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  1. Yoh

    Cant Open DarkRO

    Does your computer has all the VC++ Redistributables? If not, try to install them. Also try this: 1. Turn off your antivirus/firewall temporarily. 2. Run as administrator your game patcher. 3. Run as administrator your Setup.exe 4. Set your graphics driver & desired resolution. 5.Use 2D Sound 6. Uncheck mouse restriction outside window. 7. Save, run your patcher again.
  2. Sorry for the late response. Please do turn off your antivirus and firewall when installing/updating DarkRO Rebirth. Also, run as admin your installer & patchers upon performing installation/updates.
  3. Hello! Are you blocked in the page or the group? This is the official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DarkRagnarokRebirth This is the official Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DRORebirth
  4. Hello! Try doing these steps first: 1. Turn off antivirus & Firewall temporarily. 2. Perform installing, run as administrator your installer. 3. Once done installing, make sure to update your patcher buy running as administrator your patcher. 4. As you finish patching, click START GAME & Enjoy! PS: Be sure you are looking in the correct path folder.
  5. Good Day DarkRO: Rebirth Citizens! The Management has came up with a new PvP system that will extend everyone's interest in PvPing. The new PvP system will be held monthly, in a month, it will reset 4 times (4x). Every Week, there will be a ranking depending on the most PvP kills and it will be manually reset every Sunday at 12:01AM GMT+8 Server Time The rankings will only recognize the TOP 3 players with the most kills. Weekly System: Rewards Top 1-3 will reset weekly and will be done manually. Top 1-3 will be recorded as per ranking and IGN If ranked from Top1-3, please DO NOT CHANGE NAME to avoid issues regarding IGN records. Monthly System: Rewards (i.e Player 1 ranks top 1 in Week 1&2 / Week 1,&3 / Week 2-4, etc..) RULES: Once you are caught farming PvP kills with multiple accounts or farming with a party, an automatic sanction will be applied and all of your points will be wiped. Abusing of PvP Points: Punishment: 1st Offense = 24 hours Jail + Wipe of PvP Points 2nd Offense = 3 Days Ban + Wipe of PvP Points 3rd Offense = 7 Days Ban + Wipe of PvP Points
  6. Players were given enough time to convert their auras from the Aura Exchanger, to correct the combo stone you have to contact GM James via discord personally. But as of now he's not accepting any more requests as the players were given more than 2 weeks to comply. But you may still try to ask him if he is willing and has a free time to do so.
  7. Desktop Users: Laptop Users (dgVoodoo) IF YOU'RE ON A DEKSTOP, THIS IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. SKIP TO SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS BELOW. - dgVoodoo is not game-changing software. What this does is it helps setup.exe see and use our dedicated GPU. STEPS: Download files.7z. ( http://www.mediafire.com/file/wt7ocgx2gen9kit/files.7z/file ) Extract files.7z to Desktop. Copy and paste all files to your DarkRO folder. (Keep a backup of your clean DarkRO folder just in case) Right Click Desktop > NVIDIA Control Panel Click Manage 3D Settings tab on the left. In the main window, Click Program Settings. Click Add > Browse then find your DarkRO.exe and select it. Under "2. Select the preferred graphics...." select High-performance NVIDIA processor. Click Apply on the bottom right of the window. Repeat Step 7-9 with your Setup.exe. Open dgVoodoo in your RO folder. Set config folder to your RO folder if not set. Under Glide Tab, uncheck all misc settings. Under DirectX Tab, set VRAM to 1024MB Under DirectX Tab, uncheck dgvoodoo watermark. Under DirectX Tab, check Fast video memory access Finally, Open your RO setup.exe and set Graphic Setting to your GPU. Select the first one. Once completed, watch the videos below and perform all of the recommended settings and tips. System Improvements (Laptop & Desktop) Perform Windows 10 Improvements NVIDIA Improvements (For NVIDIA users only) AMD Improvements (For AMD users only) © - Credits to the rightful owner who created this guide
