkyrie. Quest Manager - Now walks around the Treasure Hunter Guild map in random intervals. Fixed Ankle Snare Trap effect. Fixed Item Description - Emblem of Sun God Fixed Item Description - Baphomet Horns Fixed Lord Knight Skill Description - Concentration Fixed an exploit in the King of Emperium event. New Custom Item - Streamer Megaphone (Exclusive for Resident Streamers) @guide Update - Added Name Changer NPC (Helga) Added New Headgears Donation Manager Dark Atomic Energy (4th Monthsary Exclusive) Adds +1 to All Stats Automatic Costume Available in Mid and Low Headgear Positions Color cannot be changed with Aura Coupon in Aura Master. Sun Atomic Energy (4th Monthsary Exclusive) Adds +1 to All Stats Automatic Costume Available in Mid and Low Headgear Positions Color cannot be changed with Aura Coupon in Aura Master. Light Thunderstroke (Bonus Points Exclusive) Color cannot be changed with Aura Coupon in Aura Master. Dark Thunderstroke (Bonus Points Exclusive) Color cannot be changed with Aura Coupon in Aura Master. Lotti Girl Dark Sheen Aura (Legendary Prize) Ultra Instinct Light Aura (Legendary Prize) Activity Shop Pimp Hat Harley Quinn Polyana Voting Staff Humpback Keupbeot Keuphyu PVP Shop Saitama Angry Face Saitama Happy Face Bloody Angel Wings Valkyrie Protection Showy High Cap GOTM Winners (Guild Bound) EZWOE Guild Cap TANOD Guild Cap PLAYTIME Guild Cap Added a Global Automated Broadcast for MVP Card Drops. Limited only to cards listed below. [Beta] Assassin Cross Card Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Gloom Under Night Card High Priest Card High Wizard Card Lord Knight Card Memory of Thanatos Card Sniper Card Whitesmith Card Added WoE Second Edition Castles Sunday Horn (Arnufaletz) - arug_cas03 Andlangr (Schwaltzvalt) - schg_cas02 Wednesday Mardol (Arnufaletz) - arug_cas01 Saturday Himinn (Schwaltzvalt) - schg_cas01 Vidblainn (Schwaltzvalt) - schg_cas01 Modified Guardian Stone HP for WoE: SE from 1.8m to 60m. [Beta] Modified Barricade HP for WoE: SE from 4.5m to 40m. [Beta] Turned off PVP permanently on several Guild Turfs. Battlegrounds - Added Mac Address Restriction. Duals no longer allowed. Battlegrounds - Lowered Player Count Requirement from 50 to 40 (20 VS 20). Added an Automated GVG Event [Beta] - Official GVG Events Only PVP Room - Limited to 1 player per Mac Address. Modified PVP Mechanics Official PVP Maps PVP Room (Player vs Player NPC in Prontera) Training Ground (@go 15) Kills made in all Official PVP Maps will still give you 1 PVP Point. Kills made only in PVP Room will count towards Kills and Kill Streak. Deaths will be recorded regardless of the PVP Map. Kill Protection - You will lose PVP Points and will get kicked out of the map if you kill the same player 5 times in a row. Kill Streak will only end if you die inside PVP Room or if you don't return to PVP Room for more than 20 minutes. Added pending Guild Turf requests: Lckdwn Testament Ripzone Untouchables Tenacity Aldaemuz It is strongly recommended that you update your DarkRO Rebirth Client often to avoid any errors and inconveniences in-game. Please download the latest client on our Website's Downloads Page.
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    June 17th Updates

    PM me [GM] James
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    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    No more, i already remove, no need anymore
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    June 17th Updates

    Are you online now?
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    June 17th Updates

    Give me your ign and make sure you online, Thanks
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    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    i can't change date anymore, we will have next Guild Skirmish Every months
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    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    Sorry sir, we cant change anymore and we cancel KoE
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    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    Greetings! Save the date on June 23, 2020! We will be celebrating our DarkRO Rebirth's Second Monthsary Grand Event on this day So hold on tight and prepare for this special day Because it's about to go down Objectives: This will be a Last GUILD Standing. A Guild Royal rumble, whereas guilds will have to fight in one gvg map. Point system: We will have 3 rounds and each round will have : 3 rounds Champion would get 5pts, Second would get 3pts, Third would get 1pts, FINAL POINTS TOTAL will determine the champion Rules: No excessive hiding/running - I will constantly warp those who are hiding and running excessively. Hiding a bit is allowed, but if it's too obvious that you are just hiding and avoiding the fight, then you'll have to say bye bye Emergency call enabled in first 10 minutes No Alliance No Lighthalzen Cards No job restriction 42 Guild Cap (maximum members will be 42, members more than that will be automatically warped out) 3 Rounds, Guild with higher points 1st winner and continue with 2nd and 3rd winner No item restriction other than LHZ cards In order for your guild to join, comment down below your Pre-Entry - sample format stated below You must remain with your guild members altogether at all times I will not recall a disconnected player or any late players. Once preparation time is up, and once everyone is recalled, that's final. The battle must go on Keep in mind that we will warp each guild 1 by 1 in a pk off and gvg off map. Then once the event starts and all jobs are checked, we will turn on the gvg map on and pvp on as well. Rules may change without prior notice Prize: 1st grand winner: 1 James Surprise Box + 1 Blue LHZ Aura + 1 White LHZ Aura + 2 Job Tickets + 3000 Credits 2nd place winner: 1 James Surprise Box + 2 Job Tickets + 3500 Credits 3rd place winner: 1 James Surprise Box + 1 Job Ticket + 1500 Credits Event Date and Time: June 23, 2020 | 7.00P.M. (Tuesday) Server time Map: GVG but the exact map coor will be a surprise Entry Format:
  14. James

