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  1. Anyone has tested the new modification of the Banryu [3] (3% of Bowling Bash per refine / 1% of Sacrificie per refine) vs Blade [4] +10 for LK and Pike [4] +10 for Paladins? For example Banryu +5 or +7 with 2 Hydra and 1TG vs Blade +10 and Pike +10 (2 Hydra 2TG) I want to know the DMG output in pvp in order to see its worth to buy it
  2. So +6 will be 5% +18% = 23% right?
  3. I have a doubt, Valkyrie Manteau in its description says the following: *Reflect 5% melee damage back to enemies. Increase percentage reflect damage by (upgrade level*3)* So how the "Increase percentage reflect per refining works? ej: VM+5 I need an math explanation if its possible.......lol
  4. Depends of how you can deal with your ASPD, cuz sometimes you don't want to use any Incremental ASPD potions or buffs like the Concentration one, but the thing is, try first with the Free Doppelganger Card putted on in one of your weapons and then give status points to Agi until you reach 196 of ASPD without using the buffs i mentioned before. I saw some people just using dex as Incremental ASPD factor, but I recommend using Agi instead, you gonna get ASPD and Flee Rate points too, which its good for your CRIT SINX...
  5. To get started, i tried to make this quest 3 times with no luck, because at the end, it's supposed to appear this: In order for you to summon Satan Morocc, and then when you kill it, the "Group of Evil" message transform into the following msg: But even if you haven't kill Satan Morocc, the "Time-Space Gap" message keep it without being "Group of Evil" before. Any help?
  6. Sencafesito (Main) Wincafesito Lordcafesito Crosscafesito Xencafesito Zencafesito Highcafesito etc....
  7. I tried to edit once again the initial post, but i doesnt let me do it anymore, any suggestion?
  8. I already made the correction about the ASPD , keep reading and you will find out...
  9. I recommend you to use Torn because of the Skewer Critical Combo, and actually there's an NPC to do the Torn Wings Quest, just read the following: An the Niles Rose you can get through a Quest called Break the Seal to get Valkyrie Equipments, just read the following guide from @Fade Roth:
  10. Yes, you can use EDP and this is important, just reach 196 of ASPD using: Free Doppelganger Card x1 Because with this Card instead of the Doppelganger original one, you can control how much of ASPD you can have using dex or agi points of stats.
  11. Free Doppelganger Card x1 Because it gives less ASPD, as far as i did hear in the @Compassion GUIDE (someone replied to this post) Turtle General Card x2 Which gives you: Hydra Card x1 Which gives you: OR you can add another: The Paper Card x1 Which gives you: At the end you gonna have 20%+20% of Raw Damage (Turtle General Card Combo) + 20% of Damage to PVP Players or 20% more of Critical Damage = 60% Damage PVP or 40% Damage PVP + 20% Critical Damage.
  12. The perfect balance of card you can put into your Skewer to get full CRITICAL POWER: The Paper Card x2 Which gives you: Mobster Card x1 Which gives you: 20%+20% +20% (Maximum Stackable The Paper Card Combo per Dagger, if i'm wrong, please reply..) +15% = 75% of more Critical Damage.
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