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  1. Azen

    5 vs 5 Event

    IGN: 13thAzenSenpai Guild Name: OrgXIII
  2. Team Representative: Saber Antonia Pendragon Team Name: Cocomelon
  3. Azen

    In-game Cosplay

    IGN: 13thAzenSenpai Cosplayer: 200MILLION VOLTS ENEL (ENERU) FROM ONE PIECE!!
  5. I really do hope that you could see and judge the artwork based on your criteria. Originality is 25% and it is a really big factor.
  6. +1 they should be aware of those entries that came from google and then just collaborated it. Will be submitting my entry soon.
  7. Azen

    Mr. And Ms. DarkRO Rebirth

    IGN: 13th Professor Azen/13thAzenSenpai IGN of Candidate: 13th Grace of God/Shurlalu intro: WALA NG INTRO INTRO ASURA AGAD!! Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Iamgracetibor.012
  8. Azen

    Mr. And Ms. DarkRO Rebirth

    IGN: 13th Professor Azen IGN of Candidate: Sharlalu / Molly Bloom Intro: Molly Bloom ng DarkRO! Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Iamgracetibor.012
  9. Azen

    Lord Knight Event

    Ign : 13th Lord Azen
  10. 3x woe but only one 1 x a day I.e Wed 10-12pm Fri 5-7pm Sun 10-12pm only one map per woe or maybe two? This makes the woe more competitive and also beneficial for those small guilds. Increase capacity up to 50.
  11. 9.9b Ign: 13th xMVP Azen
  12. 3-4x WOE schedules Weekdays Tue Thurs Weekends Sat Sun WOE V1 Atleast 2200H GMT +8 Lots of players have work in daytime ofc. I agree with cas drops to be obtained randomly. But I strongly suggest that the guild capacity should be Max 40 by the woe comes. Lots of player have already equipped their gears by that time. Force Jump, Body reloc disabled.
  13. Azen

    Sith/Jedi MVP Guide

    How much is your damage on most mvp's?
  14. Azen

    Sith/Jedi MVP Guide

    How much is your damage with this one?
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