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YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! - This is the legit DarkRO Rebirth. (James)


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  1. Funny thing is you keep bashing the current Devs when we both know they've been in the team only after a month since the "EVENT". To answer your query, by timeline (my estimate) after the event; 1st week - the Dev team worked on the server recovery after the shit Anakin tried to destroyed it. 2nd week - Server security - Given that Anakin is a previous admin GM, he has plenty of ways to access the server therefore Devs need check EVERYTHING. See the New server patch and User Interface? =) 3rd week - Staff Management - Each of the staff has been given specific roles to manage and avoid crossing other staff's role to avoid the previous issue with the GMs. This is also the time where they started working on the proxy servers etc. This is also the time they reviewed legitimate LHZ and Thana cards, item upgrades etc. along with banning accounts and item recovery. 4th week up to now - GCash Donation access, Mobile Access, Forums cleanup. Now, which of the above items is more important than the Lag and FPS drop issue? LOL. They are not saying that it isn't important however, there are far more important things to do when working with a server online rather than a new server without players online 24/7. So Stop whining.You are the one being unprofessional here =) Next, to keep up with the donators, the game need new items. So false, a lot of people are actually requesting this =) So next time, check the facts first before commenting. =)
  2. ahahahahahaha.. how can you even run a server without paying the server hosting? hahaha no use in talking with you.. you still don't understand the word OWNER =)
  3. I've got no issue with that.. Its the same way as donating so I have no issue with that. How can you call it corruption when u are selling from something you owned LOL
  4. How can you call it corruption if you are the owner? i am stealing from my own game? =)
  5. I don't think people understand this very well. GM James aka the owner of Rebirth has every right to sell items for RMT. The difference with Anakin and other GMs is they are not the owner. When James invested for this server, no one knew what will happen, whether it will grow or will become a bust. Having said that, investing in something is a risk the owner took to create the server thus he has every right to sell anything in the server. What good this would bring? well, he is also accountable to maintaining the server such as payment for the transactions with gepard, server hosting etc. thus the cost for maintaining that should also be covered by the game. I don't think this differs with any other game such as dota 2, CSGO and even mobile games. So, if you heard GM James selling items, no issue with that. However, other than him, no one else should be allowed.
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