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  1. IGN: PALAWAN BOY - Champion Title: "Path of The Legendary Valkyrian" Short Description INTRO: Since there are always "NEW PLAYERS" or "GUILD" wants to play in the server, this might be the way to help them to reach the items they need. Not all players can afford to buy in the Donation NPC, like this items that are very needed especially "Dragon wings, Cyclop’s Eye and Valkyrie Helm" that use for "UPGRADING COLORED ITEMS" and they are also very limited in the server. This would make the server community friendly. This quest will make the players to do the daily habit of other players like Using Headgear Quest in Mall, taking Bloody Branch, Dead Branch, Mining, Gold Room Farming, Token Quest and Crafting Wings. It will be like a Scavanger Quest. Mechanics: PROS: ALL PLAYERS CAN JOIN (OLD and NEW) and IT WOULD BE A GOOD FARMING FOR ALL. SO OTHER PLAYERS WOULD DO SOMETHING AFTER WOE OR BEFORE WOE. Also its’ a Zeny Burn or Black Credits Burn for the server for balancing the wealth. CONS: Imbalance of Market Price Rules: Note: Requirements can submit per completed parts to avoid overweight. Have also a 1 week Cooldown per Quest/Item to avoid abused. (PER IP/MAC) REQUIREMENTS FOR THE QUEST: FOR VALKYRIE HELM (AROUND 30b – 45b): Firstly you need to show/bring this item to prove you’re a proud Valkyrian. (NEO VALKYRIE HELM – Helm Quest at Mall) 1. ALL KINDS OF HEAD PROTECTOR(Including: Earth, Fire, Lightning, Sound, Water, Wind) 2. HOKAGE HAT – Maximum of 2b 3. MAGIC EYES – 50c 4. ALICE DOLL – Maximum of 2b 5. FEATHER BERET – 50c 6. 100pcs. Valhalla’s Flower – Valkyrie/Randgris – 3 to 5 Credits = Maximum of 5b 7. 500pcs. Baphomet Doll – Baphomet - 5m to 1 Credit = Maximum of 5b 8. 1000pcs. Heroic Emblem – Orc Lord/Orc Hero – 1 Credit = 10b 9. 5pcs. Wrath of Valkyrie – 2b per 200 TOKEN = 10b 10. 10k pcs. GOLD 11. 5xBlack Credits 12. 20pcs. Thorilide Total of Credits that can spend by Rich Players: 40b FOR CYCLOP’S EYE (AROUND 60b – 80b): Firstly you need to show/bring this item to prove you’ve killed the One Eyed Boss Cyclopes (or the Beholder Master). (+8 Chameleon Armor [#2386] – Armor) 1. 500pcs. of Broken Crown – Beelzebub – 1 to 2Credits = Maximum of 10b 2. 500pcs. of Pocket Watch – Kiel D-01 – 1 to 2Credits = Maximum of 10b 3. 100pcs. Fantastic Cooking Kit – Lady Tanee – 1 to 2 Credit = 2b 4. 100pcs. of Ba Gua – Evil Snake Lord – 1 to 2 Credit = 2B 5. 1000pcs. of Crystal Darkness – Incarnation of Morroc – 1 to 5 Million = 5b 6. 100pcs. Old Hit – Gloom Undernight – 3 to 5 Credits = 5b 7. 100pcs. Fragment of Rossatta – Amon Ra – 3 to 5 Credits = Maximum of 10b 8. 500pcs. Ant Jaw – Ungoliant/Phreeoni – 5m to 1 Credit = Maximum of 5b 9. Dark Blinder 10. Blinker 11. Alarm Mask 12. 5pcs. of Freya’s Jewel – 2b per 200 TOKEN = 10b 13. 10k pcs. GOLD 14. 10xBlack Credits 15. 30pcs. Agrocite Total of Credits that can spend by Rich Players: 69b FOR DRAGON WINGS: Firstly you need to show/bring this item to prove you can be the legendary to beat the Dragon. (+10 Dragon Killer [#13001] – Dagger || +10 Dragon Wing [#1724] – Bow) 1. Angel Wing 2. Devil Wing 3. Angeling Wing 4. Fallen Wing 5. Black Butterfly Wing 6. White Butterfly Wing 7. Arctic Wing 8. Demon Wing 9. Gargoyle Wing 10. Phoenix Wing 11. Torn Wing 12. Claw Wing 13. Icarus Wing 14. Baby Pacifier 15. Crunch Toast 16. Oxygen Mask 17. 500pcs. Fire Dragon Scale – Detale – 1 to 2 Credits = Maximum of 20b 18. 500pcs. of Three Headed Dragon – Hydrolancer – 2 to 3 Credits = Maximum of 15b 19. 100pcs. Dragon Breath Cocktail [#12204] 20. 100pcs. Detale Card – 1 to 2 Credits = Maximum of 2b 21. 50pcs. Hydrolancer Card – 30 to 40 Credits = Maximum of 20b 22. 50pcs. Mutant Dragonoid Card – 40 to 60 Credits = Maximum of 30b 23. 500pcs. Dragon’s Mane 24. 1000pcs. Dragon Skin 25. 1000pcs. Dragon Tail 26. 1000pcs. Dragon Canine 27. 1000pcs. Dragon Horn 28. 1000pcs. Dragon Scale 29. 100pcs. of Zhu Po Long Card 30. 100pcs. of Dragon Tail Card 31. 100pcs. of Dragon Egg Card 32. 5000pcs. Yellow Bijou 33. 5000pcs. Green Bijou 34. 5000pcs. Red Bijou 35. 5000pcs. Blue Bijou 36. 5000pcs. Wing of Dragonfly 37. 5pcs. of Feather of Angel Wing – 2b per 200 TOKEN = 10b 38. 10k pcs GOLD 39. 10xBlack Credits 40. 50pcs. Beskar Total of Credits that can spend by Rich Players: 107b
  2. Set 7 Poisonous Powder can obtain through NPC @warp nif_in 145 23
  3. IGN: Hector Herrera "May the force be with you!" https://web.facebook.com/ilovefat2/posts/3973476306014729
  4. Pls fix also Icarus Sword Description. Not working
  5. MANY PROBLEMS IN UPLOADING? READ THIS! Step 1: Go to this following website to upload your screenshot https://imgbb.com/ Step 2: Click "Start Uploading". Step 3: Choose the Screenshot image you wanted to upload. Step 4: Click "Upload" Step 5: After you Uploaded. Copy the Url and Paste it in New Tab. STEP 6: Right Click in the Image and Click "Copy Image Address" Step 7: After "Copy Image Address". You don't need to click "Insert Image from URL". Just Press "Ctrl + V" or Paste it in the Text Line. WALLA! HOPE THAT THIS GUIDE WILL HELP YOU! THANK YOU FOR READING! AND GODBLESS!
  6. GM, Can you reduced the requirements in Bonus Set? Because in a week it can't be completed that easily.
  7. IGN: Hector Herrera Full Name: Hector A. Herrera Jr. Facebook Link: https://web.facebook.com/ilovefat2 Only in Darkness You Can See The Stars
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