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  1. "YET" so does this imply the upgraded T1 VMs will be redundant?
  2. @Yoda @James im wondering who started the poll about 1.45mins WOE? like 15 minutes reduction won't mean a thing. Would be reasonable if its 30mins reduction.
  3. Not a bad idea if they start early even if its 2 hrs. As we all know most players here are the ones that grew up with ragnarok. For short they already have jobs and families( RESPONSIBLE ADULTS). If they extend the time an hour longer we lose another hr of rest. Mind you ever since people started going back to work, the population significantly declined. The ones that stayed are the ones the are still ABLE to play.
  4. i think the real issue here is the time woe ends. 2 hours woe means we lose 1 hour sleep. Or stay up 1hr later because it has been extended
  5. or what type of people voted for 2 hrs WOE lol. In case admins forget most RO players are old enough to have a family and jobs. Additional strain. If WOE is laggy another hour for lags? Some OVERSEA players will have to stay up late for another hour? Or should i say RESPONSIBLE ADULTS staying up for another hour? How about just adding another WOE instead, by doing this some players that are unable to WOE on the current times will have a chance to woe whatever schedule will be added..
  6. Scytheart

    June 5th Updates

    when i opened the donation NPC all i said was GG server. I will take a month rest then see what happens afterwards. Don't wanna end up wasting more time.
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