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  1. I actually didn't enjoy 2 hours woe last night. Although nonstop it was actually a good practice for low tier guild. But i prefer the woe duration on Wednesday and Sunday 60 mins duration. Saturday 2 hours and add another woe day all SE.
  2. Stop assuming. You are not trying to suggest to make the server better. Its too obvious. Know the difference first between your and you're before saying stop acting smart.
  3. So basically you bug exploit the marionette skill just to "compete" with that "certain guild". Its not their fault they got lucky on those cards. I mean bruhhhh.
  4. It looks like you are having a hard time swallowing the new update. For me Marrionette has to be disabled we have tried using that and the damage was unremarkable above 700k imagine that certain kind of guild you say use it and has lhz cards? You would be put on the losing end. Now the death auto warped makes no sense for me as the thanatos tower path is hard enough just to be warped back to save point n just because someone killed you. My vote is to continue to disable Marrionette skill and to put a time limit to be resurrected before being auto warped out.
  5. Well how about we suggest that during the GOTM phase all WoE duration will be returned to the original 60mins. @Woody @Yoda
  6. Funny that you mentioned this. Let me remind you that you are not the only player who plays the game. We must also respect the decision of players voted in that poll. Instead of ranting here in this section try posting your suggestions in the right section. Be proactive not reactive.
  7. You could suggest it on the suggestion section which i highly doubt that it will be implemented since this is a PK server and theres time for PK off on LHZ and Thanatos tower. You could also ask some help in your current guild to help you hunt those bosses down since LHZ cards and thana card is in demand in the server right now.
  8. Banryu's effect was still on a beta stage before the patch i think.
  9. It seems OP to some since almost of the population mains the GTB GR and Noxious card in their equips. Banryu LK can be easily countered by PDFM Just my opinion tho.
  10. Have you ever considered that players abroad could not enjoy the woe with the proposed time scheme, right?
  11. @Marshal, Good day! I think the ISP is not the reason of the delay/lag we are currently experiencing in the server, as you can see players are lagging with some having low pings, high download and upload speeds and even players playing abroad are complaining. Kindly re validate and verify the lag issues to your respective host. Stop with ISP reasons we all know the game was smooth after every server restart. Thank you 😊 0 packet loss but still stop dancing
  12. -1 on the change but add 1 day of woe. Also add 1 hour or 30mins of WoE duration
  13. Any updates on the polls made in Guilds and Woe section?
  14. Quest expires. You have to do it again or try it on the character who have done the quest.
  15. I hope it will be implemented as soon as possible :D
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