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  1. IGN: Lycisca - Lord Knight Title: Status Reload Short Description INTRO: This is to make Status Effects relevant again (and to make certain gameplays revolve around them, and not just stack enough Atk / HP) Mechanics: Status effects should be a viable way to control enemies, so that in-game PvP / WoE isn't just a battle of "Who has the most damage" vs "Who can survive the longest". So these revamps would promote other builds (e.g. Snipers with Status Bows, Whitesmiths spamming Hammerfall, Sin X using Venom Dust, etc.), as well as countermeasures against them (Priests using Status Recovery, immunity cards, etc.) Rules: Stat-Immunity Status Effects: Bleeding - 3% HP loss per second, disables natural HP/SP Regen (100% immunity at 200 Agi) Blind - reduce Hit and Flee by 50% (100% immunity at 300 Dex) Coma - reduce HP to 1 and SP to 0 (100% immunity at 300 Luk) Silence - inability to use skills (100% immunity at 300 Int) Stone - Def -50%, armor becomes Earth 1 (100% immunity at 300 Str) Stun - Flee becomes 0 (100% immunity at 250 Vit) Non Stat-Immunity Status Effects: Curse - reduces attack and magic attack by 35%, Luk becomes 0, reduces movement speed (immunity only via items) Freeze - Flee becomes 0, Def and MDef reduced by 50%, armor becomes Water 1 (immunity only via items) Poison - Def -50%, 2% HP loss per second, disables natural HP/SP Regen disabled (immunity only via certain elemental armors) Sleep - Flee becomes 0, next incoming hit gets 2x critical rate (immunity only via items)
  2. IGN: Lycisca - Lord Knight Title: Star Wars Cards for the Star Wars Server Short Description INTRO: I think this would be a good way to promote the server, and capitalize on it being within the Star Wars universe. Either we implement custom mobs (e.g. Star Wars mobs) that would drop these cards, or implement a 'Star Wars Card Voucher' which can be given as prizes in some events. Mechanics: Being cards, they should have some viability and use in-game. As with other cards, they are also graded by rarity - some may have normal mob effects, some may have mini-boss effects, while some have MVP boss effects. Rules: Sample Cards (Compound on) [Item Suffix/Prefix]: Normal Cards: Jedi Card (Accessory) [Jedi Knight's] Str +3 Max HP +3% Max SP -5% [ Jedi Class ] Increases damage of Lightsaber Throw by 10% Jedi Knight Card (Headgear) [of Master] Attack +20 Flee -10 [ + Jedi Card ] Additional Str +2 Additional Attack +5 Additional max HP +2% Stormtrooper Card (Accessory) [Unstable] Ranged Atk +4% Hit -20 Flee -10 [ Gunslinger Class ] Ranged Atk +1% Mini-Boss Cards: Bounty Hunter Card [Mini Boss] (Garment) [Exploit] Attack +20, Flee +30 Perfect dodge -15 Each 3 refine rate of the garment allows physical attacks to heal 1% of all damage dealt as HP at a 100% chance [ + Stormtrooper ] Ranged attack +3% Attack +20 Flee +10 MVP Boss Cards: Jabba the Hutt Card [MVP] (Footgear) [of Goliath] Max HP +30% Max SP -25% Movement speed -35% The wearer takes 5% less damage from all incoming magic The wearer takes 10% more incoming physical damage Each refine increases movement speed by 1% Each 2 refine further decreases damage from all incoming magic by 1% Obi-Wan Kenobi Card [MVP] (Headgear) [of Force] All Stats +1 Enables the use of level 4 Force Element (all Force Element effects are removed once the compounded headgear is unequipped) Each headgear refine heals 2 SP every 0.1 seconds [ + Lightsaber weapon ] Increases damage against all elements by 5% [ Jedi Class ] Further increases damage against all elements by 5%
  3. Well, if you're still looking for a build / stat guide, this one's pretty basic. For Sin X, never make your Aspd reach 197, because you'll receive a -2 Aspd penalty once you use EDP, whereas if you have 196 Aspd, you have no Aspd penalty with EDP (unless you're fine running around without EDP, but why even play Sin X? Just use a Jedi or smth). So for that, Doppelganger card is a big no-no. You can use the Free Doppelganger card, since it provides lower aspd%, add Dex until 150 for instacast (though granted the only skills with cast time for Sin X would be Soul Breaker and Meteor Assault, but you need that hit rate as well), then slowly add Agi until you reach 196 Aspd (in my case, I reached 196 Aspd without buffs at 97 Agi). I just added Luk in my case because I was reaching for the 25 perfect dodge (meaning 1 out of 4 physical attacks would miss). Of course, this build is far from being the best or ideal (since you can swap out a Yoyo card for Owl Baron for the Lex Aeterna's extra burst potential, and I don't have overupgraded VManteaus or Sleipnir yet). You can also use Dragon Wings for the extra medium target damage, and Cyclop's Eye if you're really min-maxing those stats.
