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  1. Now this became classic server. RIP go 13
  2. Can someone check my logs to see what might be the problem?
  3. Vaan


    How about Jedi?
  4. Vaan

    3PP removal

    Did you know who made these rules? How can you Identify if someone is using 3PP and not a hardware? Can you? If "banning accounts" is your solution, seems like you cant process things in your brain. Talk about fair game?
  5. Vaan

    3PP removal

    Dev told us that they blocked all "known" 3PP softwares so i'm sure there is. Plus I know a few who are already using a working autopots. So what is the point of sorting out some of those who use 3PP if they cannot remove all?
  6. Vaan

    3PP removal

    I also find it funny when someone is commenting without even understanding what is the content. Okay, I will explain it to you, It is okay to REMOVE those "spamming" in game as long as they are removed completely. But unfortunately, Some 3PP can still baypass the Gepard protection thus "some" are still using 3PP and how about the hardware with built in macro? Real balance right?
  7. Vaan

    3PP removal

    Is this your way of reducing FPS drop issue? You just made the game unfair for others who do not have a mouse with built in macro and for those who can bypass Gepard with their 3PP softwares.
  8. Vaan

    In-game Cosplay

    IGN: Agent 4 7 Cosplay Character: Agent 47 from Hitman movie
  9. You dont need to memorize every route. It's not a vacation tour. 😅
  10. (JobLevel*2)/7) so ((100 x 2 ) / 7) = 29
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