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  1. IGN: VergewaltigerMeister / Stalker Suggestion No 1: Title: Proper Definition of REFLECT Short Description: Redefine what "REFLECT" really means. There are many instances that "REFLECT" triggers just about any item or card effect with "when physically attacking" on their item description. This have many players confused since it almost acts like the cards that trigger with the description "when the user receives physical damage". Mechanics: PROS: 1. Such redefinition will give the Attacking/Damager Class more leeway to carry their guild in the case of WoE and have the upper hand in PVP scenarios. They are called killers for a reason, a hitter is deemed useless when reflect damage triggers debuffs such as the likes of dispel, strip weapon and decrease agi. 2. Players would be more creative in using other cards in the game which will also give way for the dev team to consider revamping other cards in game. Everyone will work their brains out, which is a good thing. CONS: 1. If "REFLECT" is properly defined as something pertaining to the likes of "return, mirror, throw-back" , then these auto-cast "when physically attacking" cards would no longer be used by support roles. They are considered support roles for a reason. 2. Backlash from the community, specially for support roles. Rules: Currently there are many auto-cast cards being utilized by players in the server but currently here are the few which are widely known. a) "Wickebine Tres Card" - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Strip Armor on the enemy when attacking. b) "Stormy Knight Card" - Add a 2% chance of auto casting Lv.2 Storm Gust on the enemy when attacking. Has 20% chance of Freezing an enemy when attacking. c) "Maero of Thanatos Card" - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Lv.3 Decrease AGI on the enemy when attacking. ATK+5. d) "Valkyrie Randgris Card" - Add a 1% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Dispel when attacking. Make a weapon indestructible (except in upgrade attempts). Increases Physical Attack Strength by 10%. e) "Metaling Card" - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Strip Weapon on enemy when attacking. f) "Violy Card" - Add a 2% chance of auto casting Lv.1 Frost Joker on an enemy when attacking. If the user has mastered the skill at Level 5, it will cast Lv.5 Frost Joker. g) "Owl Baron Card" - Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on an enemy when attacking. These are being used by players with the notion of taking advantage of the current definition of "REFLECT" in the server. There is also an auto-cast item such as "Force Imbued Blade" which is supposedly only to be triggered "when physically attacking". Please consider the following scenarios that have been observed for a few months now. a) PVP between SinX vs Pally 1) SinX hits Pally with Reflect On 2) Pally triggers Dispel and Strip Weapon even when not hitting (In this case, what happened now can be considered as auto-counter because it triggered the auto-cast of the Metaling and Randgris Card) 3) SinX gets dispelled and stripped rendering him useless. b) WoE Scenarios GVG scenario 1 1) Guild A confronts Guild B 2) Guild A has a Champ that repeatedly body relocates in front of Guild B 3) Hitters/Snipers of Guild B target calls the said Champ unbeknownst to them that this Champ is equipped with a [ T2 Vshield(5% reflect), Maero Thanatos Card, Randgris Card ] 4) Snipers gets debuffed by the Dispel and Decrease Agi of this Champ which was Triggered by the reflect of the T2 Vshield GVG Scenario 2 1) Guild B retaliates against Guild A 2) Guild A's support roles are mostly equipped with Randgris Cards, Owl Baron Cards, T2 Vshield(5% Reflect) and Creators are equipped with Force Imbued Blade 3) Guild B gets in Sharpshoot Range (9 cells) and targets frontline of Guild A. 4) Within less than 10 seconds from Guild B's attack on Guild A, Snipers from Guild B falls one by one due to the fact that they have been dispelled and bolted down by the auto-casts triggered from the T2 Vshields reflect. While some have discovered this as a new type of "META", there has been no whatsoever patch that defined "REFLECT" damage as being the same type of damage with "Physical" damage or Magical Damage. What I would like to suggest is either the proper definition of "REFLECT" damage or the consideration of removing "REFLECT" Damage as part of the triggers for items/cards with "when physically attacking" or "when dealing magical damage".
  2. IGN of Pair: AmmaBreaKthatCnt & KagomeChan Caption: "I Want You To Be Happy. I Want You To Laugh A Lot. I Don't Know What Exactly I'll Be Able To Do For You, But I'll Always Be By Your Side." - Kagome Theme: "Inuyasha x Kagome" Spring Love Reference:
  3. Team Name : Doctrina Qualitas Team Leader Name : M A X F L E E Name of the Members : M A X F L E E E T N A R T Anti Iyakin Nocte Caulis V O I D Ac e iLoveSexSongs
  5. Guild Name: Project XGuild Leader: V O I D
  6. IGN: M A X F L E EIGN of Candidate: MOTHERLESS Intro: Pag nag pakita ng motibo nag lalabas ng embutido, Let's Welcome the Pambansang VAE! Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/sendwuz
  7. IGN: The Shadow Monarch
  8. Party: GLHF King: Waves
  9. Yes I agree with this. much love from Project X. :D
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