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  1. xETHON

    Spread the Love <3

    IGN: xETHON + Tiipen Tiger Location: Toy Monitoring Room (xmas_dun02 36 233) This is my 4 year old son, he is my closest buddy this pandemic <3 Right now, i am choosing this map with lots of toys and gifts. i have always wanted to bring him toys back then before the pandemic. Just to get him away from gadgets. And when this crisis came, we became gaming buddies. We played Roblox, GTA5, Minecraft or any games he saw in the internet. And yeah, he built a simple small house on minecraft and said that our house was built with diamonds. i even thought him play Ragnarok, by now he already knew how to attack, walk, sit/stand, even a use of a single skill. My wife and i agreed to let him play whatever he wanted to after he completes home studying for an hour and half. We all know that kids learn new to things by playing and yet we still have to guide them. My son told us that he wants to go to the Lego Land or Disney and in the Bahamas, as we answered "alright, after this corona virus thing". Hoping this pandemic ends before this years' christmas. And as our gift to him we wanted to bring to the EK. (sry cnt affrd outsd d cntry HAHAHA) Thannk You! #SpreadTheLove
  2. Is @Xing Ke still alive?? didnt even heard him bc'ed ingame nor seen him post here In forums HAHAHA
  3. 1. IGN: xzETHON 2. Full Name: Nelson Ciriaco 3. Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/kryzxiang 4. No exp at photoshop at all but still Tried my best editing images XD Happy Special Day to Us also thanks to my supprortive Wife <3 HAHA ENTRY1 ENTRY 2 ENTRY 3 ENTRY 4
  4. Entry Format: IGN: xETHON Title: THE WORLD BOSS Short Description INTRO: The bloodiest mvp boss has invaded a certain town. Mechanics: An mvp boss will summon at a random town and have 10x more Hp 10x more attack and more minions to summon. The player who got the MVP would win the event. Rules: - Parties are allowed - Cannot use Force Choke and Force Drain on the boss. - Boss have a lot of skills to use but mostly Teleport - at 30% HP boss enable BERSERK :) Rounds and Winners: 1 Round, 1 Winner Prizes: 300c and 5 reward boxes
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