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  1. This. Can't wait for a decent clown running around with an implemented Sinx card. More qq less pewpew
  2. Thank you, server is getting better now. Thanks for all the effort
  3. Some players doesn't experience any DC or lag issues, is it because of our ISP? I heard that most globe users got this problem. I am using globe as my ISP. It's making me nuts, I get disconnected way more now that before the update. /sob
  4. I DC'd for like 50 times in my 2 hrs game time, I know it's excessive but it's true. I think most globe users started to experience this problem since the last update. Other players who has a different ISP said that they never DC'd and experienced lag at all.
  5. That's the way it is. Why nerf? I mean, not all people play clown to PK, some play them as support. I know it's heaven for clowns/gypsys but meh this is highrate, anyone who plays beastly/got end game item is OP.
  6. While I was doing THQ my char got disconnected, upon reconnecting I tried to take a quest but the npc said I have to wait for the 1 hr cooldown. I wasn't able to finish the quest due to disconnection however my quest was gone. I checked my points but nothing happened. This occurred to several of my accounts. It's just 3 point but it matters. Thank you,
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