    Hari Raya Event

    Now the Eid al-Fitr is drawing near, DarkRO Rebirth celebrates it with a simple hunting event. Idul Fitri or known as Eid al-Fitr; is a day a world-wide Muslim celebrating their religious holiday & have unique celebrating culture style for each country. Objective: Gather Ketupat and Sampul and trade it to the Sultan. How to gather Ketupat and Sampul: There are three (3) farm sites for these items. moc_fild07 yuno_fild02 ra_fild12 Monsters to be killed: Leaf Cat Beetle King Kraben Rafflesia Boiled Rice How to trade your Ketupat and Sampul: Talk to the Sultan at Morocc Ruins (moc ruins 99 121). Trading 10 Ketupat -> Random Consumable Box Trading 5 Sampul -> Hari Raya Box Contents of Hari Raya Box (You will get one of the following): Tengkolok Diraja Black Songkok Raya Green Songkok Raya Red Songkok Raya White Songkok Raya WoE Treasure Box Credit Yggberry Box Yggseed Box BoT Box Poison Box Gloom Box Resentment Box Drowsiness Box Storm Box Sunlight Box Happy Hunting!
  15. When signing up for a new account with DarkRO: Rebirth, you agree to our Rules and Regulations and you have read our Privacy Policy, including our Terms of Agreement. In any case, DarkRO: Rebirth reserve the right to change any rule without prior notice. Strict enforcement of our regulations is absolute and found offenders will be punished at our discretion. Account Registration Only one forum account per person is allowed for registration. Avoid sharing your account information to anyone. The DarkRO: Rebirth Staff will never ask for your login credentials. Multiple registrations of newly created forum accounts will be banned and you risk your main forum account being terminated as well. Display Name Display names must not be made up of a URL or offensive words. Display names must not be a form of advertisement for other servers. Display name length is between 3 to 15 characters with no restrictions. Profile Photo Profile photos must not contain prohibited contents. Profile photos can have a maximum file size of 4.88 MB. Profile photo file types that are accepted: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png. Signature Do not use extremely large text, referral or affiliate links and must not contain any form of profanity. Signatures can contain a maximum of 5 lines of text or a maximum of 3 lines of text if you're also using an image. Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, with a limit of two images with combined maximum dimensions of 500x100. Impersonation The impersonation of other forum users and the DarkRO: Rebirth Staff within the Community Boards is not allowed. Intentionally imitating another forum user or Staff's display name and/or profile photo for inauspicious purposes will not be tolerated Punishment Evasion It is expected from the DarkRO: Rebirth Community to know the server's Rules and Regulations and being ignorant about it will never be a valid justification in any situation that may arise. Do not try to rule out the possibility of a forum mute or ban by creating new accounts. Anticipating an escape clause in the rules and using that as a reason to avoid fair moderation will not be allowed. No Prohibited Content It is anything which can be considered inappropriate to be shown on this forum. These includes that which is related to pornography/sexually-oriented, illicit affairs that can be incriminating, offensive or explicit to the general public, malicious and obtrusive of one's privacy through profile pictures, signatures, media and links shared. No Abusive Demeanor These are actions such as flaming, bullying, trolling, instigating, personal attacks, spreading of rumors, harassment and racism, religious and ethnic slurs, sexism, threatening, and unlawful, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, hateful under other conditions known as objectionable language. No Profanity Cussing is considered profanity. Posts containing swearing/offensive, derogatory, obscene or otherwise distasteful language will be edited or removed without prior notice and will incur a warning point for your forum account. No Real Money Trading (RMT) Real Money Trading (RMT) for any in-game item is frowned upon and is strictly forbidden. Attempting to make money or advertising your personal business using the server Community Boards will not be tolerated. You are only allowed to trade content like artworks for in-game items. Respect the DarkRO: Rebirth Staff If you encounter a problem with any unjust action from a Staff member, reporting them to the Administration Team is the most acceptable way of dealing with the issue without any bias decision. Any post or topic to stir unnecessary drama against a Staff member and gain sympathy from the Community will be removed on sight. No unsolicited PMs to DarkRO: Rebirth Community Member At any rate should you private message any member of the community for the reasons of advertising, marketing or promoting any form of solicitation, peddling or requesting goods and/or services, we reserve the right to terminate your account if proven guilty. Our purpose here is to specifically prevent unwanted messages to circulate. No typing in all CAPS. No spamming or unnecessary advertising. Use descriptive and appropriate titles in creating new topics. Bumping of topics more than once within 24 hours is prohibited. Avoid double postings or duplicate threads. Make it a habit to use the search button. Avoid Necroposting: posting in a thread that has been relatively inactive for a long period of time. Make sure to post in the correct forum section. DarkRO: Rebirth Staff and Moderators will move your thread if necessary. Make it a habit to use our Search Bar before posting any topic to find out if your issue has already been dealt with in the past. Use our Support Ticket System if you need to report violations or appeal to certain issues but do not abuse it to draw attention to your topic.
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