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  1. Help: Box of Sunlight turns to Box of Stone Curse, it doesn't apply the effect to see the hidden enemies
  2. Galing donate ang cyclops Tapos quest naman ung mga Visor (Aqua/Blue/Red/Black), kailangan mo ng cyclops at random ung color na lalabas kpg succesful
  3. Because of Saber Trust, there's a difference of additional attack 35% (from skill description) Red Saber adds 75% atk while other sabers have additional 40% atk
  4. You need Custome Ticket (Miscellaneous, 50 Vote Points) You need the Headgear equipped You can exchange points: WOE/KOE Points -> prontera 160 265 Vote/Activity Points ->prt_in 131 31 PVP Points -> prontera 146 153 (you can only earn pvp points in pvp arena or at @go 15)
  5. Hi PD, 1. Most customes are converted from Normal Headgears to Customes 2. Yes, but not all have additional stats, as far as I know the additional stats is only limited to the Auras 3. Auras are from Lotti event or Bonus Points (Donation) while Garment Wings are from GM Boxes (which you can win it from events such as Hot Agit) 4. If you are referring to Auras and Garment Wings, no. There are Headgears from WOE Points, KOE Points, Activity Points, Vote Points and PVP Points and you need to convert them to Customes.
  6. Item trade will fail, other players will not be able to buy the rest of the items
  7. IGN :Baby Chris Set: 3 Screenshots:
  8. Is this applicable for all items or only for Valkyrie set? It would be great if we have a list of possible equipment for this. Thanks!
  9. Use @guide command select Quests > Wings > Old Man Wings You will see the location of NPC for Claw Wings
  10. You should be able to see the guide on the Latest Posts once it is posted
  11. IGN: Tang Four Season Coordinates: izlude_in 177 169 Round 12 Screenshot:
  12. IGN: Tang Four Season Coordinates: prt_fild00 228 212 Round 17: Screenshot:
  13. RMS is outdated for Thana tower quest, try to look for other Thana quest guide in Google/Youtube.
  14. IGN: Baby Empz Location: aldeba_in 94 115 Round 6 host image
  15. IGN: Baby Empz Location: Moscovia 267 158 Round 4
  16. Yes, I'm using the RMS as reference. Also, you can use these commands: @ii <item name/id> @whodrops <item name/id> @whereis <mob name/id> Some custom items are obtainable via quest (some requirements have low drop rate), some items from points (WOE/KOE/PVP/Gold Room/Vote/Activity) and others via donate (can also buy from other players)
  17. You have to sell the Charm Stone(s) you have in the Inventory then get the Key(s) again.
  18. IGN: AnidawCharacter portraying: Annie (League of Legends)
  19. In Game Name / Character: Baby Chris Set: 3
  20. Hi, Anong Quest? Nagtry ako mag@guide may picture ng NPC and kita ng coords Pa-ensure na lang na latest patch ung client mo
  21. Indeed, I cannot accomplished the given set due to the MVP/mini-boss egg requirement. Plus it's race against time, as players still hunting the required items. I'm anxiously waiting for his reply with this matter. Thank you Chris
  22. Golden Peco is element Undead, you can use @mi 3000
  23. It's unlikely that the revamped items are revamped again in a short period of time This means that there's no stability of the change done. Cannot argue to use the tagging Beta if not sure with the change as it informs the players that effects are temporarily and maybe changed on future to balance It's very frustrating and unfortunate to those who invested on these items
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