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  1. Good for you if they respond. @James like to make you wait until you ran out of patience. He only knows moneeey
  2. Wow the update is so complete! No hidden patches 👍 😆
  3. I think 20b for now. +9~10 ranges from 90b to 120b
  4. Guild Hall Healers does not auto-identify unidentified items
  5. Force-Imbued Blade [3] Quest thor_camp 105 235 1x Ice Falchion - @alootid +1131 Garm (WIND) [BB, ET, xmas_fild01] 1x Firebrand - @alootid +1133 Eddga (WATER) [MVP Rm, BB, ET, gld_dun01, pay_fild11] Ifrit (WATER) [BB, ET, thor_v03] 1x Solar Sword - @alootid +1136 Pharaoh (HOLY) [MVP Rm, BB, ET, in_sphinx5] 1x Immaterial Sword - @alootid +1141 Turtle General (FIRE) [MVP Rm, BB, ET, tur_dun04) 1x Old Hilt - @alootid +7022 Tirfing/Ogretooth (HOLY) [BB, ET, alde_dun04, gefenia01~04, gef_dun01, gl_cas01~02] Gloom Under Night (GHOST) [BB, ra_san05] 1x Gem of Force - @alootid +3111 (10% Drop Rate) Wootan Fighter (WATER) [ayo_fild02, um_dun01, um_fild01, um_fild02] 50x Mystic Frozen - @alootid +995 Multiple Monsters <https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Mystic+Froze&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search> Garm (WIND) [BB, ET, xmas_fild01] 50x Great Nature - @alootid +997 Multiple Monsters <https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Great+Nature&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search> 50x Rough Wind - @alootid +996 Multiple Monsters <https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=rough+wind&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search> Mistress (EARTH) [MVP Rm, BB, ET, mjolnir_04] 50x Flame Heart - @alootid +994 Multiple Monsters <https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=Flame+Heart&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search> Eddga (WATER) [MVP Rm, BB, ET, gld_dun01, pay_fild11] Ifrit (WATER) [BB, ET, thor_v03] 150,000,000 Zeny Quick autoloot: @alootid +1131 @alootid +1133 @alootid +1136 @alootid +1141 @alootid +7022 @alootid +3111 @alootid +995 @alootid +997 @alootid +996 @alootid +994
  6. Xerxes

    Dark-RO Name

    +1 And take note, the server's been going for almost six months and all we have is "tiered end game equips" Auras, Helmets, and Garment Wings. Welcome :)
  7. Game won't open after updating. I reinstalled it to another folder (I used Darkro Full Client [wo BGM]). Anddd folder's full of mess.
  8. Again, no preview of the new headgears?
  9. I know this is a bit late and all, but ALWAYS bring a Talis or have someone Talis you. Great help and Holy Light Damage.
  10. I think this is more accurate. http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/3rd_Job_Sprites
  11. Lk would recommend, even if it's only +4 (or refine it if you have guts) but Sacri pally? Forget it.
  12. Xerxes


    #FIXTHELAG and ADD. MORE. QUESTS. ADD MORE FEATURES. ADD MORE THINGS TO DO OTHER THAN BTS, BnS, Thana, Bio Labs, BB Room, Gold Room, BG, WoE , KoE, Monster Arena, AFK Activity Point Farming, etc. Game progression is gone I think.
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