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  1. FeySot

    April 12th Updates

    agree to this, as this server is not a super high right. in here its limited like equip slots and status points. with that, you can play with your equips more. learn to do switching different kinds of equips for different kinds of opponents. resist potions, and resist cards can be useful depending on who you face in the battle field. coz if you only depends on stats, other stat options will be lacking.
  2. IGN: Pangkol Its the resurrection of Jesus
  3. FeySot

    Find the Spot #1

    IGN: EsToKeer Spot: izlude 140 160
  4. FeySot

    April 3rd Updates

    @Anakin is it just me or after the maintenance its very hard to login. sometimes it takes 4 to 5 times failed to connect before you can get in char serv. unlike before its successfully login everytime.
  5. FeySot

    April 3rd Updates

    it was good as what was it. i cant imagine what will happen to the economy with this. price of loots, will be dropping. i guess you did this so the only rare in your server are the donate items. ^^
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