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  1. I don't see fun gaming in PVP at all. PK OFF go 15 and 13? You should reopen go 15 at least for pvp or pk on area (sprt will be amazing). I'm playing this game because it was nostalgic just like the old days. How can you call it nostalgic if you didn't even have the usual PK area back then? I know PVP room was the original room for PVP. It just didn't make any sense.
  2. I think I just pressed the shortcut warp all good now thanks! You can delete this post
  3. Hi Team, I don't know what happened. I just warp prt_maze02 and I was routed on the map error. If there's a GM Online can you warp my character down town please? or fix the error. Thanks! Character name: Sobakasu
  4. Hi DRO Team, I have a stable internet connection so far but when I connect to dark ro game it always says failed to connect to server. Please help for fix. Thanks! Greetings,
  5. Thank you GM's for all your hard work. Let's rebuild this wonderful server.
  6. Thank you for fixing the server. Me and my wife almost dishearten from what happened.
  7. Obrigado pela sua calorosa recepção! Ansioso para conhecê-lo no jogo :)
  8. Hi Mate, We're here to enjoy the game. Why not try to rebuild what you had lost? The server is just getting started. I dont even have an official character yet. Let's play together., level together. Kaya pa yan d naman mahirap mgpa yaman d2 eh. Hehe
  9. Hi All, I just joined this wonderful community like couple of days ago. I haven't got an internet due to (covid19) my isp cannot fix it at the moment so I created a forum account for the mean time. By the way my name is Zayn you can call me Zee. I'm playing ragnarok since 2006 so this game is in my DNA. I've been a Staff (S&O) from the last Ragnarok I played (InsaneRO). I'm currently working right now and have limited time to play the game. I am so excited to be in game and I'm looking forward to meet you guys. Greetings,
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