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  1. No sir! @GM james already working on my case. Dont be too harsh to them. They are just doing their job..
  2. Hello GM. Goodafternoon. Can you help me with my account? It seems i have a problem logging in.. it says incorrect password but its not that incorrect.. I typed the right username and passwords. Also in Website when im trying to vote again to your site. I cant login too. Please help me with this matter. Please. Response asap..
  3. MichaelV22


    I mean sir. Not at the same time.
  4. How to fix this? Attemp to invoke virtual method 'void java.io.inputstream.close()' on a null object references.
  5. MichaelV22


    Do my account can play to both darkro mobile and pc?? Please help. Thanks
  6. Hi I want to play darkro mobile then I find this link roworkshop.com/apk/295/DarkRO.apk then I already DL and install but i cant play it. Please help. Thanks
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