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YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! - This is the legit DarkRO Rebirth. (James)


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  1. Basically you are saying the lag is because of the player's fault because they have bad internet. Please see the screenshot below for the results of my speedtest. I have fast internet. So why am I still lagging then? my angel poem
  2. Keep waiting for how long? Players are not going to tolerate the lag and fps drop forever. Do you want DarkRO Rebirth to start losing players first before something happens? This is unprofessional, this is not right. The obvious problem in the server right now is Lag and FPS Drop, so please focus on fixing this first. Who requested to have new items and new castles implemented in game? - No One. Who requested to fix the Lag and FPS Drop issues in game? - Everyone. @James
  3. its obvious that players just want lag and fps drop issue fix. Stop implementing new items in game and just focus on fixing the lag and fps drop issue first. Lag and FPS Drop issue should be the number one priority.
  4. What is item buffs? a lot of changes again =( . New changes are scary because you dont know if the players will like the updates or not and they will just quit playing. i hope our server become stable.
  5. do you actually think there is nothing wrong with that? lol wow. why bother playing the game if you can just buy everything? $$$ dollar money = power in game. im done lmao. you dont make sense.
  6. Do you want a player to get Thana card and LHZ cards and +10VM by buying RMT from GM James? A player got the best items in the game just by buying RMT from the owner... is that fair gameplay? is that not a corruption?
  7. Sorry, but you are wrong. Rules are for everyone. It don't matter if you are the owner of the server or not. Stop RMT for everyone If you want fair gameplay, no corruption, and equal opportunity for players.
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