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  1. Team Repeesentative: Irresistible Jay Team Name: Orange Army
  2. My suggestion is 1 HR SE Castle woe 1 HR break 1 HR FE Castle woe. also not everyone has forum account. Better if you utilize Facebook poll where people are more active.
  3. Jayne

    June 25th Updates

    This is one of the best update so far. THE SIGN QUEST FTW!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the official BG release! Thank you GM and devs!
  4. If that is the case, then we can call it as RMT as what other said in this thread. Because the logic is, someone bought Thana card using REAL money and they top up DT on their account using that REAL money.
  5. But its cheaper to buy item directly to player instead of buying DT to player then buy item using DT.
  6. Solution on this issue with very simple. Like what other said. Make DT tradable so all transaction will be player-to-player.
  7. I agree, devs need to put NPC like lottie to burn the existing zeny in game. Put more fashion item, imo it will not break the game and existing item like modified banryu, FOF and skewer with [2] and you need to socket to make it [3]. my 2nd suggestion is to put new donation item like Black/Red dwing, new weapon etc.
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