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  1. Deviling work only fo Asura, if u wanna +%50 damage and dead fast use deviling!
  2. Нет не легален. Могут БАН!!!
  3. Can you please tell me a nice and best stats for pvp? HM need int and vit or etc.
  4. Can u update ur build? Foto dont work now, hm u have dex and int? For Pvp i need good build
  5. xxlancelotxx

    May 4th Updates

    Reverted minimum PK level requirement from 150 to 70. Fix this option. there is already lag. dies so fast because new players don't have good equipment and have lag! beginners will not be strong and will leave the game immediately! old players will go over time, 100 people won't play like rebirthro! don't be greedy. you will be the loser
  6. xxlancelotxx

    May 4th Updates

    If you don't donate, you can't play. Everything is money here! beginners are now hard to make money. everybody has already progressed. remove pk in gold room! rebirthro like you was stingy, 100 people are not playing now
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