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  1. Team Name : AFP Team Leader Name : Sige Sige Linis Name of the Members : Coffee Jelly Chorgabelle xJuls Khalas DevoQueen illesmthrfckr
  2. The thing is, I've been their for 1hr. the only issue i got is crashing and internet DC. But i don't think that should matter. Anyways they already acknowledged the issue hopefully they will fix it soon
  3. I have confirmed that this is a bug on the point system. Hopefully they can fix this asap.
  4. i don't think so sir, visual c++ is only for windows as it is offered by microsoft. do you have any fix?
  5. same thing for me? how about if you're in a different OS? I am using Ubuntu, can you confirm sir? thanks
  6. Hi, I am just really curious about how the point system really goes for KOE/WOE? I got no points for my last 2 WOEs already and I am not sure why. I am always present and finished the woe in 1 hr and I can see my points during the WOE, first woe I should get 20pts and the last woe 21pts. The only thing maybe is my client is sometimes crashing which i don't know why, I already did a reinstall and a repatch but the same thing happens. And also, I am sometimes required to relog if we're changing to a different castle as I don't bring any bwings. Can SO/GM explain the point system please? just to be clear here? I think a lot of players also complaining, request ingame but no answers. Thanks in advance!
  7. this event is quite impossible hehe you can start hunting though, but knowing that the prizes are limited? for me, i would rather not :D
  8. killingSpree

    token scam

    you can always choose to exchange your token points to zeny my friend, that's the safest option you got.
  9. The thanatos card is way to heavy on this one :D anyways, what will you do about the reflect damage? with that str, can the tgk armor handles that?
  10. did it patch? try to delete "darkro.dat" to force repatch
  11. this is an old school scamming style man, :( I'm very sorry you experienced this. but you should've known that GMs will not going to ask for your user and pass because they don't have to. Btw, you're on the wrong section man, go to Report Abuses
  12. I did the same, waited for actually 3 hrs and an SO told that respawn time is 12 hrs. not sure who to trust now
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