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  1. i already start believing when you comment the first quote. all i need is to see its existence or any evidence. yes macro is unfair when its used for farming, but i dont think there is another way to stop it (except from catching them red handed) because these macros from mouse and keyboards are licensed and no game guard that exists up to today that can detect those.
  2. yes i know that, im just trying to explain to him that what he showed me was not bot/opencore but only macro and saying i know it because i know how to do it. not trying to defend anything. i just want the truth or if openkore really is running in this server, coz if it is, you know this server wont last long if they dont do something about it right?
  3. its not bot that is macro using gaming mouse or keyboard i can do that if i want to..
  4. im not defending anyone, i only want to know if its possible or not. as you can see i even waste time to test it with macro lol. if this is all true then the dro admin should prioritize on finding a way to stop this. this might harm the server lol
  5. im stating based on evidence and experienced. if gepard is just for show then what youre saying its possible. or there must be some way to bypass it. like i said if you have thats skills. you might want to hack the server directly than wasting time on botting. lol
  6. like i said, with bots its more impossible
  7. i just tried it with macro and its not possible. because of the lost old man npc, your mouse click positioning will not match when you are from quest manager, you see you need to click the npc inorder to talk to it. with macro as far as i know you cant make your mouse pointer move so you need to place it in the location where your mouse pointer is exactly on the npc. with both, its more impossible. unless you have this superduper programming skills. if you do then why not just hack the server directly lol. @edit. it can be done, but the moment old mans quest came up, your macro will stop working as you intended it to do.
  8. dude, i dont know if you know but there is an easy way to do token quest. if there is someone doing with macro. then can only choose all top choices. if thats the case then i'd rather do manual with the easy way. it'll only took me lessthan 20mins for 35 accounts.
  9. im not so sure how you make a bot do a random quest.
  10. in order for you to claim the sleip, you need to wear all 7 equips from bts but dont worry, you can just buy another nilerose as long as you already finish making it.
  11. download microsoft visual c++ 2010 or 2015 from microsoft, 32 or 64bit package. install it and reextract darkro files to a new folder.
  12. yes sir there is a refine rate. im just not sure whether its higher or lower than normal. anyway you can search about the normal refine rate.
  13. i dont think VP farming is illegal ATM, i guess admin is aware of that.
  14. the registration last only for 1 month.. you need to renew your registration
  15. thy this. download THIS extract it to your darkro folder delete darkro.DAT then run patcher/updater
  16. oh yea its bugged. i tried to reset mine and i only got 144 @Anakin @Miu Kifune please check on this
  17. yeah its not supposed to be 111. the overall skillpoints you should have is 149. and its weird though coz all 3 of my sith never had that problem. and so as your friend too. can you try to ge reset npc and reset it and checkk all your skill points?
  18. padawan max job level is 50 with 49skillpoints and sith/jedi max job level 100 and 100skillpoints . how did it reached 160skillpoints or more.?
  19. FeySot

    18b loss

    dont worry sir its traceable. just wait for the admin to see this post for now try to login every account on that guild in the website as its easier to find it there because it will display all item in your inventory,storage and equip and you can simply ctrl+F and type credits.. hope this helps. anyway this post should be in bug reports. @edit: i just tried it and the credits name in the website is unknown. type 3100 instead of credits in ctrl+F
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    how to vote?

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