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  1. Please edit the post. Top 3 has only usable items and there is no mystery prize as per GM James. Thanks lol
  2. May 2-8 1. oninz 2. P E V C E 3. Neap How to claim rewards?
  3. Please turn maps 13 and 15 to pk off. We are tired of waiting in PVP Rooms all day and you would just see people pvp-ing in go 13. Hehe
  4. I understand. It is enough of a sanction for what I've done. Thank you for responding. <3
  5. Appellant's IGN: Neap Ban Type: Only Jail. Ban/Jail Reason: PVP Farming Points Why should your Ban/Jail be lifted?: I am deeply regretting the actions that I did. I will never do it again. I only know that DUAL in pvp is not allowed but not killing other players constantly. I am truthfully sorry and I promise that I will remind other players to refrain from doing the same action when I see them. I hope you can forgive me. More power, DarkRO Rebirth! <3
  6. New items and item revamp in the middle of AL?
  7. Consider re-enabling Box of Sunlight pls. Thanks.
  8. Why remove Box of Sunlight? Not everyone has HWC??????????
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