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  1. Vincci

    5 vs 5 Event

    IGN: Gibson Guild: One Nation
  2. I ran the patches but all I see is unknown items.
  3. Vincci

    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    Guild Name : One Nation Guild Leader : Vince
  4. Just a suggestion Due to the fact that our server now have 7-7.5K players, you guys should increase the number of monsters throughout the fields & dungeons. I think a lot of active players will agree on me with this. Hoping for you consideration! :)
  5. Give the LK some dignity please. Right items and cards = low damage Bowling Bash. That's just plain said.
  6. Can we have a list of MVP and normal cards that exists in the server? So we won't be wasting our time hunting them. Thank you! :)
  7. We waited a long time for this update. The outcome is just depressing. What's the plan now? P.S - Two of my friends just quitted because of this.
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