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  1. If I may ask, why are you so affected by this?
  2. Marsh

    UIs and Font

    How large is your monitor?
  3. Hello people! We are getting off-topic. Please refrain yourselves from unwanted bantering because there's always two sides of a coin. I posted this because I wanted to help players who are looking for an alternative. It isn't like Anti-PK characters are immune to death inside the Gold Room. If the staff thinks of this build as an exploit, of course they will do something about it. Otherwise, suggest it in the forums for your voice to be heard.
  4. Well, if you are using special characters like "_@$![]" and the like, most likely your character creation will be denied, thus the error message. The reason I'm asking is to know if you are including such characters and to resolve the issue at hand. Ultimately, I have no malintent whatsoever regarding your account. Anyway, goodluck!
  5. What's the name of the character to be created?
  6. Marsh

    Metheus Sylphe NPC

    It's disabled. Try suggesting for it to be implemented.
  7. Marsh

    UIs and Font

    Can you provide a screenshot? Try tweaking your setup.exe and find the best Screen Size that's compatible with your monitor.
  8. You are using a modified GRF. Perhaps the one where mobs with nametags? Using the original will prevent this.
  9. But this build can't be PKed...? I beg to differ. Isn't it more unfair for beginners to be PKed by geared players that focus on killing? I get that it's the way things work. I'm just offering an alternative. :) In times of need, people tend to be more resourceful. I would rather find solution than complain about the system.
  10. Sorry. I did not take -def into account resulting to more damage from the Orcs. It would be better just to use the freebie armor. :P
  11. It's spammable. No reason to lessen the delay. It would just make bow users imbalanced. They could wear shields when they need to. And even though they can't utilize a shield while attacking, they have the range advantage. They could easily kite other jobs. As for GVGs, it's the guild's responsibility to place bow-users at the back, away from incoming damage.
  12. If you're knowledgeable about GRF modification, you could probably avoid that error. Otherwise, you could ask for someone to give you another GRF that works currently. Or you could just make use of the original GRFs. And also. 3PP?
  13. You are using a GRF with modified client files.
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