  4. The Footgear choice depends on what you need. As I said, if you need more HP, Sleipnir is the way to go. But if you need the Kyrie procs, Amon Ra is your choice. You max out Vit (you don't need it to be at multiples of 10 because, unlike Atk or MAtk, you don't get bonuses like from Str or Int - you just flat out get more HP, which scales the more HP% gear you have), get 150 Dex total with Stats and Job bonuses (in case you get Stripped / Dispelled), and then add Agi until you hit 197 Aspd. Afterwards, you just put enough Str until you're satisfied with your weight limit (as I said, Atk is not that important since Martyr's Reckoning ignores it entirely), and maybe splash some Int for SP.
  5. Shiho

    Upgrading Banryu

    Hmm, maybe let the GMs know of that issue, because in thay case it [Banryu] could be following the refine table of some servers, where even refining from +0 to +1 has a chance to break.
  6. If you want maximum damage output, 2 TG and 2 Hydra works. Some people just put in Doppel so they have max Aspd even without Agi. If you're aiming for the highest HP possible, then yes, the Footgear to go for is Sleipnir (at 20% HP increase), assuming you're wearing Valkyrie Manteau. Wool Scarf + Tidal Shoes with a 10% HP card (Matyr, Green Ferus, or Firelock Soldier if the footgear is at +9) provides the same bonuses as we. You use Amon Ra for its utility - you get lower HP, but you autocast Kyrie Eleison, which puts auto-attackers at bay (like Snipers, Sin X, and Padawan classes). With 99 int, the proc rate simply becomes absurd. Lastly, for the weapon you choose the one that has 4 slots, but with the least Aspd reduction so you need less Agi to hit 197 aspd (assuming you don't have Doppel). The fastest I found was Main Gauche [4], but people tend to not use thus because Daggers deal 100% damage against Small targets and only 75% on Medium (though the damage difference is minimal, as Martyr's Reckoning ignores weapon atk anyway). If you don't want that, Pike [4] and Blade [4] both deal 100% damage to Medium targets.
  7. IIRC they don't "stack", per se (like two 3% chance cards stack to give a 6% chance), but you independently roll the chances for each one. Like each one has a 3% chance to trigger, so if the 97% of the time it doesn't trigger per attack, you gain another 3% chance to trigger the other card within that 97%. (source: https://forum.ratemyserver.net/general-discussion/do-2-owl-barons-stack-with-each-other/) I've already reset my build and stripped my SinX, but I generally used 250+X str divisible by 10, enough agi to bring myself to 196 aspd without buffs (which is tricky especially if you accidentally click the healer and it buffs you), vit (usually up to 100 to 125, weighing survivability [HP, resistances] vs the pain of Thanatos / Ice Pick / Acid Demonstration), then dumping the rest on Luk. At times I don't reach 100 crit rate (or my preferred amount of perfect dodge) so I decrease vit accordingly then.
  8. Incantation Samurai card is implemented (not sure if it goes by the name Samurai Specter card, both of them refer to the same card). At the moment I use nearly the same build, although I use either 2 Vanberks + 2 Owl Barons (more chance for Lex Aeterna but I have lower crit rate, which is offset by the Vanberk procs), or 2 Kobolds + 2 Gemini S58 (for higher crit rate + resistances). With EDP + Aloe Vera, it deals decent enough damage, though I feel that it's still outclassed by Dual Dagger types both here and on the original Dark RO (but the crits ignoring flee and def are nice).
