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  1. Accidentally sent it while editing. Guild Name: Blueprint Guild Leader: Pornstar Guild Turf/Save Point: prontera 200 235 Healer: prontera 197 244 Kafra: prontera 200 246
  2. Guild Name: Guild Leader: Guild Turf/Save Point: Healer: Kafra:
  3. Gonna use +8GMT timezone. Tuesday - 10PM Saturday - 7AM Sunday - 10PM
  4. Hey, I believe a lot of old/classic players share my sentiments here. Most of us came back, after so many years of being MIA, epecting the darkRO we played back then, with a few changes and update ofcourse, but the same old dRO. I can't comment on the KoE but for WoE, the following should have been adjusted/poll'd for. • Don't need a morning/evening WoE, people plan around 1 time per WoE day. Who can come, and who cant. At some point, when the current IRL situation subside, we have to account for people being busy at certain hours/days wherein they can plan around a single specific time, etc. • All or more agits opened per WoE, 7k peak players, 2-3 agits would never be enough. • 1 hour adjusted to 1.5 to 2 hours WoE time, 1 hour is just far too short, prep and planning considered. • WoE days split accordingly in the week, catering all hours, worldwide. The majority of players might be in the Philippines, but you should also cater for players thats outside PH. Im just here voicing out my thoughts..
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