  8. Do you have what it takes to be the next DarkRO Rebirth's Top Guild? Gather your forces and conquer the dark side! OVERVIEW As the Season 3 has ended, the crown shall be passed to whom will reign this season's tournament. This Event shall be known as DarkRO: Rebirth's Agit Lords Season 4, or AL4. It will be comprised of 2 events, Agit Lords and Dark Tournament. Event 1: Agit Lords: Season 4 Starts on : April 18, 2021 ( Sunday ) Ends on May 16, 2021 ( Sunday ) We will be using the AGIT HOLDER POINT SYSTEM. Each Castle will have a certain corresponding point depending on the date (5,3,1,0,-1,-2). Castles with points and reduction points will be reduced in the later parts of the Agit Lords phase to encourage guilds to be more competitive. Points will only be given during Tuesday (SE), Saturday (FE)and Sunday (FE) WoE slots. Top 8 will be invited to “Dark Tournament Second Guilds Allowed. Friendly fire enabled. Points earned will not be added to the main guild. The same restrictions with the usual WoE applies (MBK/Provoke/Ice Wall/Ensemble) LHZ Cards is enabled in SE WoE LHZ Cards is disabled in FE WoE Pets are not allowed inside the castle grounds. SE WOE every Tuesday WoE is now OPEN and will accumulate points, depending on the conquered castle. Transfer of Guild Leader has a cooldown of 24 hrs. Event 2: The Dark Tournament (Guild VS Guild) Group Stage May 08, 2021 ( Saturday - 06:00PM GMT+8 Server Time) May 09, 2021 ( Sunday - 06:00 PM GMT+8 Server Time) May 15, 2021 (Saturday - 06:00 PM GMT+8 Server Time) Semi-Finals & Finals May 16, 2021 ( Sunday - 06:00 PM GMT+8 Server Time) Interviews & Raffle Draws May 06, 2021 ( First Top 4 - Guild Leaders Interview ) May 07, 2021 ( Second Top 4 - Guild Leaders Interview ) May 06, 07 & 16 ( Raffle Entry Draw - via DarkRO Rebirth Page) Agit Lords Schedule GREEN ( 5 & 3 POINTS ) | PURPLE ( 1 POINT ) | RED ( 0, -1 & -2 POINTS ) April 18, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Sunday Bright Arbor - 1 PT Kriemhild - 0 PT Swanhild - 3 PTS Fadhgridh - 5 PTS Bergel - 0 PT Mersetzdeitz - 0 PT April 20, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Tuesday Himinn - 1 PT Viblain/Bidblind - 1 PT Mardol - 3 PTS Andlangr - 1 PT April 24, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Saturday Repherion - 3 PTS Nuernberg - 0 PT Sacred Altar - 1 PT Bamboo Grove Hill - 0 PT Skoegul - 0 PT Gondul - 5 PTS April 25, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Sunday Bright Arbor - 0 PT Kriemhild - 1PT Swanhild - (-1 PT) Fadhgridh - (-2 PTS) Bergel - 5 PTS Mersetzdeitz - 3PTS April 27, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Tuesday Himinn - 3PTS Viblain/Bidblind - 1PT Mardol - 0PT Andlangr - 1PT May 01, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Saturday Repherion - (-1PT) Nuemberg - 1PT Sacred Altar - 0PT Bamboo Grove Hill - 5PTS Skoegul - 3PTS Gondul - (-2 PTS) May 02, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Sunday Bright Arbor - 5 PTS Kriemhild - 3PTS Swanhild - (-1PT) Fadhgridh - 0 Bergel - (-2PTS) Mersetzdeitz - (-1PT) May 04, 2021 (9PM - 10PM Server time) - Tuesday Himinn -1PT Viblain/Bidblind - 3 PTS Mardol - 1PT Andlangr - 1PTS Second Guilds (Agit Lords) Allowed Friendly fire enabled. Guild Alliance disabled. Points earned will not be added to the main guild. The same restrictions with the usual WoE applies (MBK/Provoke/Ice Wall/Ensemble/LHZ Cards (Only in FE WoE) Pets are not allowed inside the castle grounds. Skill Restrictions The following skill buffs will be removed upon entering the castle grounds: Maximum Over Thrust Assumptio Enchant Deadly Poison Berserk All ensemble related buffs Skills you can't use inside the guild arena Assumptio Ice wall THE DARK TOURNAMENT: Additional Rules We will first conduct a Group Stage for the 8 qualified guilds participating in The Dark Tournament. Top 4 guilds from Agit Lords pointing system will automatically advance to the second round. Prohibited Cards: LHZ Cards Only No armor and weapon prohibitions. Everything, including the newly updated and revamped weapons, will be allowed. A test recall will be done. All participating guilds will be recalled one-by-one inside the GvG arena before the war proper to make sure they follow the member requirement. Pets, mercenaries, and homunculi are not allowed inside the arena. Violators will be issued a warning. A second violation will incur a disqualification