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  1. 1. IGN: Rapid Eye Movement 2. Full Name: Remwel Joseph P. Relato 3. Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/killswitchremmy 4. Storm trooper hunters hunting down some willows at Payon.
  2. Can any of you from GM team try it? Please try it ingame so you can see what we are talking about.
  3. Actually, not only the WS class but also the LK and Clown class are complaining about the after cast delay. Happened after the latest patch.
  4. UP! Tried it too. Started after the latest patch.
  5. Parang bumalik sa dati yung BB na di na spammable GM @Anakin. Please check thank you!
  6. True. Actually I also don't like banryu to gain another slot for it will become so OP. Just want it to become stronger than a weapon worth 9m zeny sold by other players. It's very expensive to buy banryu then after obtaining it you'll see that your damage is lesser than a cheap blade. Very frustrating for us players who bought it honestly.
  7. I tested the damage of +10 banryu and +10 blade because i saw people saying banryu is stronger than blade when it is at max refinement. But the sad part is, it's not stronger even if it is +10. Here are the screenshots of my damage and equips using banryu and blade. I hope you can reconsider buffing banryu for it is a donate item. Thank you!
  8. Tried this one. I have +10 banryu. Blade is still stronger by 2k damage with aura blade, concentration, magnum break buff. So sad for the banryu.
  9. Tried using braggi and talisman. Still has a delay. Up for this again.
  10. Yap. Not even good. Even the banryu. Blade is stronger than banryu and it's sad.
  11. Requesting to change knockback cells from 5 to 3 only. Its very hard to chase people with bowling bash always knocking them 5 cells away. Maybe you might consider lowering it to 3 cells or lower.
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