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  1. Hello everyone! Please like and share my entry below. :-* Thank you all for the support!
  2. BossRaine

    5 vs 5 Event

    IGN: Fantasia/Cainta Guild: JAV
  3. Team Representative: Fantasia Team Name: JAV
  4. BossRaine

    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    Guild Name: TenacityGuild Leader: Old Spice
  5. Thanks for tagging tho. My other token accts/char was next to you. I wouldn't know if you're the real hacker or not. Let the GM verify it thru trade logs.
  6. I'm aware of the command, these are token accounts man. Never thought that this will happen to my accts.
  7. Just an updated, all of the accounts got hacked.
  8. Hi, Someone changed the passwords of my token accounts. Need your help ASAP!
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