  9. DD Sin X rely on bursting down enemies quickly, since they have Double Attack (which means Double Attack procs would land 2 hits on the main hand + 1 hit on the offhand, for a total of 3, compared to Crit Sin X landing 2 hits). That said, you would rely on hit rate as well, since crit ignores flee. But with EDP and Lex Aeterna (from Owl Baron), people tend to drop quickly (if they don't have auto-potion programs). On the original Dark RO, I had 2 main hand daggers + 1 offhand dagger, with a Katar thrown in for easy switching (wear the Katar, then the first dagger you wear will go to your offhand, followed by your mainhand). Main hand daggers: +10 Sandstorm [Turtle General, Turtle General, Hydra, Incantation Samurai] - for low to moderate def targets +10 Sandstorm [Turtle General, Turtle General, Hydra, Memory of Thanatos] - for high def targets Offhand dagger: +10 Main Gauche [Randgris, Hydra, Skel Worker, Phreeoni] - I used Main Gauche and not another Sandstorm to maximize my weapon slots while not messing up my weapon switching I also used Injustice card before (swapping 1 to 2 on the offhand Hydra and/or Skel Worker), because the Sonic Blow proc, even at level 1, already deals 300% damage. Successive procs with EDP will hurt people, but during special occasions I opt to not use them and other auto-cast cards (like Owl Baron cards) because the text bar over your head tends to draw attention of other people to your location, even while cloaked. While yes, Dual Dagger Sin X are more versatile, they require extensive amounts of gear for switching, because unlike DD Crit Sin X where you have one set of gear that aims to get your damage as high as possible, Dual Dagger Sin X would require you to change gear on the fly in order to bring down enemies fast. I guess you can try switching with +10 Ice Picks for high def characters, but the lesser card slots really cripples the damage potential in that case.
  10. Christ dude, ONLY 500b to get more attack and 5% more Bowling Bash damage than a Blade?
  11. That is true, I also submitted several suggestions towards the other custom weapons (since Lich's Bone Wand [2] gives more MAtk than Icarus Staff [3], Composite Bow [4] gives more damage than Icarus Bow [3], Icarus Sword [3] is generally unused, etc.) Hopefully more balance changes in the future could make those weapons "end game choices" in the game as well.
  12. Well, since it only has 3 slots compared to Blade's 4 slots (and accounting for the multiple posts complaining about how Blade dealt more damage to Banryu, and since we're in a high rate server, card slots > base attack every time), the lost slot compensated for losing out on an extra Sword Guardian card (with only a 5% boost). Also, you need the weapon to be at +10 to get its full effect. Breaking and losing several pieces of a level 4 weapon at several billions per piece from attempted refines is a decent price to pay for the increased attack, no?
  13. Thanks for considering my suggestion for the Banryu change!
  14. Shiho


    It's not ideal to make a "pure SB type" SinX, since: 1. People's HPs can reach up to 100~200k or more, so it would be difficult to drop them with one or two casts, and 2. You can't do Sonic Blow step IIRC. In the original Dark RO, it was feasible mainly because of Talisman (Soul Link) effect, as well as the Krishna + Assassin's Handcuffs combo, but so far we don't have that accessory implemented yet. The original Dark RO also improved the viability of Katars (by increasing the slots of several Katars, like Chakram [3] and Guillotine Katar [2]), improving the katar-based skills (Katar Mastery gave 150 attack at max level, and Advanced Katar Research also gave boosted damage IIRC), as well as other SinX skill changes (EDP retained Aspd at 197 if the caster was wearing Katar-type weapons). Anotger popular option was to use 1 or 2 Injustice cards for Dual Dagger types, because of the burst value (even at level 1, Sonic Blow autocasts dealt 300% damage; the original Dark RO also removed the after-cast delay of Sonic Blow meaning that it can trigger several instances within a short span of time to effectively burst down enemies).
  15. They're probably using some sort of script that comes with gaming mice / keyboard, just like people who are AFK but their characters keep standing / sitting, allowing them to farm Activity Points. I don't approve of that since it comes pretty close to Pay (to buy gaming mice / keyboard) to Win, but the GMs apparently allow it, so here we are.
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