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  1. Vaan

    In-game Cosplay

    IGN: Agent 4 7 Cosplay Character: Agent 47 from Hitman movie
  2. You dont need to memorize every route. It's not a vacation tour. 😅
  3. So, is the old AndRo much better?
  4. LHZ aura should be the grand prize in my opinion.
  5. Vaan

    June 5th Updates

    What exactly is the problem in using Cart Termination under PDFM?
  6. Vaan

    May 22nd Updates

    I dont know what happened. The red text for the skill delay notification keeps on comming out while using CT and you can see the difference. Thank you for clarifying. 🙂
  7. Vaan

    May 22nd Updates

    Why still nerf the Cart Termination by increasing its after cast delay? The damage output is very little compare to what you did to LK Bowling bash, yet the CT aftercast delay has been increased.
  8. Vaan

    May 22nd Updates

    How about the WS CT after cast delay which is not included in changelog? it is hardly a nerf rather than a buff.
  9. Vaan

    May 22nd Updates

    WS skills have been improved but the after cast delay increased as well?
  10. Vaan

    April 17th Updates

    Sir. Greedy parry is not working again. Please tell your fixing it.
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