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  1. yes sir there is a refine rate. im just not sure whether its higher or lower than normal. anyway you can search about the normal refine rate.
  2. FeySot

    18b loss

    dont worry sir its traceable. just wait for the admin to see this post for now try to login every account on that guild in the website as its easier to find it there because it will display all item in your inventory,storage and equip and you can simply ctrl+F and type credits.. hope this helps. anyway this post should be in bug reports. @edit: i just tried it and the credits name in the website is unknown. type 3100 instead of credits in ctrl+F
  3. FeySot

    Third Job Sprites

    it would be nice if the baby version is included
  4. FeySot

    Dead Branch

    buy taming item from pet hunter in prontera. you need to bring 1 incubator and 1 pet food or else he wont talk to you
  5. FeySot

    Gold Room Issue

    yes, as for now we all are experiencing this lag. lets all wait till the server migrated to a new host
  6. FeySot

    Dead Branch

    tame them, some will buy it with good price, sell it to streamers because its good for giveaways.
  7. on the next update, i would like to suggest to include this.. add vending lane on this rooms. vote/activity shop room refine rooms prontera tool dealer room treasure hunters room (its very crowded) also, add auto warp away when going near the npc so it would make all npc more visible specially to those new players.
  8. FeySot

    Pls Fix

    *sorry for double posting* @Marsh i just learned that there is this command that exist but not in the list. @resetchar there could be more that we dont know of, and its not in the list.
  9. FeySot

    Pls Fix

    @whodrops is not accurate meaning there are some result of the command that is not complete eg. @whodrops 7444 @commands, if you type it ingame, it will show the list of all available commands but i guess not @seeitems < is not in the list im not sure maybe there is more.
  10. FeySot

    Pls Fix

    @whodrops is not accurate @commands - i guess there are some commands that are not shown in the list.
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