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  1. Here you go: https://dark-ro.com/forum/topic/738-how-to-play-dark-ro-in-macos/?tab=comments#comment-2763
  2. Created a guide for this: https://dark-ro.com/forum/topic/738-how-to-play-dark-ro-in-macos/?tab=comments#comment-2763
  3. HOW TO PLAY DARK RO IN MACOS This guide will teach Mac users how to run the game on their machines without installing Windows using Boot Camp. Here are the installers that you need to download in order to make this work: 1. Crossover for Mac https://www.codeweavers.com/products/crossover-mac You can either sign up for a free trial or buy the software for $40. I recommend to find a copy via torrent, it is easy to find one. The Crossover version that I used is 15.0.1. 2. The Unarchiver https://theunarchiver.com/ 3. Dark RO: Rebirth Installer https://dark-ro.com/page/download/ 4. Dark RO: Updater https://dark-ro.com/page/download/ (go to the bottom) This is only for the users who downloaded the old installer. Once you downloaded all the installers, we can now start installing Dark RO: Rebirth in your Mac. STEP 1: Install Crossover and The Unarchiver apps using the default Mac installer and make sure both apps are in the Applications folder. STEP 2: Open Crossover and click on "Install a Windows Application". STEP 3: In the "Select Application" window, type in "Unlisted Application: DARK RO" and select the item from the dropdown then click "Continue". STEP 4: In the "Select Installer" window, click on "Choose Installer File" and find the Dark RO: Rebirth Installer. After that, click on the "Select Bottle" on the top, to go to that window. STEP 5: In the "Select Bottle" window, click on "New Windows 8 Bottle" and type in "DARK RO Bottle" for the New Bottle Name, then click "Continue". STEP 6: Click "Install" and wait for the installer to run. STEP 7: Once the installer has opened, choose the destination folder by clicking on the "Browse" button. It is recommended to create a Dark RO folder in the Program Files of your Bottle (My Computer > drive_c > Program Files) and use this folder for the destination folder of the installation. STEP 8: Once all files have been extracted successfully, just click on "Done" and go back to main Crossover window. Note: If you have the latest version of the installer skip steps 9-10. If somehow you still encounter a "failed to communicate to server" error in the updater, just do Step 9-10. STEP 9: In the left side of the main Crossover window, select the "DARK RO Bottle" and click on "Open C: Drive". Go inside Program Files then go inside your Dark RO folder. STEP 10: Copy your Dark RO: Updater .rar file inside your Dark RO folder and use The Unarchiver to extract the files. After extraction, copy those files inside your Dark RO folder and replace existing files. STEP 11: Open this link: https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/microsoft-visual-c-2010-100-redistributable. Find the "2. Install Windows Software" and click "Install Now". After that, click on "Open CrossOver CrossTie Launcher". This will open the Crossover app. Select "DARK RO Bottle" then click on "Continue". In the next window, just click on "Install". STEP 12: A Microsoft installer will open up. Install this and go back to the main Crossover window. STEP 13: Select "DARK RO Bottle" on the left side and click on "Run Command...". Click "Browse" and find the "Dark RO Updater.exe" inside your Dark RO Folder. Click "Save Command as a Launcher" then click on "Run". This will open the Dark RO Updater and this will create a shortcut in the Crossover app. You can click on the shortcut whenever you want to run Dark RO. STEP 14: Login and play!
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