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  1. Yes you can activate it after the installation
  2. Because the antivirus detects the pz.exe as virus. you need pz.exe to activate your Pingzapper you can delete it once you activate it. maybe your firewall is block pingzapper
  3. Maybe because of your computers admin rights it blocks the program itself.
  4. Try troubleshoot compatibility your darkro.exe
  5. Its because you choose the wrong tunneling proxy. Use manual search
  6. You need to choose your Tunnel Selection manually Right Click DarkRO icon on your Pingzapper > Click Manual > Asia Pacific > Choose the lowest ping
  7. It's because of PZ.exe. It's used to activate the premium features of pingzapper for 3 months
  8. Here https://mega.nz/file/ngpRzbQb#6hlKb-pEiwisKT4WG7loITnQ90-JNc1ykH-oHv9pH_I Yes it has. Just follow the steps above
  9. You need to choose your proper proxy depends on your location
  10. I encounter this error just now all i need to do is restart my computer and reconfigure it again.
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