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  1. Guild Name: Reishi Guild Leader: Ratchett Guild Turf/Save Point: Brasilis 119 311 Healer : brasilis 116 316 Kafra : brasilis 121 315
  2. wizer

    5 vs 5 Event

    IGN : wizee sirr Guild Name: Thracian
  3. #repost @ferrariako GM Yoda and James, Care to explain the rationale as to why change the Star Wars Headgear? People already spent a lot of their credits and effort to try and get those additional stats. It's totally unacceptable for those who invested in the 'Revamp' items two weeks ago which surely saw a huge price increase in the market only to have the effects changed again. Imagine Jedi hood at 600B - 700B ea and stress in trying to get it to higher refine. When you finally managed to refine +6/7/8 because you are trying to make most of the stats, it would be changed... and your refined headgear is only giving the same effect as +0. Personally I haven't said a word with all the issue/bugs in the server, because those things were out of you're control and you didn't mean for that to happen. But this one seems to be conscious decision to change the Stats of the Items you Revamped two weeks ago... If we are Revamping items and whether you guys are not sure about the stats, the very least you guys could have tagged it (BETA). So people would know that there's a chance that the stats can be changed further. So it won't greatly affect the price and people investing in it know fully what they are getting into. The Star Wars Revamp was similar to Buff of Banryu. People took the necessary risk to make most of the effect of the item. Only difference is Banryu was donate item and Star wars is Lotti. I am anxiously waiting for your response.
  4. Team Representative: Chester Team name: Reishi
  5. i cant log in after the patch, please help i did download already the full client and the manual patch but still not working. end point only at gepard half load. then nothing happen. thankyou!
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