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  1. Tier 2 stats for most items is perfect as they provide helpful effects without being imbalance. But the Tier 2 stats for Valkyrie Helm is underwhelming. Only gives additional +2 str & dex and 5% after-cast reduction. I think admin team should revisit Tier 2 stats for Valkyrie Helm. Also, I want to see more items to get Tier 2 stats. Items like Hokage Hat, Magic Eyes, and Sleipnir.
  2. Yes, I already figured this out. Someone already explained to me that the proxy in the server is not working. That's why even if I choose the Canada proxy, I am still experiencing lag. Thank you.
  3. Converge is not the only ISP experiencing the lag in the server. I am from Canada and I have a fast internet. I also experience lag. All players from all over the world is experiencing lag in game so clearly this lag is not a problem of ISPs.
  4. Follow the guide from ratemyserver below: https://forum.ratemyserver.net/guides/guide-force-to-use-nvidia-graphics-card-instead-of-intel-on-your-any-laptop/
  5. What do you mean the lag is caused by our ISP? I have a fast internet, so why am I still experiencing lag? Take a look at the screenshot of my internet's speed test below. Can you explain why I don't experience lag when I play in different Ragnarok servers, but when I play in DarkRO I always experience lag? Stop pointing finger. Players from all over the world are experiencing lag when they play in DarkRO. You can't say this is the fault of all the ISPs in the world lol. Your can't make reckless statements like what you said above.
  6. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please fix the lag issue. Please kindly fix the FPS Drop and Crash issues as well. This server have a lot of problem...
  7. It's impossible to ask all the players to farm bts & token lol. Every players play differently. Some players only want to do gold room, some players only want to do token quest, some players only hunt ygg... Asking everyone to farm bts & token just to fix the economy is impossible. I agree. Me and my guild mates do the same. Each of us have spent 5b-30b for each Lotti run. It will definitely help burn some excess credits in the game.
  8. We will never know unless we try it.. Why not implement Lotti for a period of time and see what will actually happen to the economy. It's better to be proactive at fixing the economy rather than doing nothing at all.
  9. 30b for a VA is not bad. I used to play on servers where VA is 140b each. You're only complaining because you can't afford it.
  10. More Lotti. We need more Lotti to reduce the credits in the server. Prices of items are becoming more expensive because there is too much credits in the server right now.
  11. Majority of players don't wanna do gold room, db room, and hunting. Some players only want to do Token Quest to make zeny. Don't you understand that the price of Valkyrie items will become more expensive if they remove Token Quest because the supply of castle drop will decrease?
  12. You are just saying that the market is mess up because you can't afford the items you want to buy. haha Players control the economy. Players control the price.
  13. Agree to this. Make more Lotti so that the money in the server will decrease.
  14. -1 Players will quit playing if you remove token quest. Token quest is the only source of zeny for most players. Players control the economy. Its not the Token Quest's fault the price of items keep increasing. If you remove Token Quest, the prices of Valkyrie items will increase even more because it will reduce the supply of castle drops in the game.
  15. +1. We want Tuesday Thursday Saturday Sunday WOE days. The admin team is making new poll for the WOE days again, but this time only the Guild Leaders of the guilds can vote. They are making a new poll for the WOE days, but they will not ask the players to vote anymore hahahaha. They will only let the Guild Leaders vote in the new poll for the WOE schedule. How stupid does that sound? This server is ridiculous. The voting for WOE schedule never stops. The admin team cannot make up their mind on what to do with the server. The majority of the players voted for Tuesday Thursday Saturday Sunday WOE Days, but its not getting implemented... WTF?! Tuesday Thursday Saturday Sunday WOE days won the poll, but why will this not be implemented? Winning the poll means the majority of players voted for it and so they want that WOE schedule. @Marshal @Woody @James @Yoda
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