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  1. -1 even though I don't use LK in PvP or woe. Don't cry try to build one lk and use it in PvP and tell us how OP it is.
  2. Urs guild members are all novice ? 🤣🤣
  3. They can't do that cuz it would spoil the server economic.
  4. FAFA

    June 17th Updates

    sad banryu user still waiting for buff. Is it in the plan ??
  5. FAFA

    June 5th Updates

    Please do something to improve banryu stats. Spend 300DT to make it +9 and damage lower than +10 blade. It don't make any sense. For godsake some players even own +10 it seems like a super expensive costume.
  6. FAFA

    June 5th Updates

    Where to hunt false angel wing. it's materials of Angel wing quest.
  7. Currently we can only do 1 SB 1 time.
  8. Hi GM, just want to check is there any chance that the cast delay of asssasin x sonic blow will be reduce. I use 2 Kiel card aspd 197 but still 1 SB at a time no difference. Seems like sb build is crippled in this server. Champion asura faster than sin x sonic blow .
  9. I did thinking of this idea. Good job to ppl who suggest this
  10. Those who donate because they dont have much time to farm. if they know they can farm 5b in 1 day with token quest do you think they still going to donate ? So 1DT = 1 Billion isnt much. 1 VA = 10B isnt much either as you know how easy it is to farm in this server. Most donor dont aware about this. It's because they dont have time to farm so they choose to donate. Dont you get it ? TBH would you donate 10 USD for a 5b. I don't think so dude.
  11. And GM should announce if this is going implement. Cuz most donor no idea what's the values of their donation items and I think DT to zeny or credit must be implement. Else the whole market and economic is such a mess.
  12. GR is not the problem and quest farmer can change their token for zeny. The real problem is donor don't have much time to farm they force to sell valk item for low price.
  13. As a donor I don't need VIP ticket since this will demoralized other F2P players. What we need is a benchmark or price reference for equipment like how much we should sell our donation equipment. Such as 1 DT to 100 credit or 1b zeny. So that all players aware how much they should sell for their v items and wing and so on.
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