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  1. IGN :Baby Chris Set: 3 Screenshots:
  2. You should be able to see the guide on the Latest Posts once it is posted
  3. IGN: Tang Four Season Coordinates: izlude_in 177 169 Round 12 Screenshot:
  4. IGN: Tang Four Season Coordinates: prt_fild00 228 212 Round 17: Screenshot:
  5. IGN: Baby Empz Location: aldeba_in 94 115 Round 6 host image
  6. IGN: Baby Empz Location: Moscovia 267 158 Round 4
  7. IGN: AnidawCharacter portraying: Annie (League of Legends)
  8. In Game Name / Character: Baby Chris Set: 3
  9. Indeed, I cannot accomplished the given set due to the MVP/mini-boss egg requirement. Plus it's race against time, as players still hunting the required items. I'm anxiously waiting for his reply with this matter. Thank you Chris
  10. It's unlikely that the revamped items are revamped again in a short period of time This means that there's no stability of the change done. Cannot argue to use the tagging Beta if not sure with the change as it informs the players that effects are temporarily and maybe changed on future to balance It's very frustrating and unfortunate to those who invested on these items
  11. IGN:C h r i s Title: Team Scavenger Hunt Short Description INTRO: Prepare your pen and paper (aka Notepad) and let the hunt begin Mechanics: [Preparation - Host needs to prepare a list of items (minimum of 25 and maximum of 50)] Host will announce how many members allowed in a party The party size will depend on the number of items (if 25 to 34 items, 3 members; 35 to 44 items, 4 members and 45 to 50 items, 5 members) Host will announce the list of items (may include equips and cards) Host will provide three clues where he is hiding The Party needs to look for the Host hiding in a map (town or field) with Public Chat Room *The Host has the option to Private the Chat Room and the PL must crack it; Password is one of the items* Only Party Leader needs to enter the Chat Room and PL needs to says "Scavengers" to indicate that the Party is already complete The Party needs to trade the list of items to the Host Rules: (0 glitch and 0 flaws as much as possible) First Come First Serve Basis: Party will only be entertained if complete (all members are near the host) Parties can hunt the items or buy it from other players Each Party Member can trade maximum of 10 Items to Host Only Party Leader can trade the extra Items to Host (if 33 items, additional 3 items can be traded by the PL) If one Item is missing or lack Quantity, the Party needs to hunt the traded items again. Excessive Quantities is allowed Rounds and Winners: 1 Round, 3 Parties Prizes: 1st Party Winner: 150 Credits, 3 DarkRO event Box and 3 HE BBG per Party Member 2nd Party Winner: 75 Credits, 2 DarkRO event Box and 2 HE BBG per Party Member 3rd Party Winner: 30 Credits, 1 DarkRO event Box and 1 HE BBG per Party Member Host may adjust the prize depending on the difficulty
  12. Chris

    May 22nd Updates

    Perhaps Letter case and Numbers found will do? For Letter case, the answer will either capital/uppercase letters or small/lowercase letters. For Numbers found, the answer will only the numbers found in the captcha.
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