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  1. Sorry for the inconvenience :( Guild Name: Aesir Guild Leader: Super Pala Guild Turf/Respawn Point: @warp job3_gen01 23 50 Healer: @warp job3_gen01 19 53 Kafra: @warp job3_gen01 26 53 Warper: @warp job3_gen01 19 46
  2. Update according to the requested (i can't edit, sorry u_u) Guild Name: Aesir Guild Leader: Super Pala Guild Turf/Respawn Point: @warp 1@pop3 56 66 Healer: @warp 1@pop3 60 66 Kafra: @warp 1@pop3 53 72 Warper: @warp 1@pop3 62 66
  3. IGN: Super Pala - Clown Title: KOE/WOE improvement Short Description INTRO: KOE and WOE are one of the funnier instances in DarkRO, however, KOE can be unsatisfactory (bad prizes) and WOE can be repitative and predictable. Mechanics PROS: 1. (KOE) Encourage the team works 2. (KOE) Make more attractive the prizes and playing in a guild. 3 (KOE) More versatility to the KOE gameplay 4. (WOE) More variety of castles = more fun . 5. (WOE) Avoid abuse against little guilds and make the end of woe more funny (:rice:) CONS: 1. (KOE) Usually i play KOE at 7:00 AM, i dont know how this affect the gameplay of other KOES. 2. (KOE) I Don't know the tecnical factibility of implement a boost of points. 2 (WOE) Can make troubles with the drops at the end of the month. Rules: KOE: Is one of the things that i more love in DarkRO, so i have three main suggestion for this: one focused in KOE group work, other on rewards system and the last for add variety to the KOE gameplay. First: To avoid solo players who go to farm KOE Points or just kill at the respawn point, i suggest remove all the external buff at the moment of get into KOE map. With this the Guilds should have more variety of jobs (incluying support jobs) and for the solo player will be harder kill or farm points. Second: Usually people dont play KOE because the prizes are not worth it. For this i propose that the members of the winner guild receive a booster of KOE points (x3 maybe?).with this the people who go to farm points will have an incentive to play with a guild and there is other motive to play to win. Third: Actually the KOE map have a year old and this turns KOE a little repetitive, so i suggest implement another map and randomize the choice of the map before KOE starts (between new and old). I made a sketch of a new map (in paint :c) WOE: For WOE i have two main suggestion: One focused in the variety of castle and other to make more tasty the woe ends. First: I’m a player (like other i guess) who only can play WOE 2 or 3 days at the week. Play always the same castles turns WOE boring (i miss prontera u_u). So i suggest, like the hat rotation, make monthly rotation of the days of WOE castles. The problem with this maybe is the castle's drops at the end of the month, but the staff can solve this i guess :3. Second: Lately i see alot of guild use "Emergency Call" near the end of woe to get two castles, this is so logical (and a little obvious) but a little abusive for the smallest guild i guess. To solve this i propose implementing a delay of 5 minutes at the end of WOE (like KOE, but 5 minutes xd), with this the end of WOE will have more adenaline (i use the call or i save it for later D=? )
  4. Guild Name: Aesir Guild Leader: Super Pala Guild Turf/Save Point: @warp 1@ge_st Note: We played two WOES , but we're a koe focused guild who wants to add some taste to the KOE of 7AM
  5. Can i ask why this? I think this is a bad idea because theres so many players who doenst know the castle =(. For example lately i was try to teach woe 2.0 to my guildmates, but the main problem is that they doens't know the castles of yuno and rachel, so i go with them to walk arround when woe is off.
  6. i'm a little bit dissapointed. you shouldnt put "new content and features" if all the new items are from donation, i expected at least new woe/koe items :/. also i dont like that parties arent inmune to each other damage u_u. Finally i think that you should consider the war duration, this affect the economy of smallest and poorest guild. Sometimes the majority is not right. Thats my opinion, anyway thanks for all GM team <3, gretings from Chile :)
  7. 1. IGN: Tinky 2. Full Name: Angelo Contreras Ibarra 3. Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/angelo.contrerasibarra 4. Short Description of the Loading Screen you created: When i started playing ragnarok in 2006 i always liked funny loadscreens, they showed that ragnarok dont need great graphics to be a good game. So here is my screen (saludos desde Chile xd!).
  8. IGN: Murumo Title: The Empire Strikes Prontera Short Descriptión INTRO: The empire strikes Prontera, is our duty to scort the defenseless to the castle. Mechanics: 1)6 party can participate in this event. 2)The players must create a party consisting of: 1 novice lvl1/1 witouth equip, 3 jedi and other job (free choice). 3) The starting points are: pvp_y_1-1 (265 40) (230, 40) (165, 40) (145,40) (100, 40) (55, 40) (this map is a suggestion). These points will be raffled by dice. 4) The map will be infested with monster of biolab 3. 5)The goal is to bring the novice alive to pvp_y_1-1 156 331 (the bridge to the castle), don’t matter if the others party members are dead. 6) If the novice dies the party instantly loses, but live players can stay on the map (for pvp ewe). Rules: Pk is enabled Warps is disable The following skills are banned: Devotion, play dead, resurrection, redemptio, basilica. The following items are banned: Yggdrasil leaf, Box of Thunder, Authoritative badge, speed potion). External buff are not allowed. The novice can't use any consumable item. Rounds and Winner: No limit of rounds. If there are 3 winners the prizes are below. If there 2 winners the 1st place take the 3st place prizes. If there only 1 winner the 1st place take the 2st and 3st prizes. If there is no winner the event must be repeated and the prizes accumulate (1st+2st+3st)*NumberOfRounds. Prizes: 1st: 1 custome ticket and 200c for each party member. 2st: 1 gym pass and 100c for each party member. 3st: 1 DarkRo Reward Box and 50c for each party member. Consolation Prize: 1DarkRO Reward Box for each party member.
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