for the current round. Guild Masters are not allowed to use the skill Emergency Call inside the arena. Each Main Stage match will be a Best of 3, Double Elimination. Best of 5 for Grand Finals match in the Main Stage. Guilds will be given 3 minutes of preparation time inside the GvG map. Once the guilds are recalled inside the arena for the match, the event master will then check both sides alternately for disconnection calls. If the guild is ready, the guild master should notify the event master by opening a chatroom or using @request. The event master will only answer to the Guild Master. In case of a disconnection call, the guild will only be allowed a maximum of 2 minutes to wait for their disconnected members. Upon reaching 2 minutes, the guild will be recalled once again with or without the disconnected member/s. Only one disconnection call will be entertained per match. Succeeding disconnection calls will not be entertained. Thus, the guild will have to fight with its current present members. No disconnection calls will also be entertained in the middle of the brawl or after the "GO" signal from the event master. Both guilds are not to move from their assigned areas until the "GO" signal from the event master is broadcasted. Violating this rule will result in a warning, a third violation will result in a disqualification for the current round. Each round will only last for 10 minutes. After the time limit, the event master will disable all skills. Surviving players of both guilds are expected to immediately form a line next to each other. A headcount will be done for the remaining members of both guilds. Whoever has the higher number of surviving members wins the round. In case of a tie headcount, the remaining members of each guild in the map are assigned to go back in their respective starting spots and an additional 3 minutes of battle will be given to battle again until a winner is decided. Guilds that do not show any sign of engagement, eg: waiting for the opponent and not trying to engage or moving away from the approaching opponent/excessive running, within 1 minute during the clash will be given a warning. 2nd warning will incur a point for the opposing guild, then the battle will reset and continue on to the next round.(i.e Staying in a spot and waiting for the other guild to approach | i.e Not moving outside of the spawned/recalled area) We strongly recommend NOT to use any customized GRFs. We will not be held responsible for any errors that occur and this will not be considered as a disconnection call. Encountering an error while clashing due to GRF Error will not be given a player recall. Any type of 3PP or cheat that will used and caught in the act during the event will be sanctioned. As for the guild, an automatic disqualification, as for the the individual player who cheated, an investigation will be conducted but the account will remain on hold/banned until the investigation is finished. Any additional rules will be made and added as necessary. AGIT LORDS SEASON 4 PRIZES Rank 1: 2000 Black Credits + 42 Event Box + 2pcs Star Wars Box + 2 pcs 4th Job Ticket + 5 Job Ticket + 1000 Ygg box Rank 2: 1000 Black Credits + 42 Event Boxes + 1pcs Star Wars Box + 1 4th Job Ticket + 3 Job Ticket + 1000 Ygg box Rank 3: 500 Black Credits + 42 Event Boxes + 1pcs Star Wars Box + 2 Job Ticket + 500 Ygg box Rank 4: 300 Black Credits + 42 Event Boxes + 2 Job Ticket Rank 5: 100 Black Credits + 42 Event Boxes + 2 Job Tickets Rank 6: 50 Black Credits + 42 Event Boxes + 1 Job Tickets Rank 7: 20 Black Credits + 42 Event Boxes + 1 Job Tickets Rank 8: 42 Event Boxes + 1 Job Ticket THE DARK TOURNAMENT PRIZES Champion: 500 USD + 300 Donation Ticket + 500 Black Credits + Exclusive Auras + 20pcs Force Star Stone + 42 Guild member will receive Guild Custom Cap (Guild Bound) + 1 Star Wars Box First Runner Up: 200 USD + 200 Donation Ticket + 300 Black Credits + 1 Star Wars Box Second Runner Up: 100 USD + 200 Donation Ticket + 100 Black Credits + 1 Star Wars Box Note: Rules, Information and Rewards are subject to change without PRIOR NOTICE. Emergency Maintenances may be conducted if necessary due this event being one of the biggest. *The cash prizes may be converted to ROK points at the option of the guild master* "This will be a day long remembered. ..."
