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  1. IGN: Asakura – Sniper Title: LHZ Boss Dungeon Tower Short Description INTRO: (Why is it your suggestion?) I came up with this idea because we all know how hard to farm the LHZ Cards. To level the playing field, I thought about something similar to ET and Thanatos Run and apply it to LHZ MVPs. We all know that there are lots of casual players (like me that has very limited time to play) that can’t hard grind and camp in LHZ to hunt those cards. And we all know that there are only 2 guilds that’s currently holding the ground (Celebs and BP). And with that being said, there are only 2 ways to obtain those cards. By camping in LHZ and doing events that will make you earn event points (i.e. invasion and automated events). But as I’ve said, how about those players that can’t do both (has no fix time on when and how long they can play) but actively playing with limited time and random hours each day. We all know that most of the players doesn’t bother anymore about that and you can see it during the Tuesday WoE, that there are only few guilds that participates (those who have LHZ cards). As they fell in the guilds that has lots of resources and even if they don’t hunt those cards, they can just buy it. Therefore, I am suggesting this idea to at least give chance to those not so rich guilds and only active in WoE and can farm randomly and limited time. Mechanics: PROS: -Give chance to other guilds to hunt those cards that can’t camp in LHZ, do automated events and can spend money (DT) to buy the cards from other players. -The time will come that you can implement the LHZ cards on regular WoEs. -Small group of players and solo players (casual players) will be motivated and may result to forming a guild on their own (means more WoE participants, active server) and hunt those cards. -RMT of these cards will lessen. We all know that there’s an RMT going around and these cards are hot items. -It can attract more players on our server since there’s another way to get those cards and can catch up to top tier guilds. -Price of LHZ cards in game will drop (affordable) supply-demand CONS: -The guilds that are hunting 24/7 will get mad and won’t agree to this. -Prone to abuse (but I have an idea to avoid this, see Rules). Rules: Here’s the main idea of my suggestion LHZ Boss Dungeon Run. 1.) As the title says, this is a dungeon run that will spawn those LHZ MVPs. 2.)I am thinking of 5-7days cool down and IP/MAC/Account restriction. 3.) To be able to access the dungeon, you need a specific number of players (I am thinking of 15 members). And there’s an entrance fee of at least 5B-10B per head which the NPC will ask the Party Leader to pay (the total, i.e. 15members at 5b per head = 75B creds or Black creds). 4.) All of the party members must be present (or else the party can’t go inside) and once the party leader paid the entrance fee, he will be ask to generate the dungeon. And once generated, he can talk to the NPC again and select the “Enter Dungeon”. Once inside the dungeon, they will be meeting another NPC (I am thinking of its name as “Boss Room Guardian”) and the players within the party will receive different keys (either colored or number keys is what I am thinking) at the same time. The party leader needs to talk first to that NPC and that NPC will give instructions to him/her and will ask for a specific key (random key and there’s a time limit on the head of the NPC of 10mins for you to give the key). The party leader will then need to ask his/her members as to who have that specific key the NPC is asking. Let’s say the NPC asks for Key 3, the player who’s holding the Key 3 will talk to the NPC and the NPC will accept it and asks for another key (random again), and the cycle goes on (hope you get what I mean). Note: The keys are non-tradeable and when you leave the party, the key will be gone and without 1 of the keys, the party can’t summon the Boss and after that time (the 10mins) hits 0, your party will be kicked out from the dungeon and all of you will get a cool down. 5.) After giving all the keys to that NPC, the party will be moved to the 1st Boss ROOM and there will be an NPC waiting for them and will just show a 3mins (preparation time) countdown and the Boss will appear once it hits 0. 6.) Once they have defeated the boss, they will be warped back to the room where the NPC (Boss Room Guardian) is. And as they arrive on that room again, each of the member of the party will receive a key (randomly given again). And that repeats the process until they reach the last Boss room. 7.) There will be a time limit too for each Boss room (the time will depend on the difficulty of the boss) and when that time runs out and you can’t kill it, you will be warped back to “Boss Room Guardian” NPC and will be given another set of keys for the next boss and so on. 8.) You can’t use @warp, bwing, fly wing inside the dungeon and in case of disconnections, you will be given a specific amount of time to get back inside(you will be automatically warped back to where you party is within the dungeon). If you won’t be able to comeback in that specific time, you won’t be able to enter the dungeon anymore and the party will be automatically warped out the dungeon and you will receive a cool down. P.S. For now, that’s the general idea. If my idea gets accepted, then we can add/remove more specific restrictions and rules about this and how to make it fair to all the players. I hope that you get what I am pointing out. Thank you!
  2. It happened to me, but it should be on the floor. I claimed then it dropped automatically as I was overweight. So I am guessing what happened to you was, you typed "@loginrewards claim" then says overweight and you warped out to change your stats. But that 100DB was already claimed and on the floor by that time.
  3. @Yoda Just killed one again ,.no drops at all
  4. gamit ka warper npc..tapos select field, then splendid field 1. fly wing kalang dun para maka jump2x ka..
  5. buy ka Giant Butterfly Wing.. Tapos pag naka party yung wiz at clown mo, .kasamang lilipad yan at landing sa same spot. Tapos on mo lang lagi bragi ng clown.
  6. IGN: KuroKishi Coordinates: ama_in02 28 , 178 Round: 2 Screenshot:
  7. IGN: Asakura Coordinate: prt_in 172, 142 Round: 13 Screenshot :
  8. I Would like to remove this as my entry since I used the work of other people by using the images found on google. I'll be submitting this one instead.. IGN: Asakura FULL NAME: Alexis F. Co FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/asakuraco SHORT DESCRIPTION: Jedi/Sith versus Assassin/Knight, 4 of my favorite PVP and MVP characters and so close in terms of attack power
  9. IGN: Asakura FULL NAME: Alexis F. Co FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/asakuraco SHORT DESCRIPTION: Jedi versus Assassin, two classes that's killer in terms of physical attacks
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