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  1. Another bug found in this client When you use @seeitems, you will not be able to use any skill anymore.
  2. I did this earlier but still a lot of items went missing.. it will only restore a few but not all.. and you can only do this once.. PS: I lost all my +STAT foods from Lotti and GM.. now I know what's missing
  3. Wala nga.. i lost several items too coz i got 1000/1000 storage cap.. Apparently when i was looking for my CYC that's when i noticed that i am missing several items and the storage is now 700 only
  4. They decreased the capacity of storage and gstorage from 1000 to 700 therefore deleting all items exceeding the 700capacity.
  5. My bit of worry about this, these are not donate item nor quest item yet you fully revamped it. I understand you want to feature items exclusive to this server but this severely destroys balance if not everyone can manage to have this at least as a quest or a donate.
  6. I would have agreed to this if Converge is slow with other games or RO. Apparently, we are also playing other games which has heavier internet usage such as dota 2, csgo, valorant, apex and yoga ro, japan ro and so forth yet only in Dark RO we are having this kind of issue. Maybe you can check compatibility? or maybe there are issues that are only happen in between converge and dark RO, unfortunately, this was not an issue before but only happened on the last 2 major update. Maybe you can check what change during those periods rather than just pointing to the ISP. Else, you are telling us to just quit as there is no resolution at all
  7. IGN: PongSkie + KareII Location: @warp morocc_in 69 36 Explanation on why you picked this map: “When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family. ”. Here I stand beside my sister failing to forge another +7VM. Both of us are playing since the old Dark-RO Force. Starting from the scratch we manage to create a decent guild (namely X-Commandment) along with my brother. We fought, conquer and enjoyed playing just as when the old Force slowly lost its people. Coming in with the new rebirth server, she now enjoys playing in 2 months with forging. Not as GM as she was before, Not as popular nor as rich as she were, yet she is enjoying what she can manage to do. And yet, when she fails forging again, my brother and I always there to help. find cheap gas near me
  8. IGN: PongSkie Set 9 Please approve this one as the earlier post dont show CAt O Nine Tails Clearly. upload pictures to
  9. then next time, ask your friends to cast their vote =)
  10. Like i said . This may not be true to you but we have work as well so many of us doesnt waste preparation ahead of the woe time. So, though it may not be good for your availability, it doesn't mean it doesnt goes well for the others too.
  11. LOL.. It actually benefitted my guild. Although still no castle, however, we made sure we use the time right. Before when the woe is only 1 hr, 30mins is being wasted because of tardy teammates, wrong items, late supplies and parties etc. In no time, we didnt realize that the woe is already ending and thats why we keep rushing on a free castle. With yesterday, we manage to be stable for the last 1.5hrs does we were able to practice well our stacking and positioning. This may not be true to you but we have work as well so many of us doesnt waste preparation ahead of the woe time. So overall, Staffs will evaluate based on the peoples reaction as time pass by. 2hrs woe maybe benefitial eventually or they may return to 1hr, depending onhow the community reacts.
  12. I will talk in behalf of those who voted for 2hours WOE 1. The original Dark-RO Force woe duration is 2hours. When rebirth implemented woe, they already stated that changes may occur on the duration and schedule and castle availability as time pass by. The one hour duration is therefore in trial and thus no rule is saying that you must remain at 1hour. 2. With the duration of 1hr woe, there were clamors to extend its duration, kindly see all suggestions threads regarding this. Hence, this is not a 1 time discussion. It has been on going both in the thread and/or discord for some time already. Thus what the staffs did was to listen and use a poll in order to realize the interest of the people. 3. Poll - This poll has been there for a week. Staffs are broadcasting it for several times already for you to visit the forums and cast your vote. Having said that, some of you were saying that not everyone has a forum account. That’s bullshit. It’s your responsibility to create one not just for this poll but also to check the server as well as the forum rules. Again, ignorance is not an excuse. You have your responsibility to cast your vote or even tell your friends to cast theirs if you are not in favor of it. 4. As you have been saying, we are all not youngsters now to spend 2hours playing. However, the thing is you are not obliged to play in woe. If you think you’ve already spend a lot time playing, then turn off your pc/gadget. Let’s be real here, you’re arguing only on your availability because you think that the game must adjust for you. Have you even tried asking people playing with different timezone? They’ve been sacrificing a lot to accommodate the current schedule yet they are not as rude you guys do. 5. Lastly, the 2 hour duration can be change. Its not permanent. Having said that, staffs have their eyes on whether this will be beneficial or not. Let’s not cast them as if they are not listening. They’ve already know how it was with 1hr woe, time to listen to others opinion as well. ciao
  13. Lol.. People complaining about +10Banryu.. When an LK can’t even reach a stack bcoz of too much damage from long range attack. +10 Naga shield & +7VM & up are actually waiving at you :)
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