  9. Every post was hidden to protect each other's idea from being stolen/copied.
  10. Greetings Dark RO Rebirth Citizens! - The Dark RO: Rebirth management and its staffs has decided to open an event that will hear out the players' concern on how we will improve the game quality for better experience of the dark force. Objective: We are now all ears and open to the concern of our fellow players and supports, if you have any ideas that will help us improve our server and support to the players, this is now your chance. You may suggest ideas and concerns to the server You may suggest in-game quests that can improve our server's PvPing/GvGing meta. You may indicate also on how will the server or DarkRO Rebirth Staffs improve. Suggestions must include PROs and CONs Suggestions that is intended for an individual or for your self-gain will not be accepted. Suggest your full idea with proper explanation on why it would be great for our server. Suggestions that includes: Flaming and Toxicity to the server and to its players/supporters will not be VALID. Suggestions may NOT advertise other servers (i.e Like in xxxRO, they are a 255 server with etc etc etc) It should benefit every player in the DarkRO Rebirth server. Criteria: 50% Originality (Includes Thoughtfulness & Game Improvement) 20% PROS & CONS 20% Creativity 10% Explanation (We need a clear explanation on why should it be heard out) Flaming & Toxic suggestions will receive forum warning points * All votes are based on the following: 70% - Technical Team 30% - General Staff All these judging criteria will be conducted by the Official DarkRO: Rebirth GM Team only. Prize: Best Suggestion: $100 Cash Prize + 1 of the 5 New Color Angel Wings ( ) Most Thoughtful: 150 Black Credits + Bogan Box Most Liked (By GM Team): 50b + Ashla Box Duration: From March 16. 202 - End March 29, 2021 Entry Format: IGN: (In Game Name & Job - Character To Receive The Prize) Title: ( Title of your suggestion, to give out an idea) Short Description INTRO: (Why is it your suggestion?) Mechanics: (List down your PROS and CONS of your suggestion) Rules: (Explain and give us an idea about your suggestion, at least 15 sentences / 300 words)
  11. Greetings Citizens of Rebirth! Come and show your New Innovative Event Ideas and win cool prizes! Objectives: Come up with a new innovative Event idea. Events could be either Non-PK or PK in-game event, either way it has to be NEW IN OUR EYES and CREATIVE ENOUGH. * Event entries will be chosen and voted by the GM team * Rules & Mechanics: Be as creative as possible. Plagiarism will result on an automatic forfeit. Max of 5 entries/events per forum account. Multiple entries will get forum account warning. No trashtalk and No Foul words. No additional NPC/Script/Commands Points includes: smoothness, creativity, uniqueness, effort, cleverness, and some little points from the title and short description In-Game PK/Non-PK Events ONLY, No Forum, Discord & Facebook Events. Any language is allowed, no points deduction will be applied. It would be better if you have a translation to English if possible. DarkRO Rebirth Staffs and Official Streamer members are not allowed to join this event, please visit the separate event for staff members Entries will be filtered carefully before accepting them, any entry that has the same idea/logic of another entry will not be accepted. First come, first serve upon the submission of entries. (i.e 1 Entry has Poring Killing idea event which is accepted already, another Entry with same idea that is on pending status WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and CONSIDERED AS VOID) Rules may change w/o prior notice Criteria: 50% Originality (Includes Thoughtfulness & Game Improvement) 20% PROS & CONS 20% Creativity 10% Explanation (We need a clear explanation on why should it be heard out) Flaming & Toxic suggestions will receive forum warning points *All Votes are based on the following All the judging criteria will be conducted by the Official DarkRO: Rebirth GM Team only. 70% - Event Team 30% - General Staff Prize: 1st Place: Custom Cap + 100B + 50 Donation Ticket + 5 DarkRO Event Box 2nd Place: 100b + 30 Donation Ticket + 3 DarkRO Event Box 3rd Place: 50B + 15 Donation Tickets + 2 DarkRO Event Box Consolation: 500 Credits + 1Dark RO Event Box Duration: March 18, 2021 - March 31, 2020 __________________________________________________________________ Entry Format: IGN: (In-Game Name & Job - Character To Receive The Prize) Title: (Title of Your Event) Short Description INTRO: (Say something about your event.) Mechanics: (How your event goes STEP BY STEP in detail) Rules: (0 glitch and 0 flaws as much as possible) Rounds and Winners: (How many rounds? and how many winners (e.i "5 rounds, 1 grand prize, 3 honorable mention") Prizes: ( Base your prize depending on the difficulty of your event ) * Excessive prizes will automatically get - Points Deduction * DarkRO: Rebirth reserve the right to change any mechanics/prizes at anytime without prior notice.
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