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  1. LOL. Bru do u even know how to read?
  2. same. As a newbie most of the time i try to visit different WOE castle to study the map and check the route to Emp Room. I don't see any benefits on restricting player to enter WOE castle when WOE is inactive 🤔
  3. Team Name: JKL Team Leader: Sun Spiderz Name of the Members: 1. Paladin Kyoo 2. Dito Tayo 3. Mavis Vermillion 4. d4hyun 5. H20 DRINK WATER EBRIDEY 6. Narberal Gamma
  4. Kyoo

    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    how about adjust the time? :( 9pm? :(
  5. Kyoo

    Guild Skirmish 2.0

    +1 or maybe adjust it for a few hours like 9:00 or 10 pm
  6. Kyoo

    April 24th Updates

    WOE Sched is final? We can only compete on fridays.
  7. Will there be livestream for this?
  8. IGN : Kyoo Easter sunday = family day!!
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