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  1. Bitter? We can do a rematch best of 6, with +5 advantage on your team/guild :)
  2. It's hard to compete when SO and GM's are also playing as regular players for WOE.
  3. +1. No more breaker focused sinx on woe , since it's impossible to break the emp and we all needed to wipe each other's guild first before we could break it. SINX EDP is also changed I believed without prior changelogs, damage is very noticeable compared to the first day of this server.
  4. Dice game at Brasilis. 100B on the line Jabi guild vs Kel Thuzad 50B : 50B Our team won but the midman disappeared. I'll just leave this one here for the record. Midman : Xeltran Husky of Steel Wolves See attached screenshots.
  5. We aint sure what totally happened but even us can't attack as well , just keeping the spam on all the time as per my explanation. I don't think there's a specific command that allow specific players to pk while others are not.
  6. We aint sure what totally happened but even us can't attack as well , just keeping the spam on all the time as per my explanation. I don't think there's a specific command that allow specific players to pk while others are not.
  7. We are the one who won the said event. It's pretty funny that haters keep on calling the GM team bias. We played 3 matches on this said event. 1st match - we won without any issue 2nd match - I got disconnected *LK user* , but still the GM waited for 2 mins for me to reconnect, yet 2 mins had passed and they needed to continue the match even without me, luckily , my team still won the 2nd match even without me. 3rd match , the confidential match on the finals wherein there's a 3 party 3v3v3 royal rumble type. So what happened is, Team A - prof , bio , clown Team B - bio, sinx , stalker Team C *us* - prof , clown , LK We know who the team A is , so our team is focused on Team B for team fight . We stayed on our position for a minute but since no team is moving, we opted to make an engagement on team B. Upon engaging, we can't use our skills inside the map, so while we are talking on our discord channel, I commanded to just spam our skills until skill on was on. I saw team B complaining while still at skill off , so when the GM noticed that skills are off, they on it but unfortunately, team B was caught unprepared while we are spamming our skills already. Their bio team mate instantly killed but the stalker and sinx cloacked their way out. While we're trying to still kill their sinx and stalker, their stalker managed to full strip me *LK* and our prof which left us no choice but to retreat and move back from our original position. We are waiting on our spot to get rid of the full strip status and we dont know what happened next. We just waited their for around 2mins , spamming hide so we couldn't get killed by team A since they have the advantage. Upon equipping our items back, we saw that only a sinx from team B is alive which we easily killed. So there you go, I don't know where the bias issues comes from, since we dont even know who the event gm handled that event. I also dont talk to anyone , even the GM team, unless someone is spamming icewall at GO 15. :D I even dont need to explain here but since it's maintenance, here you go. :)
  8. LASTLY , I don't think he has any DRAGON WINGS on his accounts. His account is too poor. PROMISE. He always borrow items and ofc returns it to me, so I'm doubting if he has the capability to sell in game items to real money. coz I REPEAT , THAT GUYS IS FCKING POOR. Sorry Madz, love ya :*
  9. Miu, I got few questions regarding the issue here. First is , you co-relate the account of KAIROVSKI to Madz account aka Death by the LAST USED IP of that account? Is it possible to check on a different side like which IP they both used to register their accounts? It is possible that KAIROVSKI last used IP is the same with MADZ since based on MADZ' story , KAIROVSKI asked a favor to open his account on MADZ pc that's why they got the same last used ip. Just for double checking tho, And based on how I know this person, it's pretty impossible for me to believe that he will do this kind of violation since he GENUINELY love the server. In addition to that, his character/account is POOR to sell RMT. hahahahaha. PS: Ryan Melchor and Madz is 2 different persons. They are both my guildmates. They are both in our facebook group chat. It's pretty impossible that they are one. PPS: He's the best streamer currently for me. Lots of valuable content and really helpful to newbies.
  10. Post your application here: Name: Character Name: Job: Facebook profile link: Screenshot of main character equips: Incomplete info will not be entertained GTB and VA is required
  11. Trixilog

    April 3rd Updates

    What do you mean by this? What are those rare items?
  12. Zup fans? and haters ofc. :) See you in game.
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