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  1. South

    Meme Event 2

    IGN: SouthShaker russian photo sharing
  2. You can only do this once, so be sure to clear out a lot in your storage when you want your items to reappear in your storage. That was the mistake I made, I only cleared a few then re-opened again.
  3. Update your game client: 1. Run DarkRO Patcher V2 2. Click Start Game (This will not run the current patch and game) 3. Run DarkRO Patcher V3 as an administrator 4. After patching, click Start Game, this will result a long message of automatic DELETE LOGS of certain OLD "DLLs", then just proceed. No need to panic nor question. 5. Delete the file darkro.dat file 6. Run the DarkRO - Rebirth Appication (1,373 KB) 7. Choose your PROXY, some PROXY servers doesn't connect depending on your region. 8. Enjoy! Fix the automatic greymap GRF. 1. Locate darkro (Configuration Settings 1KB) 2. Double click to EDIT. 3. Delete greymap.grf 4. Replace your old GRF in the very first on the list and move up the numbers ie. (graymap.grf deleted already) 0=darkro.grf 1=darkro.grf 2=pdata.grf 3=palettes.grf 4=rdata.grf 5=data.grf ______________ NEW SET UP 0=SELF/CUSTOM.grf 1=darkro.grf 2=darkro.grf 3=pdata.grf 4=palettes.grf 5=rdata.grf 6=data.grf
  4. For Lost Items in Storage - If your storage is full and missing a lot of items, pull out a few items. Once pulled out, close your storage and re-open again. It will fill be full again as your missing items will re-appear. Thank me later. - Still I am missing a lot of costumes
  5. South

    In-game Cosplay

  6. South

    In-game Cosplay

    IGN: Asmodel Cosplay: Naofumi Iwatani & Raphtalia (The Rising of the Shield Hero)
  7. Regarding the 2 Hours WoE: It's up to you if you will fill-up the whole 2 Hours WoEing. From my experience, in these kind of scenarios. We mostly use the first 30mins to wait those late comers and fix the parties before we go forward WoEing. Well it depends on your guild's plan or your time of availability. You can either be late or be early. Lets just enjoy it for now.
  8. The real reason is that they REVERTED every HIDDEN PATCH / EXPLOITS that was made before and being used/abused without being reporting. They abused it instead of reporting it to fix the issue. I'm pretty sure you won't like it if most or a lot of group used this exploit against other hunting guilds/groups. Warp Out on Death was made to reduce idling and this was added as a fix to dead characters lying around the LHZ Labs & Thanatos Tower, mostly used as "CCTVs". There's nothing wrong with it being used as CAMERAS, but it is not fair for those upcoming groups that will try to hunt in LHZ/Thana. Vice Versa, what would you feel if you are new to hunting and you see this being used by dominating guilds? Would you do the same and put effort or just leave like what the others did? These updates and exploits from before was made by the previous administration for the benefit of who? It was just reverted and they are continuously cleaning all the changes made to spoon fed a few individual from before. What happened to those who can't use 3PP and BUGS? They already quitted, why? There's no advantage for them anymore. just so, they were removed as advantage to those who knows these bugs, you're trying to act smart and questions the current management? The management is just doing what's best for the server instead of letting these bugs and exploits lay around. Lets keep the server alive!
  9. IGN: SouthShaker EDIT: Sorry if double posted, the post above this was sent and posted HIDDEN. I don't know why
  10. South

    July 4th Updates

    Everyone needs to stop blaming the LHZ Aura, it isn't the cause of the market fluctuation. It is due to certain demand and supply. As the population goes down, there's a fewer demand as of now. There's no even possible way into making the auras as BUSINESS in BUY & SELL marketing, there's only a FEW "POTENTIAL BUYERS" in order to win this market for profit. Mostly, regardless of the said update regarding the AURA - Color Change / Slot Change. It won't move the price lower as per you need to spend and donate in order to get the color you want for you aura. With this method, the aura's price will get even more and more favorable for those who will donate, as per thought, farmers who has a lot of time would be possible to buy these new colored auras as long as they have deep pockets from farming. The only cons of this is for those casual gamers only, but then, some of them has pure LUCK when it comes to exclusive events such as LOTTIs nor GAMBLING. That's why I'll prolly suggest that you should start using the Forums more often, the Dark RO: Rebrith Discord and last but no the least, those Dark RO: Streamers that gives us ideas and info regarding of what you can find or experience upon joining and playing the DarkRO: Rebirth.
  11. South

    July 4th Updates

    The REFUND was made for those who DONATED and PURCHASED the item in the donation shop directly when it came out. It is not meant for those who just got it from the in-game market nor any in-game trade. It is for them to compensate those who spent DT for the said item that can be quested already after the BETA TESTING of it. There's no point on giving privilege to those who got their Flame Auras in any other way aside from donation shop. Specially if the owner is a non-donator nor no history of donation. If you are a donator yourself, and the privilege is given to all the flame aura owners regardless of you are a donator or not, what would you feel?
  12. South

    Ragnarok Meme!!

    IGN: SouthShaker
  13. South

    Lord Knight Event

    IGN: Thou Shall Not Kill
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