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  1. when i change my pass it says Invalid login credentials, please verify that you typed the correct info and try again. but it was my correct password everytime i change it always invalid but when i reset my password and use the temporary password i can log in but when i change it back again always invalid whats the problem of this please help sir/mam any idea or suggestion??
  2. what if i finish the break seal v1 does it count can i craft Valk item?
  3. sir bka pde kamaka online between 9-10pm lods
  4. sir my IGN: Namikaze Minato
  5. can i have some of your items sir??
  6. can i have some of your items sir??
  7. S>White God Aura= 150B Accepting atleast 130B deal fast IGN:Trafalgar D Water Law pm me im online 8pm until 3am-4am
  8. wa bkit ganito map is not available nag maintenance ba??
  9. hello sir welcome to the club :)
  10. bigyan ng jacket yan!! hehe
  11. tnx so much sir its really helpfull for newbie like me :D
  12. what do you think is better for sniper bow thimble +3% phy attack or stone of sabine +5 dex?? can anyone give me a guide for sniper build for poor people :D
  13. but not in melee type but only ranged type physical damage? so it means only for range how about for melee useless?
  14. it works tnx so much sir ^_^
  15. ok sir i try that i hope it can fix that by the way tnx sir!
  16. please help how to fix this kind of error
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