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  1. Has anyone of you tried scalpel for dd type sinx? what's the best weapon for dd? Right now, i have ss on the main hand and OA for off-hand :D Thanks guys!
  2. great idea man!!!! the back sword would look so cool!
  3. Got it fixed!! Thank you, guys! More power!
  4. I was trying to log in my 3 acounts 2 accounts for token. it says for unregistered ID for all accounts
  5. When I log in, it says unregistered ID. Please help! Thank you
  6. @Edge Thank you very much SO!!!!
  7. Well, I hope the GMs would see this and answer hehehe. Anyway, thanks man! cheers
  8. @Shiho i wonder if the Battlegrounds exists here?
  9. Where can i get the the assassin robe? thanks pls!
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