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  1. Yoh

    Server Closed

    There is an on-going server maintenance.
  2. Pwede ka mag-refer sa mga guides DITO (click to open)
  3. You may refer to this on how to upload a photo:
  4. Cyclops can be obtained only from the Donation Shop.
  5. Hello! To perform this you need: 1. To be in a party with a CLOWN job. 2. Clown needs to cast Bragi. 3. Main control with High Wizard, with Giant Fly Wing 4. Continuously fly and skill to the mobs. Be sure to be behind the keyboard while doing this, once you're caught AFK farming with macro, proper sanction will be applied.
  6. Halo! Ada beberapa pemain Indonesia di sini yang bisa kamu temukan. Tapi saya rasa tidak ada guild Indonesia yang sudah ada.
  7. Hello! Welcome and hope you enjoy our stay.
  8. Yoh

    HIrap maka connect

    Hello! So far there are no issues regarding to connecting to the server. Can you check your connection?
  9. Hello! You can get costume ticket via Vote Shop for 50VP, you can get vote points by voting the server daily.
  10. Super Novices cannot rebirth, if you mean by rebirthing into Novice High. You don't need to rebirth into it anymore, just simply exceed Lv99 with your 2nd job character with Job Lv 50 and directly change into the transcendent class that you desire.
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