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  1. Crit sinx ignores def and usually has more pd(if without skewer). Which means, lesser switching on weapon. Dd type deals more damage due to double attack but you need to switch to thana/ice pick for high def. On the hitrate, unlike the old darkro, sinx has more flee here because of cyc(+50 flee). Usually you need 580++ hit to hit a sinx/jedi.
  2. Hokage, still the best upper for sinx. Dmaul is the best for damage on mid, cyc is next. On your choices, cyc. Torn for crit type, dwing for dd type.
  3. Hi. Assuming that my entry is DQ'd. Can i resubmit?
  4. Where in the description did i claim that the original images are mine? I put my watermark because i'm the one who cast the shadows. I'm the one who color match everything so it would fit the image. I'm the one who thought up the concept. Like you said, it doesn't have to be a personal drawing. You can ask the gm to DQ mine and 90%+ of the other entries. Btw, I can render up my own image. Give me a month to prep and payment for my professional fee, I'll do it.
  5. You can also check all the other work's references. Not just mine. The only purely original work i saw is Aithne's. Btw, If your youngest nephew can do this, I'm looking forward to your outstanding work.
  6. IGN: NinjaRem Full Name: Rem Relato FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/rem.relato Short Description: Ten ten ten ten tenen ten tenen... Ninja Vader Versus Jedi "Knight". PS. Watermark on the bottom left means "NinjaRem"
  7. IGN: NinjaRem IGN of candidate: Russian Skirmish Intro: "May thanatos ka ba? Ito may +10 very very strong Penetrationnnn!" Fb link: https://www.facebook.com/miguel.macandog
  8. Switch your armor's element in accordance to the skill that you are spamming. If you're spamming wind prop, use wind prop armor. That way, the reflect would be much much weaker. Thank me later.
  9. +5 vm = 20% reflect 5% reflect plus 5 times 3% per refine.
  10. Let's you spam your ninjutsu.
  11. Because it would be too OP if you can spam 2, 3 or more times at once.
  12. Didn't they have new sets on the old darkro? Like the warmonger and fortress sets? They even updated the list of lhz cards with the lhz4. No hate on your idea. It's a great idea btw. Imo, the old darkRO flourished because of it's unique qualities. Custom jobs, custom cards and items. More emphasis on the custom jobs. I hope they make new custom jobs on this server.
  13. I see. I just want to ask why is it this temperamental? Actually, most of the time it can't connect to the tunnel.
  14. When you recast Jedi sacrifice will it make the vit 0 or will it retain 200 vit?
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