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  1. Team Representative: V i o l a t o r TEAM NAME : Insurgent
  2. Player 1 :IGN : Sniper Ni V a d e Player 2 :IGN: Atsumo
  3. IGN: Super PePe Smith IGN OF CANDIDATE: Haile INTRO: "Sobrang Palaban, kahit kakampe Kinakalaban" FB link: https://www.facebook.com/abciardi
  4. i already fix it... the problem is some of hardwar driver is broke so i reformat my PC and install all of it CASE CLOSED
  5. NO MACRO/3pp/ OR ANY OTHER APPS i ONLY used PINGZAPPER/PROTON VPN because im a globe user
  6. Any updates for Gepard Netcode error 2::5?? this was the 2nd time. at first i just restore my system and now after a month this happen again any one can help me?? even my PingZapper gots error now im using globe network so i need pingzapper to reduce the lag issue NOTE: I DONT USE ANY 3pp/BOT/APPS/GRF's Shit since day 1 of the server im always Online thank you and more power to your server
  7. i did not do any anything like that Mam Shey.. no edit's nor cheats or something like that. like what i said i'm playing since day 1 of the server did not encounter any bugs/errors/crash or anything. i'm using a standard Logitech Mouse M90 and INTERNET 350 KEYBOARD i have also seen a report like this but GM replied with " we are fixing this on teamviewer " case closed i will restore and backup now...
  8. Goodmorning Mam Shey Yes Mam i tried many things i restarted my PC and modem re installed my dRo and Ping Zapper. i played Dro since day 1 i do not encounter any problem with my PC nor my Client... until last night i was only talking to my Guildmates and then i saw the Time so i logged out my main account then logged in my token account on the same client and its lag my character wont even move nor talk so i decided to re launch my client and that error Gepard Shield :: NET CODE 2::5 pops out.. IGN: T r u n k s / 2JZ BBC
  9. I was playing the game with my friend(in Game) and suddenly i saw the clock. its time for my token quest. so i logout my character and main account then Login my token quest account and its so lag my character cant even move or talk to the quest NPC, so i decide to close my client and run a new one and that GS error Net Code 2::5 appears on my screen Please help me with this error this is my first time to have and error i'm playing Dark-Ro rebirth since Day 1 thank you and more power Dark-ro Rebirth
  10. is there any problem with the globe users?
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